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Your Data, Your Rights
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Your Data, Your Rights



Keynote delivered at TelX Marketplace Live 2013

Keynote delivered at TelX Marketplace Live 2013



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Your Data, Your Rights Your Data, Your Rights Presentation Transcript

  • your data, your rights.john wilbanks6 June 2013TELX marketplace live
  • from analog data todigital data.
  • i want it now!
  • cheap data changes theepistemology of fields.
  • “what makes justifiedbeliefs justified?”http://plato.stanford.edu/entries/epistemology/
  • player x is a good hitterbecause
  • OPS = AB(H + BB + HBP) +TB(AB + BB + SF + HBP) /AB(AB + BB + SF + HBP)
  • “essentially, it’s the world’s mostsophisticated cluster of sensorsthat you can wear on yourperson, and it’s going to knowevery single thing you do,whether it’s driving, sleeping, ortaking a walk...”
  • who owns thatinformation? andwho has rights to it?
  • 1:how to waste a billiondollars - with big data.
  • 18
  • 19
  • 20
  • 21
  • 22
  • assume 1,000,000 downloadsassume 10% false positive rate100,000 doctor visits$1000 per biopsy
  • everything isgetting representedvia data.
  • “in the end, alldata is eitherdeleted ormade public”- quinn norton
  • 2:we’re people. notresources to be extracted.
  • “capacity to produceunanticipated change throughunfiltered contributions frombroad and varied audiences”- jonathan zittrain
  • “When Campos contacted thecompany for the first time,Medtronic spokesman Steve Craglesaid that the patient services repdidn’t understand that Camposwanted the raw data.”
  • "There is no reason anyonewould want a computer intheir home."Ken Olsen, founder of DigitalEquipment Corporation, 1977
  • we do want somecontrol over ourdata.
  • 3:data is not regulated likeother kinds ofinformation.
  • copyrightdatabase rightspatentstrade secretscontracts
  • ontologyAPIformatOAuthversion controlprovenance
  • regulationunknown court ordersopen data policiescorporate policy
  • tension between anonymity and utilityease of re-identificationchanging norms of privacy
  • 4:citizen-driven sharing ofpersonal level data isgoing to happen.
  • sharing by small butcoherent groups cancreate asymmetricallyvaluable resources.
  • small groupsharing
  • coherentism from:standard legal toolscommon infrastructurenormsmetadata
  • proven to work in:softwarecontent
  • but.
  • our sharing of (most)personal data is (mostly)incoherent.
  • 68
  • 69
  • terms in blue pop up definitions
  • volunteer must click to proceedall boxes must be checked
  • volunteer cannot skip video
  • http://opensnp.org/users/615
  • http://files.snpedia.com/reports/promethease_data/genome_jtw_ui2.html
  • “Also there is no suggestion ofconsanguinity in your pedigree.”http://www.ianlogan.co.uk/
  • but.
  • 81
  • if this is the worldwe’re entering
  • those of us whogather data haveobligations.
  • 1. citizens, not consumers.2. transparency, not obscurity.3. metcalfe, not moore.
  • thank you@wilbanksjohn.wilbanks@sagebase.org