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Have you ever wanted to be as smart as a lawyer?! Well, here\'s your chance. Keep reading PRNG\'s "The Advocate" and you\'ll get there! This month\'s issue is filled with great legal information that you won\'t want to miss!

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The Advocate Issue 3 Vol 1

  1. 1. FROM THE FULLTIME JAG’S DESK - MAJ William E. O’Connor Volume I, Issue 3 November 2011 Welcome to another received during the year. It employees. The holiday issue of The Advocate. is also time for the official season is upon us and It is November, a month of start of the holiday sea- along with it the custom- great significance for us son. ary gift exchange. This service members. It is a With this in mind we have guidance will explain what time of giving our most prepared a very special is the DoD current policy heartfelt thanks for the issue for you. We will dis- concerning this type of “It is a time of service provided to our cuss the Puerto Rico Vet- activity in the federal giving our most Nation. eran’s Bill of Rights. This workplace. heartfelt thanks The sacrifices made by you legislation provides a se- We also continue with our guarantee and protect our ries of great protections for the service and benefits to our veter- series concerning social way of life as American media in the Army and provided to our citizens. It is also an oppor- ans. our now highly antici- Nation. The tunity to reunite with our We will also provide guid- pated movie and booksacrifices made by loved ones and be thankful ance regarding the ex- reviews and a few otheryou guarantee and for everything that we have changing of gifts between surprises. Enjoy.protect our way of life as American FROM THE CHIEF LEGAL NCO’S DESK - SFC Frank Chiroque citizens.” then that we discuss with nity to develop effective For some time now, I’ve had this nagging soldiers the changes that leadership skills in sync thought in my mind which I occur when changing from with current training re- use as an excuse to write Title 32 to Title 10 USC quirements and specifi- the following words. As ser- and the inevitable conse- cally by the experiences vice members, what have quences of actions under acquired in the field. We we actually learned during the notorious UCMJ. have no excuse. Every these past ten years of one of us must have the constant mobilizations moral center to follow and deployments? those Values which have been instilled in us since The Puerto Rico Na- our first day of training; tional Guard has taken Loyalty, Duty, Respect, Inside this issue: part in almost every imag- Selfless Service, Honor, Legal Resources, Know 2 inable type of activation. Integrity and Personal Your Rights: “Every one of us We still do. From combat Courage. The Puertorrican support to humanitarian Veterans Bill of Rights of must have the assistance and everything We are not naïve the 21st Century moral center to in between, we’ve done it enough to think we will Many of us have been not continue to see disci- Ethics Matters: 6 follow those all, and we’ve done it well, Gifts between but I believe we can still do deployed under Federal plinary situations among Values which more. service on more than one Employees our soldiers, but we musthave been instilled occasion and it stands to Link it Up! 7 During our SRPs I like to strive to do better, by lead- in us since our reason that we as a whole emphasize on many things should be more familiar- ing from the front and by What is Social Media? 7 first day of when briefing and assisting ized with the way things example. As legal profes-training; Loyalty, our soldiers. There are of work when deployed. sionals we in the OSJA will At the Movies: 8 Duty, Respect, course the usual topics of Technically the rules persevere in promoting Runaway Jury discussion that we see on a change, but it shouldn’t be Selfless Service, daily basis in the OSJA such the faithful compliance of From the JAG Bookshelf: 8 perceived that way. The Honor, Integrity as powers of attorney and standard has always been our rules and regulations The Fourth Star and Personal family care plans; and then the same, regardless of in an effort to maintain the What’s New on Our 8 there are the situations highest standards that Facebook Page. Courage.” which pop up every once in where you are and who you are doing it for. distinguish the PRNG and a while having to do with continue to make it the Our Officers and NCOs legal problems of a more have had great opportu- premiere force it is. disciplinary nature. It is
