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Introduction to Alfresco
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Introduction to Alfresco


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Published in: Technology

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  • 1. Introduction to Alfresco Doc. v. 0.1 - 03/03/09 Wildan Maulana © 2009, OpenThink Labs. All Rights Reserved
  • 2. Overview of Alfresco ● Alfresco was founded In 2005 by John Newton, co-founder of Documentum and John Powell, former COO of Business Objects ● Its investors includes Accel Partners and Mayfield Fund ● Based on JSR-170 standard © 2009, OpenThink Labs. All Rights Reserved
  • 3. Leverage the Benefits of Open Source ● Enterprise customers can reduce costs, minimize business risks, and get competitive advantages by adopting the right open-source-based business software solution ● The open-source models allows Alfresco to use best-of-breed open-source technologies © 2009, OpenThink Labs. All Rights Reserved
  • 4. State-of-the-Art Content Repository © 2009, OpenThink Labs. All Rights Reserved
  • 5. Scalable Architecture ● Alfresco supports pluggable aspect-oriented architecture out of the box by leveraging the open source standard such as Spring, Hibernate, Lucene, MyFaces, JSR 168, JSR 170 and JSE5 ● The Alfresco architecture supports high availability for mission-critical applications using clustering, fully distributed caching, and replication support across multiple servers © 2009, OpenThink Labs. All Rights Reserved
  • 6. Alfresco Architectural Layers © 2009, OpenThink Labs. All Rights Reserved
  • 7. Scalable Architecture ● Alfresco provides horizontal scalability by having each tier in the architecture deployed on multiple servers ● Alfresco can also scale vertically by partitioning and load balancing in a multi-server environment ● Alfresco can scale in information using complex search, structure, and classification of information ● Alfresco can scale in activity using complex information per activity with dynamic views and with full object-level securities © 2009, OpenThink Labs. All Rights Reserved
  • 8. Open-Standards based Underlying Components ● Open standards protect enterprise investments, promote innovation, and make it easier for IT department to support software © 2009, OpenThink Labs. All Rights Reserved
  • 9. Open-Standards based Underlying Components ● Alfresco is completely built on the following open standards : ● Java 1.5 ● JSR 170 – Java Content Repository API ● JSR-168 – Java Portlet Integration ● Spring 1.2 Aspect-Oriented Framework ● ACEGI Aspect-Oriented Security Framework ● MyFaces 1.0.9 JSF Implementation ● Hibernate 3.0 ORM Persistence ● Lucene 1.4 Text Search Engine ● JLAN – Java-based File Server supporting Windows Files sharing (SMB/CIFS), NFS, FTP ● WebDav/DeltaV ● JBoss App Server 4.0 ● JBoss Portal 2.0 ● Jakarta POI – Java API to Access Microsoft File formats ● PDFBox – Open Source Java PDF Library ● Open Office ● JSR-223 Java Language Integration – Scripting for Java Platform © 2009, OpenThink Labs. All Rights Reserved
  • 10. Globalization Support ● Alfresco designed with globalization in mind ● Out of the box Alfresco supports major language including Chinese, Dutch, English, French, German, Italian, Russian and Spanish © 2009, OpenThink Labs. All Rights Reserved
  • 11. Security and Acces Control ● In Alfresco, permissions can be applied at a space (folder) level or can be set for each individual content item ● Alfresco supports a relational database-based membership system and also supports external identity management system, such as LDAP, NTLM, Kerberos, and Active Directory © 2009, OpenThink Labs. All Rights Reserved
  • 12. Essential Library Services ● Alfresco provides library services such as Check-in/Check-out, version control, auditing information, and content streaming ● Using Alfresco, we can define the library services to be executed automatically based on the business rules, for example : ● Every edit to the content can version the content automatically or ● Every check-out can move the content to a specific location based on the business rules ● Alfresco also provides additional intelligence to the content by adding metadata, business rules, security rules, and collaboration rules dynamically © 2009, OpenThink Labs. All Rights Reserved
  • 13. Business Process Automation ● Business-process automation increases productivity, reduce costs, streamlines processes, and shortens operation cycles. ● Alfresco includes JBoss Business Process Manager (JBPM) as a business process manager and automation solution © 2009, OpenThink Labs. All Rights Reserved
