OpenThink Data Archive Automation System (ODAAS)


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Concept of OpenThink Data Archive Automation System (ODAAS)

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OpenThink Data Archive Automation System (ODAAS)

  1. 1. OpenThink Data Archive Automation System (ODAAS) Wildan Maulana    © 2009, OpenThink Labs. All Rights Reserved
  2. 2. End-User Triggered Backup ๏ End-users can use a dedicated GUI to backup data on the fly ๏ Easy drag & drop file into archive (using explorer) ๏ Backup progress monitor ๏ Differential backup using Grsync GUI ๏ End-user GUI available on: ๏ Windows ๏ Mac OS X ๏ Linux    © 2009, OpenThink Labs. All Rights Reserved 2
  3. 3. End User Automatic Backup ● Manage Centrally, which client, what directory, and when the backup will be triggered through web interface ● When backup proses in progress user will see the progress ● Backup status can be sent by email to administrator or the client it self    © 2009, OpenThink Labs. All Rights Reserved
  4. 4. End-user triggered + HSM archiving File Server Secondary Storage: with Primary Low-Cost Disks, Storage Tape or Cloud Storage Alfresco Custom API data * 1 metadata LAN Index Meta-data * Windows Windows Windows Windows Alfresco Explorer/ Explorer/ Explorer/ Explorer/ Server ALfresco WEB UI ALfresco WEB UI ALfresco WEB UI ALfresco WEB UI End­users access data on file server through Network Mount points  * using one alfresco instance (CIFS)    © 2009, OpenThink Labs. All Rights Reserved 4
  5. 5. File De-duplication (beta) mid 2010 ๏ Eliminates duplicate files to save space on archive storage media ๏ Identical files are archived only once. Redundant files become a pointer to the original file ๏ LessFS A hash key is created when file is OpenSource Data archived and compared with the De-Duplication hash keys of files in the archive ๏ Files are de-duplicated and compressed    © 2009, OpenThink Labs. All Rights Reserved 5
  6. 6. XYZ Company Digital Archive Flow Process Contoh Shortcut File utk Backup Server & list arsip dg metode HSM Tanberg Tape Backup Custom UI for File Server Searching and Restoring (Red Hat) File both on Alfresco/FileServer Content data And Tape backup/bacula index Bacula Agen Bacula Agent Alfresco metadata LAN Bacula Index Meta-data Backup Client Client Client Server Client (Red Hat) Bacula Server Digital Archive Automatic & Manual Archiving App (Custom 6 Webacula)
  7. 7. Retrieval: archived data search By browsing and selection  through Windows Explorer  (using Alfresco Web UI) [Process or User –triggered Archiving]    © 2009, OpenThink Labs. All Rights Reserved 7
  8. 8. Meta Data (used for searching / retrieval) ๏ We will develop custom modules for data  retrieval, for content  reside on file server or for data which already been archived to tape ๏ Search based on meta­data ๏ Search criteria: ๏ File name ๏ File size Custom Webacula with Alfresco Integrarion ๏ File type ๏ Archive date ๏ Creation date ๏ Content / Text     © 2009, OpenThink Labs. All Rights Reserved
  9. 9. Self Service – End User File Restoration ๏ Via Custom webacula UI ๏ Find or search the file ๏ Select version ๏ Restore    © 2009, OpenThink Labs. All Rights Reserved
  10. 10. Q&A Thanks! ^_^    © 2009, OpenThink Labs. All Rights Reserved
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