  2. 2. Your Rights Under The Puerto Rico Veterans Bill of Rights Puerto Rico offers special 2009-2013 for his or her primary square meters in the urban zone, benefits for its military service residence. If the building has more or one cuerda in the rural zone, members and veterans including than one dwelling, the appraised shall be exempted from property income tax advantages, property taxable value, for the purposes of taxes, provide that the same is tax exemptions, education and the exemption, shall be the propor- the dwelling of the injured vet- tuition assistance, as well as in- tional part which corresponds to eran or his immediate family [act jury and death benefits. Eligibility the dwelling occupied by a vet- of congress 06-89, effective for some benefits may depend on eran, of the total value of the January 1, 1968.] residency, military component building and the lot, as determined Eligibility: The tax exemption is and veteran disability status. by the Secretary of the Treasury. granted to an injured veteran and shall cease when the property is no longer used as his or her dwelling or that of his or her im- mediate family. Property Exemption Applicable to Disabled Veterans: Any veteran who receives disability compen- sation of fifty percent (50%) or more shall be entitled to a prop- erty tax exemption on the five hundred thousand ($500,000) dollars of the appraised value of the property for taxable pur- poses. Eligibility: Veterans with service- connected disability rating of 50% or more and appropriate documentation from the Vet- erans Administration. House or lot may not exceed five hundred (500) square meters in the urban zone, or one cuerda in the rural zone, provided that the dwelling has been the residence of the veteran or immediate family on January 1 of the year immedi- ately preceding the taxable year for which exemption is. Veteran applying for property exemption must provide following materials: (1) The original or a photocopy of discharge certificate from the branch of the Armed Forces of the United States where veteran served. The veteran shall not have to present the original or photocopy of his or her dischargeThe Office of the Puer- Benefit Highlights Eligibility: Veterans who apply certificate each year, provided hetorrican Veterans Om- and Eligibility must have their application for or she leaves a photocopy ofbudsman’s mission is to Territory Taxes exemption granted by the office of these papers in the archives ofprotect and guarantee the Secretary of the Treasury. the collector.the rights of Puertorri- Income Tax Advantage: Veteranscan veterans and their are entitled to a $1,500.00 tax (2) Written certificate from an Property Exemption Applicable to official of the Veterans Admini-dependants through deduction for life. (Income Tax Injured Veterans: Every houseassistance, guidance Act, Act No. 91 of June 29, 1954) stration attesting to the veterans built, acquired or remodeled or to degree of disability as of the 1stand advice for the bene- Eligibility: All of their economic and be constructed, acquired or re- of January immediately proceed-social welfare. Property Tax Exemption Applica- modeled in the future by a dis- ing the taxable year for which he ble to All Veterans: Veteran is abled veteran, and the lot where or she is requesting exemption. exempt from up to fifty thousand the same is located, which does >>> ($50,000) dollars for tax years not exceed five hundred (500)
  3. 3. (3) Sworn statement attesting to a maximum of $1,000.00 an- The veterans who arethat the property in question was nually for two years. university students inbeing used as the residence of Eligibility: To participate in the recognized universi-the veteran or his immediate fam- State Tuition Assistance program, ties outside of theily on the 1st of January immedi- citizen-soldiers must be on active territory of the Unitedately preceding the taxable year drill status or AGR, pay $5.00 States and Puertofor which he is requesting exemp- monthly, and have no spouse or Rico enjoy the sametion. dependent using it at the moment benefits as if they they request the assistance. The were studying in any Automobile Tax Exemption university in Puerto State Tuition Assistance providesThe automobiles furnished to the spouse for Graduate Degree Rico.injured veterans by, or with the up to 18 credits, a maximum of Eligibility: Veterans ofhelp of the Veterans Administra- $75.00, and a maximum of the U.S. Armedtion, are hereby exempted from $1,350.00 per semester. The Forces and Air Na-the tax on vehicles. [Excise Tax State Tuition Assistance provides tional Guard mem-Act of Puerto Rico, sections 4001 funding for the spouses and/or bers on State Activeet seq. of Title 13.] The replace- dependents for Undergraduate or Duty.ments of Vocational courses up to a maxi- Education Admission Preference: The Puerto Rico Depart- mum of 18 credits, a maximum of ment of Education’s Vet-the automobile thus acquired Merchant Marine School is estab- erans Assistance Pro- $50.00 per credit, and a maxi- lished in the Commonwealth ofshall also be entitled to this ex- gram is a service that mum of $900.00 per semester, or Puerto Rico, the veterans who offers educational oppor-emption, provided that the auto- the cost per credit. meet the admission requirements tunities, tailored to themobile to be replaced has been in shall be given preference for ad- academic needs of Puer-the possession of the veteran for Educational Leave without Pay: torrican veterans whohis personal use for a period of Veterans can continue their