Bringing Big Data Analytics to Network Monitoring


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The first things that typically come to mind with big data are Internet search indexing, supercomputing scientific studies, and social media data analysis. But did you ever stop and consider the monitoring and performance data on your enterprise network? As 10G networking becomes the norm, and the demand for actionable network performance data increases, network monitoring and reporting solutions are facing the same big data challenges: capturing, storing, analyzing, and displaying huge quantities of data.

WildPackets, an industry leader in network analysis and reporting, faced these same challenges. By partnering with HP Vertica, an industry leader in the big data revolution, WildPackets addressed these big data challenges with WatchPoint, a network monitoring and reporting solution that provides mid-sized and large enterprises with a centralized, comprehensive view of their networks to support capacity planning, operations management, and network and application troubleshooting. Come join us for a 30-minute presentation and demonstration to see how you can apply WildPackets’ best-in-class analytics to your high-speed network, without compromising precision through sampling or polling, providing a single view of your network and its historical performance in unprecedented detail and scope.

In this webinar, we will cover:

Big data and its application to network monitoring and reporting
The unique capabilities of the HP Vertica solution
A 15-minute demo of WildPackets’ WatchPoint Network Monitor Solution
You will learn:

Why data precision must be retained throughout history
How precise data feeds capacity planning, day to day operations management, and detailed network troubleshooting

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Bringing Big Data Analytics to Network Monitoring

  1. 1.© WildPackets, Inc. Show us your tweets! Use today’s webinar hashtag: #wp_watchpoint with any questions, comments, or feedback. Follow us @wildpackets Jay Botelho Director of Product Management Follow me @jaybotelho Bringing Big Data Analytics to Network Monitoring Marc Heimlich Head of OEM Americas HP Vertica
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  3. 3. © WildPackets, Inc.#wp_watchpoint Agenda • Big data in network monitoring/reporting • The HP Vertica solution • WatchPoint Network Monitor Solution demo ‒ Data precision for a full year ‒ Capacity planning, operations management, and detailed network troubleshooting 3
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  5. 5. © WildPackets, Inc.#wp_watchpoint Big Data in Network Monitoring
  6. 6. © WildPackets, Inc.#wp_watchpoint Big Data = Precision
  7. 7.© WildPackets, Inc. The HP Vertica Solution Realizing the value of Real-time Big Data Marc Heimlich Head of OEM Americas HP Vertica 617.455.5449
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  9. 9. © WildPackets, Inc.#wp_watchpoint Vertica Milestones • Developed by Postgres/Ingres Founder Mike Stonebraker in 2005 as one of the first commercially viable columnar databases. • Over 2,000 Customers – HALF migrated from Oracle. • The most established OEM Program in Big Data • 1000’s of end-users taking advantage of Vertica • Fastest growing analytical database in the world... • Darling of Silicon Valley – Apple, Facebook, Twitter, Ebay, Yahoo, Intuit… • Over a dozen customers managing over a Petabyte of data. 9
  10. 10. © WildPackets, Inc.#wp_watchpoint Vertica – SQL, Relational Database – Ideal to embed • Performance – Simultaneous Query & Load • Scalability – Scales up and down with ease • Compression – Network data can be as high as 90% • Analytics – A suite of analytics at no additional charge • Integration – Standard ODBC, JDBC, and UDx • Ease of Use – Database Designer can do 95% of the tuning • Availability – Built-in High Availability with three or more nodes • Architecture - 80 MB Software-only solution that runs on- prem/cloud… • Two minutes to install • Price – Can be a seven figure difference relative to large Oracle installations Speed Simplicity
  11. 11. © WildPackets, Inc.#wp_watchpoint Vertica Analytics Vertica Storage User-defined Loads HDFS/MR Connector External Tables Extensions In C++, R, Java is coming SQL/ODBC/JDBC Native UDx Getting the best of both worlds!
  12. 12. © WildPackets, Inc.#wp_watchpoint We enable network solutions… Industry Priorities • Understand subscriber behavior • Develop new services and applications • Manage and optimize networks and devices • Plan network capacity and equipment • Analyze large volumes of data – Call Detail Records (CDRs), network, machine data • Enhance customer satisfaction, retention, and profitability Segments Served • Communications Service Providers • Mobile & Wireless • Cable and Broadcasting
  13. 13. © WildPackets, Inc.#wp_watchpoint Vertica’s OEM Customers…
  14. 14. © WildPackets, Inc.#wp_watchpoint WildPackets – Postgres to Vertica • Network/Application Performance Management • 10 – 40 Gbps packet ingest • Look at utilizations, top users, VOIP usage, top applications • “Vertica excelled at wide open queries”… • Relative to Postgres: ‒ 50-150k flows/minute vs. 10k flows in Postgres ‒ Months worth of data – query response typically 10 seconds vs. minutes… 14
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