Let's Pool Our Medical Data
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Let's Pool Our Medical Data



My lecture at the Broad Institute on 1/10/13. Online at http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ACL01EkqleY

My lecture at the Broad Institute on 1/10/13. Online at http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ACL01EkqleY



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Let's Pool Our Medical Data Let's Pool Our Medical Data Presentation Transcript

  • three hypotheses.
  • hypothesis A:
  • cheap data changes the epistemology of fields. View slide
  • what makes justified beliefs justified? http://plato.stanford.edu/entries/epistemology/ View slide
  • player x is a good hitter because
  • OPS = AB(H + BB +HBP) + TB(AB + BB + SF+ HBP) / AB(AB + BB +SF + HBP)
  • fields based on narrative, but tested in reality, are very vulnerable to data-driven change.
  • information > gut models and metricslow transaction costs pissed off pundits
  • hypothesis B:
  • data is (becoming) cheapenough to drive epistemic change in health.
  • not just cheap, butpotentially democratized.
  • not just democratized, but ubiquitous.
  • hypothesis C:
  • costs will not magicallydecline thanks to data.
  • 25
  • 26
  • 27
  • 28
  • 29
  • assume 1,000,000 downloadsassume 10% false positive rate 100,000 doctor visits $1000 per biopsy
  • that s the setup.
  • sharing by small butcoherent groups cancreate asymmetrically valuable resources.
  • small group sharing
  • coherentism from: standard legal toolscommon infrastructure norms metadata
  • proven to work in: software content
  • the experiment:
  • let s a small but coherent group toshare data and see if it works in health.
  • http://opensnp.org/users/615
  • http://files.snpedia.com/reports/promethease_data/genome_jtw_ui2.html
  • Also there is no suggestion ofconsanguinity in your pedigree.http://www.ianlogan.co.uk/
  • http://sagebridge.org
  • 53
  • PLC:portable legal consent
  • terms in blue pop up definitions
  • all boxes must be checked volunteer must click to proceed
  • volunteer cannot skip video
  • http://weconsent.us/informed- consent/ 64
  • moving PLC to an open consent standard.
  • email patient #XYZ123researcher patient
  • Public   Portable  Legal   Sage  Bionetworks Sage  Bionetworks Recruitment Consent CGRE Synapse Founda3on Advocacy   CGRE  Database Synapse  Database 1 2 Portable  Legal  Consent 3 4 5 Individual  Level   De-­‐iden3fied Hospital Data Dataset Researchers Founda3on Advocacy  Par3cipants
  • 3 Portable  Legal  Consent 2 Advocacy   Advocacy  Founda3on Hospital Founda3on Par3cipants 1
  • 71
  • five clinical studies onBridge this year under PLC.
  • it s likely that we willend up with a sharing monopoly of some sort.
  • once entrenched, hard to move.
  • once entrenched, hard to move.
  • tendency to increment.
  • a. just like now, but moreso
  • b. the cartel.
  • c. the commons.
  • only the last choice allows all three choices to exist.
  • thank you @wilbanksjohn.wilbanks@sagebase.org