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Portfolio of a versatile industry background and versatile project background. Web design, Flash design, promotional marketing, logo design, packaging design and more are featured.

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JayHerde Portfolio

  1. 1. Product Promotion Goal: This wire connector promotion utilizes the hard nose appeal of Orange County Choppers in a workman’s market and my design seizes on a black leather and diamond plate motif. Role: Logo, POP and In-Store Display design, Photo Art Direction, All packaging and support material design and execution. Client: Ideal Industries Firm: DHD Advertising Promotion products: Sweepstakes Poster, In-Store Display, Game Pieces, Direct Mail, Packaging, Sell Sheets, Ads
  2. 2. Product Launch/Identity/ Display/Promotions Goal: Design and execute sleek marketing products to infuse Lifefitness brand with dynamic design value. Role: Player of Year Logo Design, DVD Manual/ Exercise Book Design, Promotions, Ads, Product Displays, Banners, Internal Marketing. Client: Hammer Strength/LifeFitness Firm: LifeFitness Promotion products: Player of Year Logo and Trophy Design, G7 DVD and Exercise Training Manual, In-Store Displays
  3. 3. Logo/Ad Design Goal: Reinvigorate rugged western boot brand with ad series capable of versatile media placements. Logo design integrates a cactus motif with the letters “D” & “P”. Role: Logo Design, Copywriting-concepts, Design Concepts, Ad design, Photo selection Client: Dan Post Boots Firm: Adrienne Weiss Marketing
  4. 4. Direct Mail Campaign Goal: In 2000 Oak Brook Allergists opened new locations. This concept is a humorous look at the causes of allergies as gangland perpetrators caught in the act. Role: Concept, Design, Illustration. Client: Oak Brook Allergists Firm: BVK Two Direct Mail Pieces, Ad Placement, Illustration
  5. 5. Brand/Product Development Goal: Create an identity that is founded on child development. Marketing and product development’s primary focus is on custom built stories designed for each child. Role: Identity development, Story Writing, Illustration, Web Design & Development Flash Animation & Scripting, Book Design Web Copywriting, Photography, Banners Client: www.theo-saurus.com “When it rains we pour, When it’s sunny we bake, When it snows we frost the perfect cake.” Website, Banner Ad, Illustrations, Book Jacket Design, Copywriting Concept, Logo Design
  6. 6. Product Launch/ Package Design Goal: With an established and powerful brand, develop designs to feature new product components while continuing Wilson’s high end design style. Role: Design, Illustration, Logo Design, Photo editing Client: Wilson Golf Firm: Wilson Sports Golf Ball Package Designs, Packaging “Story Designs”, Golf Club Set Package
  7. 7. Identity Development/ Product Promotion Goal: In 2002 InfoGix launched the software suite Early Warning System. EWS is 6 component softwares designed to protect information in business IT networks. My concept features an infiniti mark that symbolizes the software as a synergetic and flowing one-stop solution. Role: Logo, Ad Concepts, Art Direction, Flash Product Demo, Photography, Copywriting, Display Design Client: InfoGix Software Firm: InfoGix Software Logo Design, Ad Concepts, Interactive Flash Demo Pages, Trade Show Displays and Graphics
  8. 8. Product Launch Goal: Create identity and package design that projects credibility with vet industry. Design features a flowing graph-symbolic of science-and a waved linear composition to promote soothing palatability . Role: Logo, Package Concept & Design, Ad Design, Photography. Client: Pet Ag Industries Firm: DHD Advertising Packaging Concepts, Trade Magazine Ads
  9. 9. Direct Mail Campaign Goal: Promote a year end equipment sale with a campaign that re-energizes the market with clever copy/catch phrases to highlight product and money saving features. Role: Concepts, Design, Typography, Photo Concepts. Copywriting Client: Bally’s Fitness Firm: Source Link Direct Mail Concepts
  10. 10. Tourism Promotion Goal: Chicago is an international city. Promote CCTB and the city to the world by capturing the imagination of business travelers with hot spot photography & dynamic typography. Role: Concept, Design, Typographic concept, Art Direction, Location Scouting. Client: Chicago Convention & Tourism Bureau Firm: DHD Advertising Ad and Poster Concepts, Packaging
  11. 11. Product Promotion Goal: Promote wire connectors with incentive based campaign for both retailers and consumers. Push Ideal’s tradition of retail promotions further with solid design and attention grabbing graphic content. Role: Logo design, Klieg Light concept, Photo art direction, All packaging and support material design and execution. Client: Ideal Industries Firm: DHD Advertising Promotion products: Sweepstakes Poster, In-Store Display, Game Pieces, Direct Mail, Packaging, Sell Sheets, Packaging, In-Store On-Floor Product Display
  12. 12. PR Promotions Goal: Industrial Lift Equipment Marketer NES Rentals needed a lift in generating buzz for its new locations and new products. Grand opening concept utilizes natural resources associated with several regional markets. Role: DM Concepts, Copy, Photo Art Direction, Car Design Concept, Promotions Design, Packaging, Brochures, Event Programs. Client: NES Rentals Firm: DHD Advertising Promotion products: Stock Car Design, Promotional Poster, Toy Car Design, Packaging, Brochure, Invite, Direct Mail Concepts
  13. 13. Website Concept Goal: SXUL Chocolate is a fine chocolatier based in Austin, Texas. This Flash website concept features a fictional nite club tour where navigation links to rooms marketing recipes, events, retail locations and product. Role: Site concept, Copy concepts, Flash, Design, Illustration, Art Direction, Photography. Client: Sxul Chocolate Firm: Bruce Shaw/Jay Herde Bar: Line Art Concept Color Composition: Wave Motif Flash Site Pages