SMWCon 2012 SEO Presentation


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SMWCon 2012 SEO Presentation. Notes removed from ppt presentation for PDF conversion.

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SMWCon 2012 SEO Presentation

  1. 1. SEO AND SMW Why it matters that people find -OR- your hard work
  2. 2. THEN COMES THELow Hanging Fruit „PANDA Quick fixes for consistent search SLAP‟ AND engine ranking YOU GET TO RESTART…Framework and Community Intensive updates Easier to implement while building wikiSMW Specific SEO Provided features and framework limitations
  3. 3. SCHEMA.ORG ARRIVED A N D T H OUSA N DS OF I N C OM P LE TE BUSI N E SS P LA N S DI E has been called everything from an online land grab to an RDFa killer. In reality is the agreed upon shared vocabulary for all major US search engines. Adoption of competing RDFa formats was stagnant at best. Competing microformats created an engineering burden for businesses Winners were picked beforehand and newcomers couldn‟t openly compete. Ex: hReview – Yelp, hCard – LinkedIn, etc. is compatible with RDFa 1 .1 . THEY FINALLY AGREED TO ALL DO SOMETHING THE SAME WAY.
  4. 4. PANDA CAME INTO BEING I T STOP P E D BE I N G P ROF I TA BLE TO DO N OT H I N G ON LI N E Panda was the first Google algorithm to affectivelychange several widely understood ranking policies and remove long time interlinking monopolies. Added date considerations to content downgrading pages composed of „evergreen content‟ Placed greater importance on link partners downgrading pages with large numbers of obscure in links and poor out links Placed greater consideration on keyword strategies and forced domains to establish keyword „brands‟ related to quality content Divided the long time cross linking metric to reduce page ranks and nullify the ef fects of link farming and aggressive out linking.
  5. 5. COHERENT KEYWORD STRATEGYDON ‟T BOT H E R PAY I NG W H E N N OBODY I S E VE N C OM P E T I NG Survey : What is the state of competition for Semantic Web, Linked Data, and Semantic Web Application?  Competition for all related keywords and terms is low.  Around 50,000 searches for these terms are executed a month and ignored.  Key terms including wiki, application, browser, and projects combined with „semantic‟ and „linked data‟ have zero competition.  Optimizing for any of these terms will meet with limited competition, and Adwords purchasing will bid in the lowest pricing tier.
  6. 6. CONSOLIDATE YOUR DOMAINS 2 0 URLS GOI N G TO T H E SA M E W E BSI TE I S RE A LLY BA D RewriteEngine onCollect all top level # FIND AND REDIRECT SECONDARY DOMAINS / SUB-DOMAINS domains rewritecond %{http_host} ^www.second- [nc] rewriterule ^(.*)$$1Collect all sub [r=301,nc] rewritecond %{http_host} ^second- domains [nc] rewriterule ^(.*)$$1 [r=301,nc]200 Redirect from # DIFFERENT ENTRANCE DEFAULTS FOR SERVER CONFIGS URL to MediaWiki redirect 301 /index.html /wiki/index.php redirect 301 /index.shtml /wiki/index.php index.php redirect 301 /index.htm /wiki/index.php redirect 301 /index.asp /wiki/index.php redirect 301 /index.aspx /wiki/index.php301 Redirect all redirect 301 /index.cfm /wiki/index.php redirect 301 / /wiki/index.php redirect 301 /default.html /wiki/index.php remaining domains redirect 301 /default.htm /wiki/index.php redirect 301 /default.asp /wiki/index.php ErrorDocument 403 /notfound.html ErrorDocument 404 /notfound.html ErrorDocument 500 /wiki/index.php
  7. 7. TITLES, DESCRIPTIONS, AND HEADERS A LI T T LE A PATH Y H URT S A LOT OF PAG E RA N K The Rules Title  65 characters, Unique per page  <site or section name> - <key words in semi-legible phrase> Description  156 characters, unique per page, sentences can be semi -legible Domain /Page URL  160 characters max with key words included  Strip session ids and non-media file extensions Header Tags  H1 & H2 : Include keywords and use within primary body blocking elements.  H3 – H6 : When used in conjunction with H1 & H2 their page weighting is significantly increased
  8. 8. TITLES, DESCRIPTIONS, AND HEADERS A LI T T LE A PATH Y H URT S A LOT OF PAG E RA N KReasoning Provided By, April 2011 These elements are the top rated concerns and all major SEO services recommend correcting them first
  9. 9. ROBOTS, SPIDERS, AND BLACK HOLES M E DI A W I KI BY DE SI G N CA N DE ST ROY A SE A RC H RA N KI N G Due to the complexity of Media Wiki storing transactions and open editing a robots.txt and sitemap.xml are REQUIRED.  A wiki is technically the size of human vocabulary and 99% duplicate content create / edit pages  Page transactions create thousands of history logs  Special pages and custom functionality will provide inappropriate entrance points These facts left unaddressed will result in heavy search engine penalties applied to your