stud- mission. have exhausted theirnot less than four (4) years. How- ies in or outside of Puerto Rico, Employment Benefits benefits under Federalever, in those cases in which the and shall be entitled to request legislation, without hav-automobile to be replaced has leave without pay, for the reason- Employment Preference: The gov- ing achieved their educa- ernment of the Commonwealth of tional goals, already initi-become unusable for fortuitous able period of time required for ated under the Federalcauses not attributable to its the studies and while they are Puerto Rico, its agencies and in- Chapter for studies.owners negligence, the replace- taking courses. Veterans will be strumentalities, public or quasi-ment shall be entitled to the ex- reinstated in the position or office public corporations, municipali-emption even though the 4 years they held at the time they left in ties, and all private, naturalhave not expired. order to study, or in another posi- or juridical persons who op-Eligibility: Veterans must have tion or office of the same cate- erate businesses in Puertocertification that automobile was gory, salary and rank. Rico, shall be under the obli-furnished with the assistance of Eligibility: Any veteran who is an gation to:Veterans Administration. official or employee of the Com- (a) Give preference to a vet- monwealth of Puerto Rico, its eran, under equal academic War Surplus agencies and instrumentalities, and technical conditions orThe war surplus property acquired public or quasi-public corpora- experience, when filling anyby a veteran is hereby exempted tions, and of the municipal govern- position, employment orfrom all types of taxes or duties, ments. employment opportunity.provided that the same is for per- Tuition Assistance: Any veteran (b) Reinstate a veteran in thesonal use and it does not have a university student who has ex- same position or work hetotal value of more than five thou- hausted or will soon exhaust his was performing at the timesand (5,000) dollars. right to study under the legislation he was called into the ArmedEligibility: All veterans approved by the Congress of the Forces, if the veteran for- Education Benefits United States of America, without mally requests it within six having completed his bachelors (6) months following his dis-The Puerto Rico National Guard degree or other post-graduateTuition Assistance Fund (FIGNA): charge, and the same posi- studies s/he has already initiated, tion or office he held still exists, orProvides funding for Graduate for which s/he may qualify and Check out the com-Degree up to 18 credits, per aca- in another of the same category. plete text of the Puerto wish to pursue, because thosedemic year; maximum of $75.00 studies extend for a longer period (c) Add five (5) points or five (5) Rico Veterans Bill ofper credit, and a maximum of Rights of the 21st Cen- of time than authorized by federal percent whichever is greater, to$1,350.00 per year, undergradu- tury, by following the legislation, is entitled to free tui- the grade obtained by a veteran in link above to Law No.ate or vocational courses, up to tion in the University of Puerto any exam or test required to qual-18 credits, maximum of $50.00; 203 of 14 December Rico and its Regional Colleges, ify for a job or a promotion. The 2007, as amended.or the cost per credit according to and preference, in equal condi- veterans who have a service con-the educational institution, which- tions, as to assistance, grants and nected disability shall be given anever is less; and a maximum of other benefits granted to univer- additional five (5) points or five (5)$900.00 per year and for M.D. up sity students. percent whichever is greater. >>>
  4. 4. The Department of Veter-ans Affairs (VA) offers awide variety of programsand services for the na-tion’s 23 million veterans.Of those, more than116,000 are Puertorricanveterans. The VA hasspent approximately $1.1billion, towards providingfor Puertorrican veterans.Among the many servicesincluded there are com-pensation and pensions,readjustment benefits,medical and constructionprograms, insurance and (d) Offer competitive tests to any Injured Veterans License Fees: The with prepaid medical insuranceindemnities. veteran who, due to being in the automobiles furnished to injured including TRICARE will be exempt active service, has not been able to veterans by, or with the help of the from the corresponding payment of take the competitive tests, and who Veterans Administration, shall be the deductible. requests them within ninety (90) exempted from the license fees. Eligibility: Veterans, spouses, and days after his honorable discharge; [Sections 301 seq of Title 9.] The children up to eighteen (18) years and if he passes said tests, the Department of Transportation and of age, and whore university stu- veterans name is to be included in Public Works shall provide every dents with valid student identifica- the corresponding list or register. injured Veteran with a license plate tion. Physically or mentally disabled with a symbol which identifies