  • 14. Enterprise Integration ● Alfresco provides Web Services and the Java Content Repository Application Programming Interface (JCR API) to integrate with external applications ● Alfresco integrates with an open sources J2EE-based leading portal framework called Liferay ● The Alfresco-Liferay bundle is an out-of-the-bos solution, which provides an excellent portal-based ECM solution ● Alfresco integrates with external identity management system such as LDAP and Active Directory and supports centralized secutiry and single sign-on © 2009, OpenThink Labs. All Rights Reserved
  • 15. How we can Benefit from Alfresco ● Alfresco offers Enterprise Content Managemen (ECM) such as document management, collaboration, records management, knowledge management, web content management, and imagin © 2009, OpenThink Labs. All Rights Reserved
  • 16. Alfresco for Document Management ● Key features : ● Flexible metadata management ● Full audit control ● Transformation of data ● Security and version control ● Indexing and full-text search ● Locking, check-in/check-out ● Offline briefcase synchronization to access content offline ● Taxonomy and categorization content ● Advanced search with combined metadata, location, and multi-category search ● Advanced reporting and dashboard © 2009, OpenThink Labs. All Rights Reserved
  • 17. Alfresco for Document Management ● Key Features : (continue) ● Document composition by logically grouping various content ● Preview feature with presentations templates ● Soft deletes and deleted document recovery support ● Scheduled jobs and actions ● Management of web assets ● Digital image library © 2009, OpenThink Labs. All Rights Reserved
  • 18. Alfresco for Records Management ● Key Features : ● Record plans (modeled to support the US Department of Defense 5015.2 records management standard) ● Automatic conversion from proprietary office formats to long-term vendor-neutral formats such as Open Document Format (ODF) and Portable Document Format (PDF) ● Vital records information management ● Record cutoff information management ● Record holding and retention management ● Record transfer process ● Record destruction management ● Record lifecycle management ● Archival policies ● Disposition schedules ● Restriction of user functions ● Audit trails © 2009, OpenThink Labs. All Rights Reserved
  • 19. Alfresco for Web Content Management ● Key features : ● Contextual delivery if information based on community intellegence ● Standards-based forms to create pages ● Email-based workflow and approval process ● In context review : View changes in the context of live site with no broken URLs ● Manage branches : Parallel branching & merging ● Dependency management : Impact management and automatic update ● Pre-built templates : Web sites and web sites component © 2009, OpenThink Labs. All Rights Reserved
  • 20. Alfresco for Collaboration Management ● Key features : ● Team spaces ● Full audit control ● Discussion forums ● Message boards ● RSS syndication ● Ad-hoc security ● A version controlled content repository ● Full-text search of various content items ● User-controlled routing ● Integration of enterprise systems ● High availability, fault tolerance, and scalability ● Business process-driven content management © 2009, OpenThink Labs. All Rights Reserved
  • 21. Alfresco for Enterprise Content Search ● Key features : ● Provides single-point access to enterprise content repository ● Provides full-text search of documents ● Helps to index the documents and provide metadata searching ● Helps you to build and share reports using saved searches ● Helps search for users and collaborative groups ● Searches archived contents © 2009, OpenThink Labs. All Rights Reserved
  • 22. Applications of Alfresco ● You can build various applications using Alfresco such as : ● Enterprise document repository ● Intranet ● Enterprise knowledge management ● Scalable content repository ● Corporate web sites ● Marketing Communications ● On demand publishing ● Compliance and records management ● Financial applications that involve security, forms handling, and approval process ● Research portals for collaboration and sharing of information © 2009, OpenThink Labs. All Rights Reserved
  • 23. Reference Alfresco, Enterprise Content Management Implementation, Munwar Sharif, PACKT Publishing © 2009, OpenThink Labs. All Rights Reserved
  • 24. Q&A Thanks! ^_^ © 2009, OpenThink Labs. All Rights Reserved