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Kimley-Horn provides Software Solutions to the ITS/Traffic Industry

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Kits final email

  1. 1. KIMLEY-HORN INTEGRATED TRANSPORTATION MANAGEMENT SYSTEM Copyright © 2012, Kimley-Horn and Associates, Inc.
  2. 2. F REEWAY AND ARTERIAL CONTROL SYSTEM Committed to personal client service allows you to... Kimley-Horn formulates the right technical solutions to fit your situation, based on a thorough MONITOR understanding of your needs and infrastructure. Let us show you how the scalable architecture of KITS software DETECT can help you meet your needs. ALERT RESPOND INFORM MANAGE CONTROL CONFIGURE PLAN2
  4. 4. M ONITOR Comprehensive CCTV and video wall management CCTV control Successful traffic operations are founded on real-time knowledge of system conditions. KITS provides Video wall control comprehensive CCTV and video wall management— including equipment monitoring, failure alerts, diagnostic Camera tours displays, and dynamic GIS maps—to monitor all your system devices from one application. Let KITS monitor Scheduled presets your transportation system for you. Real-time displays Dynamic GIS maps4
  6. 6. D ETECT Configure KITS to notify you before an issue becomes a problem Detector malfunctions and stuck pedestrian buttons Skipped phases, unplanned recalls, and abnormal phase timing Congestion alerts Automatically reposition cameras when congestion Congestion maps thresholds are reached Scheduled daily controller database comparisons Incident detection Controller phase monitoring Detector malfunction monitoring Automatic controller database verification Radar, video, and wireless sensor support6
  7. 7. Let KITS notify you anytime, anywhere A LERT Configurable priority-based alerts Audible alerts, pages, or emails Configurable scheduled reports Real-time displays 7
  8. 8. R Route preemption/priority ESPOND Manage congestion and respond to incidents Mitigate unusual traffic conditions created by traffic incidents, weather, or other causes with integrated CCTV, Bridge preemption DMS, and control responses. Traffic responsive control Adaptive signal control adence Congestion Incident management Route Priority Adaptive Control Manager8
  9. 9. Provide your drivers the information they need for mobility INFORM DMS with actual travel times Advanced Traveler Information web and mobile support 511 and third-party ATIS Twitter feeds Smartphone support 9
  10. 10. M ANAGE Manage all of your ITS devices through KITS anywhere, anytime Maps with aerials Unlimited Workstations Right-click, hotkeys Windows XP or 7 MANAGE Multi-agency security Event logging Transit Mobile Real- Probe Data Time Alerts User logging Detection Stations Broadband VPN Connection Data ANY REMOTE archiving Signal Controller LOCATION and Reversible Lane retrieval Control Field UDP / IP Communication Database, Infrastructure Communication, and Backup Windows 2008 RAMP Servers METERED ACCIDENT AT KELLOGG WHEN TAKE ALTERNATE ROUTE FLASHING NTCIP XML, C2C Output , RWIS CCTV DIAL 511 Detector Acuation Internet DMS Ramp Meter Transit Signal Priority Request10
  11. 11. Remotely control your devicesThe KITS traffic control capabilities give trafficengineers the flexibility to configure and refine their C ONTROL Central schedulingsystem to meet the demands of predictable traffic  Time of daypatterns.  Special events  DMS, CCTV, and talking control Quick commands Adaptive control 11
  12. 12. C Controller database editors ONFIGURE Remotely configure your devices KITS will revolutionize the way you store and archive timing data, with a history of all timing revisions and a Excel timing sheet export rollback capability. Controller history tracking Visual timing plan editor DMS message editor12
  13. 13. Functionality to create and monitor vehicle progression across your system P LAN Time-space diagram Turning movement count analysis LOS and MOE data Comprehensive Synchro® interface 13
  14. 14. M OBILE TECHNOLOGY Opportunities to use mobile technology are rapidly growing Traffic engineering — performance metrics, greenhouse gas output monitoring, remote operations, and real-time, SUPPORTS time-space diagrams iOS (iPad, iPhone) Public safety vehicle traffic signal and ramp meter preemption Google Android Real-time tracking and signal priority of transit vehicles BSP performance metric tracking for before and after studies of transit vehicles Mobile alerts and reports Real-time display and historical tracking of mobile assets, alerts, and reporting CCTV viewing and control Integrated historical data fly-over using Google Earth14
  15. 15. 45 4742 45 43 42 42 42 43 45 45 46 44 43 42 42 41 40 39 15
  16. 16. P ARKING GUIDANCE AND MANAGEMENT Take parking management to the next level Space-by-space and Monitor space usage remotely and receive alerts of malfunctioning or expired meters—resulting in improved level-by-level detection operations and revenue Automated DMS output Accurately direct drivers to available spaces Reduce congestion and vehicle miles traveled by Guidance to available spaces drivers searching for available on-street spaces Improve safety and save time, emissions, fuel, and money Real-time GIS displays Historical utilization reports Communication with smart parking meters Integrated CCTV control Maintenance alerts Smartphone (Apple iOS/ Google Android) app integration16
  17. 17. 17
  18. 18. F REEWAY MANAGEMENT Comprehensive support for freeway monitoring and control System detection Ramp metering Incident management DMS control CCTV RWIS Performance analysis Active traffic management18
  20. 20. ITS FEATURES New and advanced KITS features will improve your transportation system Travel-time data collection Performance measures Asset management Smartphone apps Reversible lane control Google maps integration20
  21. 21. IntersectionGreen Light Signaled Signal ControllerWith Decreased Delay Detector/ Pedestrian Field Actuation Communication Once Infrastructure Priority Per Second Sequence Communication Servers Updates User At Least Once Location Per Second Internet Secure VIRTUAL (3G, 4G Web Connection) Real-Time DETECTION Alerts Service ZONE iPhone/Android Carried by User Running Mobility App TRAFFIC MANAGEMENT CENTER SMARTPHONE APP FOR BICYCLE DETECTION AND PRIORITY 21
  22. 22. Project management I NTEGRATION SERVICES Engineering professionals for all facets of your project Turnkey solutions KIMLEY-HORN is a nationally recognized leader in ITS design and integration services. With a comprehensive Traffic signal timing approach to ITS technology, we have the expertise to successfully manage your agency’s system implementation TMC design process, from start to finish. Communication infrastructure design Field device integration22
  23. 23. S Client Focused on client and system support ERVICEKimley-Horn understands the benefit of our clients com-ing together to discuss operational strategies and desired Software maintenancefuture functionality. Our annual Users Conferencepresents sessions on diverse transportation topics. Input System supportfrom KITS users allows Kimley-Horn to better understandour valued clients and continually improve our system. Users conference The conference was extremely informative. The level of commitment displayed by the Kimley-Horn staff is refreshing. I like to see professionals sharing their knowledge in a mannerthat is inviting for agencies, big and small, to participate. I took the opportunity to engage the County staff... in an effort to see more advanced use of the Kimley-Horn system and to developrelationships in order to further advance improvements to traffic in this area. It would be a positive move to see the systembenefit local as well as regional commuters… I look forward to future workshops. Please feel free to pass my gratitude along to your coworkers. My hat’s off to you all! John Campbell Maintenance Superintendent, City of San Dimas 23
  24. 24. W W W. K I M L E Y- H O R N . C O M / K I T S KITS Software Services Kimley-Horn Office KITS Annual Users Group Meeting (Prior Locations)Version 8.2012