the children of veterans shall receive (e) Any veteran who enters or re- veterans automobile as that of an the benefits without any age limit. enters the service of the Common- injured veteran. If the owner of an The medical rights will be extended wealth, and becomes a participant automobile that has been ex- to children of veterans who died on of any of the government systems empted from license fees pursuant the field of battle, up to the age of or retirement funds, is entitled to to this provision, sells, transfers or eighteen (18) years, university stu-The My Army Benefits be credited all the time in activewebsite is the official US in any way alienates it, the acquirer dents up to the age of twenty-five service in the Armed Forces to-Army site, which explains shall be obligated to pay the corre- (25) years, and to physically or wards detail many of the bene- sponding fees, counting from the mentally disabled children withoutfits and protections af- Eligibility: Veteran of the Armed fiscal year in which the exemption any age limit.forded to service members. Forces with honorable discharge. to said automobile was granted.It provides information Certificates Issued by Governmentfrom all 50 States and Employment Assistance: Common- Eligibility: Veteran must have dis- Dependencies: Veteran will receiveTerritories of the United wealth employees receive 30 days ability certification from Veterans free certificates from the officers orStates. Click on the link paid military leave per year. An an- Administration.above to learn more. dependencies of the Government of nuity is provided to any Guard Rights Related to the Acquisition of Puerto Rico and of the Municipal member from 55-60 (if retired). Properties: Preference shall be Governments, such as courts, regis- Eligibility: National Guard member, given to Veterans in any distribu- tries, bureaus and others of the or retired Guard member from 55- tion, sale, cession, donation or same or similar nature, when cer- 60. lease of property of the Common- tificates are needed by the veteran, Health and wealth of Puerto Rico, its agencies veterans widow or dependents for Insurance Benefits or instrumentalities and municipali- official uses and to claim any right. Injury/Death Benefits: The Institu- ties, including the housing projects Eligibility: The Puerto Rico Veterans tional Trust of the PRNG provides under the Department of housing. Affairs Bureau shall regulate the free funeral; $3,000 for individual Eligibility: Honorably discharged manner in which the exemption Guard members or retired up to age veterans. shall be claimed. 60. Rights Related to Medical-Hospital Eligibility: National Guard members ________________________ Services: It shall be the obligation or retired up to age 60 Puerto Rico Veterans’ Affairs Bureau of the municipalities and of the Group Insurance: The Institutional Commonwealth government to fur- (Oficina del Procurador The US Department of Trust of the PRNG provides free life nish, without any cost whatsoever, del Veterano Puertorriqueño) Veterans Affairs provides through all of their health facilities, insurance; $5,000 for individual. Mailing Address: many other benefits and Eligibility: National Guard members the medical attention, treatment, protections which cover PO Box 11737, San Juan, PR 00910-1737 the thousands of Puertorri- or retired up to 60 years old hospitalization and necessary medi- cations, with prior medical prescrip- Physical Address: can veterans. Click on the Department Logo to check Workers Compensation: State Ac- tion and an evaluation of their fi- Ave. Ponce de León, Mercantil Plaza, 4th Floor out all the Fact Sheets tive Duty National Guard members nancial situation based on the crite- Suite 401, Hato Rey, PR 00918 available explaining them receive workers’ compensation. ria of the Federal Medical Assis- Telephone: in detail. Eligibility: National Guard member. tance Program Title 19 of the Fed- (787) 758-5760 Miscellaneous Benefits eral Social Security Act to veterans Fax: and their dependents. Veterans (787) 758-5788
  5. 5. On 11 November 1918, at1100 hours, the “Great War,”later known as World War Idid not officially end. That didnot occur until June 28, 1919and the signing of the Treatyof Versailles. However, 11November 1918 is the date ofthe cessation of hostilities. Atthe time, this had been themost deadly war the worldhad witnessed.In acknowledgment of thesacrifices of the AmericanSoldiers who served in thiswar, Congress mandated in1938 that 11 Novemberwould be “Armistice Day.”This would be a legal holiday,honoring these veterans. In1954, the holiday was re-named, “Veterans Day,” tohonor all veterans. "As we express our gratitude, we must never forget that thehighest appreciation is not to utter words, but to live by them." - John F. Kennedy President Obama calls on Americans to honor the ser- vice and sacrifice of the na- tion’s troops. Check out his video announcement on Vet- eran’s Day and his plan for a Returning Heroes and Wounded Warriors tax credit for businesses that hire re- turning veterans.
