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Bygraphy of Gabriel Garcia

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Gabriel garcía márquez

  2. 2. BIRTH Gabriel José de la Concordia García Márquez Aracataca, March 6, 1927. Shortly after the birth of Gabriel, his father became a pharmacist and, in January 1929, with Luisa moved to Barranquilla, leaving Gabriel Aracataca the care of his maternal grandparents.
  3. 3. CHILDHOOD Son of Gabriel Eligio García son and Luisa Márquez Iguarán Santiaga. He lived with his grandparents, parents, Luisa Santiaga, during the first years of his life, was strongly influenced by Colonel Márquez, who Young killed a man in a duel and had, in addition to the three official children, nine with different mothers. His grandfather died in 1936 when Gabriel was eight, and because of the blindness of his grandmother he went to live with his parents in Sincelejo (Sucre, Colombia), where his father worked as a pharmacist.
  4. 4. EDUCATION García Márquez attended the early grades of school in the Jesuit school of San José (San José Institute today) since 1940, Then, thanks to a grant from the Government, Gabriel was sent to study in Bogota.
  5. 5. YOUTH After 24 years of absence, in 2007 he returned to Aracataca for a tribute paid to him by the Colombian government to fulfill its 80 years of life and 40 from the first publication of One Hundred Years of Solitude.
  6. 6. LITERARY CAREER AS A JOURNALIST García Márquez began his career as a journalist while studying law at university. In 1948 and 1949 he wrote for El Universal in Cartagena. From 1950 to 1952, he wrote a "whimsical" column under the pseudonym of "Septimus" for the local paper El Heraldo de Barranquilla.
  7. 7. FAME The global notoriety began when Garcia Marquez One Hundred Years of Solitude was published in June 1967 and within a week sold 8000 copies
  8. 8. BOOKS His first story, The third resignation, was published in 1947 in a liberal newspaper called El Espectador in Bogota. A year later, he began his journalism work for the same newspaper. His first works were all stories published in the same journal from 1947 to 1952. During these years he published a total of fifteen stories
  9. 9. CIEN AÑOS DE SOLEDAD Cien años de Soledad is a key novel in two aspects: one involving his successful appearance in the panorama of contemporary literature, and based on which the advent of Macondo and the Buendia centennial saga caption field as unavoidable reference to collate the fascinating subject of fictional worlds.
  10. 10. CRÓNICA DE UNA MUERTE ANUNCIADA Crinica de una muerte the more "realistic" work of Gabriel García Márquez, it is based on a historical event happened in the homeland of the writer.
  11. 11. DEL AMOR Y OTROS DEMONIOS The October 26, 1949 Gabriel García Márquez reporter was sent to the former convent of Santa Clara, which was to be demolished to build upon it a five star for this emptying of the burial crypts and cover the story.
  12. 12. AWARDS, HONORS AND TRIBUTES García Márquez received the Nobel Prize for Literature in 1982, according to the laudatory of the Swedish Academy, "for his novels and short stories, in which fantasy and reality are combined into a tranquil world of rich imagination, reflecting the life and conflicts of a continent.