  6. 6. The holidays are upon us vided to personal friends); and who are not Federal employees, including contractor personnel and we all know that it is a time d. Items in connection with the who may be working in the in which friends and loved ones receipt of personal hospitality same office. customarily exchange gifts. (of a type and value given on Many offices even conduct gift such occasions). PRACTICE TIP: The so-called exchanges at their all too com- “Perry exception” should no 2. A subordinate may give a gift mon office parties. Therefore, longer be invoked as an excep- appropriate to the occasion or we are including the current tion to the $300 limit. See DOD donate toward a gift to an offi- guidance concerning gifts be- SOCO Advisory 09-03 (March cial superior, and an official tween employees in the federal 23, 2009). superior may accept a gift on workplace so your festivities are special infrequent occasions 4. Solicitations for gifts to an merry. such as: official superior may not exceed GIFTS BETWEEN EMPLOYEES $10 (although employees are a. In recognition of an infre- free to give more than $10) and A. General Punitive Rules (5 quent event of personal signifi- must be completely voluntary C.F.R. § 2635.302(a)). cance such as marriage, illness, (given freely, without pressure or birth of a child (would not An employee shall not, di- or coercion). JER 2-203b include a promotion); or rectly or indirectly: THE STANDARDS OF CONDUCT b. Upon an occasion that termi- 1. Give a gift or make a dona- OFFICE, DoD nates the official superior – sub- tion toward a gift for an official ordinate relationship such as The President of the United DoDD 5500.7, Stan- superior or solicit a contributiondards of Conduct, pro- transfer, resignation, or retire- States affirmed his strong sup- from another employee for a gift ment. port for ethical conduct by Gov-vides guidance to military to either his own official supe- ernment officers and employeespersonnel on standards of 3. Group gifts on special infre- rior or that of another; or in Executive Order 12674, Aprilconduct and ethics. Viola- quent occasions are limited totions of the punitive provi- 2. Accept a gift from a lower- 12, 1989. $300 in value per donatingsions by military personnel paid employee, unless the do-can result in prosecution group (JER 2-203(a)). He charged the head of each nor and recipient are personal agency to "ensure that the rank,under the Uniform Code of friends who are not in an official a. A donating group is com-Military Justice (UCMJ). responsibilities, authority, staff- superior-subordinate relation- prised of all contributors to that ing, and resources of the Violations of the puni- ship. Designated Agency Ethicstive provisions by civilian Official (DAEO) are suffi-personnel may result in 3. “Official superior” means any other em- cient to ensure the effec-disciplinary action without ployee, including but not tiveness of the agencyregard to the issue ofcriminal liability. Military limited to an immediate ethics program" (Sec. 301members and civilian em- supervisor, whose official (e)).ployees, who violate these responsibilities include The DAEO of the Officestandards, even if such directing or evaluating the of the Secretary of De-violations do not consti- performance of the em- fense is the Generaltute criminal misconduct, ployee or any official supe- Counsel. He uses hisare subject to administra- rior of the employee, i.e., Standards of Conducttive actions, such as repri- anyone in the employee’s Office (SOCO) to adminis-mands. chain of command. 5 ter his responsibilities. Ethics are standards by C.F.R. § 2635.303(d). SOCO is an element of thewhich one should act B. Exceptions (5 C.F.R. § group gift. Defense Legal Services Agencybased on values. Values under the Deputy General Coun- 2635.304). b. If one employee contributesare core beliefs such as sel for Personnel and Healthduty, honor, and integrity 1. Unsolicited gifts may be given to two or more donating groups, Policy (DGC/P&HP).that motivate attitudes on an occasional basis (not then the value of the gifts fromand actions. Not all values routine), including traditional groups with a common contribu- SOCO prepares policy guid-are ethical values. gift-giving occasions, such as tor are aggregated for the pur- ance for Department-wide appli- Ethical values relate to birthdays and holidays. This poses of the $300 limit (JER 2- cation through the "Standardswhat is right and wrong includes: 203(a)(2)). of Conduct" Directive (DoDDand thus take precedence 5500.7), the "Joint Ethics Regu- a. Items (no cash) with an ag- PRACTICE TIP: Although not spe-over non-ethical values lation (JER)" (DoD 5500.7-R), gregate value of $10 or less per cifically mentioned in JER 2-when making ethical deci- and written opinions. It supports occasion; 203, the $300 limit in JER 2-sions. DoD employees the Ethics Oversight Committee, 203(a) is also subject to the noshould carefully consider b. Items such as food and re- which is composed of seniorethical values when mak- “buy-down” provisions. freshments that will be con- ethics officials from the majoring decisions as part of sumed at the office; PRACTICE TIP: These gift rules DoD components and is chairedofficial duties. apply only to Federal employees. by the Director of SOCO. The c. Personal hospitality (e.g., Such group gifts may not in- members coordinate policy, meals) at someones home (of a clude contributions from parties training programs, and imple- type and value customarily pro- menting regulations.
  7. 7. WHAT IS SOCIAL MEDIA? - From the US Army Social Media Handbook (August 2011) The Army recognizes that so- every Soldier to be a part of the Social media represents a cial media has the ability to com- Army story. By starting a discus-shift in the way we as a culture municate with larger audiences sion on Facebook, or comment-communicate. By using Internet- faster and in new ways. It has ing on a Soldier’s story on abased platforms like Facebook, become an important tool for blog, all Soldiers can contributeTwitter, Flickr and YouTube, so- Army messaging and outreach. to the Army story. Social mediacial media provides new ways to The Army uses a variety of social is a cheap, effective and meas-connect, interact and learn. Peo- media platforms designed to ureable form of communication.ple no longer look for the news, support a range of media from The Army uses socialthe news find them. And in the text, audio, pictures and videos; media to tell the Army’sworld of social media, the percep- all of which is generated and story, but it also usestion of truth can be just as power- maintained by organizations and social media to listen.ful as the truth itself. The Internet individuals within the Army Fam-moves information quickly, ily. The Army understands the WHAT DOES THE DoDwhether for good or bad. Social risks associated social media SAY ABOUT SOCIALmedia, with a variety of available MEDIA? and has worked hard to developplatforms, can instantaneously On February 25, training to help Soldiers andconnect users within a global family members use social me- 2010, the DoD issued anetwork, making the transfer of dia responsibly. Directive-Type Memo-information even more pervasive. randum (DTM) provid-Today, social media is so wide- WHY USE SOCIAL MEDIA? ing guidelines for mili-spread and transparent that you Soldiers have always been the tary use of social mediamay already be involved even if Army’s best and most effective and acknowledgedyou are not actively participating. messengers. Today, Army social “that Internet-basedSocial media is highly effective media enables the capabilities are integraltool to use when reaching out to Army Family around town, to operations acrosslarge communities and audi- around the country and around the Department of Defense.”ences. But with this substantial the world to stay connected and DTM 09-026 Responsible andability to connect with the spread the Army’s key themes Effective Use of Internet-basedmasses, comes risks. Using social and messages. Every time a Capabilities outlined how themedia to spread information is member of the Army Family joins NIPRNET should be configuredbecoming the standard. More Army social media, it increases to allow access to Internet-and more units are using social the timely and transparent dis- based capabilities across allmedia to communicate, so it’s semination of information. It DoD components. All servicemore important than ever to un- ensures that the Army’s story is branches are using social mediaderstand the risks associated shared honestly and directly to at different levels, but this DTMwith using the various platforms. Americans where they are and clearly indicates that use of so- whenever they want to see, read cial media in the DoD is author-ARMY SOCIAL MEDIA or hear it. Social media allows ized.
  8. 8. PUERTO RICO NATIONAL GUARD ful gun manufacturing corpo- work on the surveillanceOFFICE OF THE STAFF JUDGE ADVOCATE rate consortium she holds and assessment of poten-100 General Esteves Street responsible for her hus- tial jurors. He will know eve-San Juan, Puerto Rico 00901-1401 band’s murder, she sets in rything about their lives,Phone: 289-1400 Ext. 1030 motion a multi-million dollar and strategically manipu-Fax: 787-289-1431 case. But it’s a suit that may late the jury selection proc-E-Mail: be won even before it begins ess. The only acceptable --based solely on the selec- result is the perfect jury to tion, manipulation and, ulti- vote in favor of his client.http:// mately, the “theft” of the Fitch and Rohr soon realize jury. Representing the widow they’re not the only is Wendall Rohr (Hoffman), a out to win the jury. One of/PRNG.OSJA courtly Southern lawyer with the jurors, Nick Easter a moral center and a heart- (Cusack), seems to have his felt passion for the case he’s own plan for swaying the presenting. His opponent is panel. And a mysterious ostensibly the attorney rep- woman known only as Mar- resenting the corporation. lee (Weisz) contacts both But in reality, defense coun- Rohr and Fitch telling them sel is only the front man for the jury’s for sale to either US Supreme Court to Rankin Fitch (Hackman), a of them--and that the ver- brilliant and ruthless jury dict won’t come cheap. rule on Stolen Valor Based on the novel by consultant. At a high tech While the case is argued in Act John Grisham; when a young command center set up in court, a dangerous cat and Puerto Rico Veterans’ widow in New Orleans brings an old French Quarter ware- mouse game begins to play Affairs Bureau a civil suit against the power- house, Fitch and his team out. Your Benefits in tional soldiers; a new gen- operations and scholars. Puerto Rico from the eration asked to save an The amazing careers of Official US Army Site army that has been hol- these officers tell the story lowed out after Vietnam. of an Army coming out of Access all issues of They survived the military’s the Vietnam war and the The Advocate, and brutal winnowing to reach its top echelon. They be- various conflicts in which give us your feedback, came the Army’s most influ- the US was involved prior to on how to make it a ential generals in the cruci- the events leading up to better newsletter for ble of Iraq”. Operation Iraqi Freedom You (now Operation New Dawn) This book tells the story of and Operation Enduring How to negotiate a four generals, David Pet- Freedom. This book pro- payment plan or set- raeus, John Abizaid, George Casey, Jr. and Peter vides a unique insight, both tlement with creditors Chiarelli. In the aftermath of to the recent history of the the Vietnam conflict, the Army and that of an offi- Request a free copy of Army found itself adrift. It cer’s career progression your Credit Report was a tumultuous time in leading to the higher eche- from the three major our Army’s history. These lons of command. credit bureaus four officers, experienced firsthand, this troubled time The Fourth Star, appeals Help prevent Domestic in our institution and were The Fourth Star, Four Gener- determined to ensure the to those students of military Violence als and their epic struggle future of the Army. These history. It is an analysis of Ten safe social net- for the future of the United highly intelligent and moti- current affairs and a leader- States Army By David Cloud vated officers distinguished ship book all in one. It is a working sites for kids and Greg Jaffe. themselves for being “out-of book that everyone, military -the-box” thinkers, experi- Social networking “They were four excep- enced in a wide spectrum of or civilian, should read. sites: Safety tips for teens and “tweens” ***The materials and information on this newsletter are made available by the PRNG OSJA for informational and entertainment purposes only. It does not constitute legal advice. This newsletter is not intended as adver- tising and it does not create an attorney-client relationship. Persons reading the information on this newsletter should not act upon the information provided without seeking professional legal counsel.***