  10. 10. ROBOTS, SPIDERS, AND BLACK HOLESM E DI A W I KI BY DE SI G N CA N DE ST ROY A SE A RC H RA N KI N G S i te m a p : h t t p : / / w w w. u r l . c o m / s i t e m a p . x m lExample Robots.txt User-agent: *  Bug Tracking Systems D i s a l l ow : / s m w b u g s / D i s a l l ow : / we b s v n /  Code Repositories D i s a l l ow : t i t l e = B u g z i l l a D i s a l l ow : t i t l e = S p e c i a l : L o g D i s a l l ow : a c t i o n = a n n o t a t e  Wiki Logging D i s a l l ow : a c t i o n = e d i t D i s a l l ow : a c t i o n = f o r m e d i t  Wiki Editing D i s a l l ow : r e d l i n k = 1 D i s a l l ow : m o d e = w y s i w y g  WYSIWIG panes and D i s a l l ow : a c t i o n = h i s t o r y D i s a l l ow : / Ta l k : default create pages D i s a l l ow : t i t l e = Ta l k : D i s a l l ow : / S p e c i a l : S e a r c h  History Logging D i s a l l ow : / S p e c i a l : Ve r s i o n D i s a l l ow : t i t l e = S p e c i a l : S e a r c h  Wiki Talk Pages D i s a l l ow : t i t l e = S p e c i a l : U s e r L o g i n  Selected Special Pages
  11. 11. MEDIA, ALT, AND TITLE ATTRIBUTES T H E 10 % OF SE A RC H RA N KI N G E VE RY BODY I G N ORE S Because early websites discovered keyword cramming and cloaking search engines started putting weight on file names, alt, and title attribute tags. Search engines made the mistake of assuming the Internet cares about screen readers and text browsers. This mistake can be exploited in a positive way by actually caring about screen readers and text browsers.  File names should describe the contents – Name before upload  Alt tags should be the normalized file name  Title tags should describe the section the file is within
  12. 12. CREATING ANCHORS WITH KEYWORDS W H E RE WA S T H E LA ST ST RE E T SI G N RE A DI N G „G O H E RE ‟? Anchors on your wiki between sections should be 2-3 word descriptions of that section Pages will be ranked higher if keywords used in anchors match their titles  When creating new wiki articles take into account the article name becomes the title of the pageExample Anchor Text Page Title“Download Semantic MediaWiki” SMW : Download Semantic MediaWiki“SMW Community Forum” SMW : Community and Development Forum“Purchase SMW+ License” SMW+ : Purchase Semantic MediaWiki Plus“Business Semantic MediaWiki” SMW : Small Business and Academic Portal
  13. 13. CONSISTENT IN LINKS TO YOUR WIKI YOUR E - RE P UTATI ON M AT T ERS TO SE A RC H E N G I N E S Same rules apply to in links as internal anchors between pages and sections Links with the attribute rel=“nofollow” are not followed or applied to your wikis search engine ranking   Lesser known search portals  News sites with millions of daily readers Google Page Rank heavily drivenwith qualityquality metricsyourto panda driven by in links by obscure in links to due site Buying in links is risky! Many agencies sellinga number of links for a price are dumping them on low ranked blogs who cloak the links.
  14. 14. CONSISTENT OUT LINKS FROM YOUR WIKI N OT E VE RY W E BSI TE SH OULD BE T RE AT ED T H E SA M E Your page ranking and search engine results are also af fected by the sites you link and HOW they are linked  Over 6 months old with page rank of zero remove the link  Large corporations don‟t need your page rank status. Use rel=“nofollow” for their pages  Most links on your wiki will have an automated rel=“nofollow” added to them  There are custom solutions for removing the nofollow attributes that should be used when linking other SMW sites and MediaWiki resources.  Linking to “Authoritative” sites still improves SEO. Using <cite> tags when quoting content is now approved, but should be used sparingly.
  15. 15. SCHEMA.ORG RESULTS LI KE I T OR N OT A DOP T I ON I S H A P P E N I NGThe RDFa format, witha regex expressionscanning for schemaidentifiers, hassurpassed all otherformats in 2012. Source :, 2012
  16. 16. TRACK AND IMPROVE IMPORTANT PAGESYOU CA N ‟T A LWAYS C H OOSE W H I C H PAG E I S RA N KE D H I G H LY An example of unexpected pages with high ranking: This is a help manual page that is listed on the first page for a keyword term  Current content should not be modified but extended  Out links from this page should be removed or kept few and relevant  Links to internal targeted sections should be added and made visible on this page  Semantic markup should be added to the page body and refined for the keyword giving the page a high rank
  17. 17. DON‟T CHEAT THE SEARCH ENGINES W I T H RI SK C OM E S RE WA RD… UN T I L YOU A RE BA N N ED Link Farming (panda)  Buy a dozen domains and skin off one framework  All domains link to your new website in slightly different ways cramming your keywords Paying the Link Farmers (panda)  No. They cannot get you linked on 500, Page Rank 4+, websites for $99 without owning the Link Farm or degrading the Page Rank of naïve blog owners. Cloaking  Display one thing to the SE Spider and something else to users  EVEN FOR MOBILE SPIDERS DO NOT DO THIS Of f Page Linking and Spamming  Search engines understand if your div is positioned off browser or display is set to none  If you must do this for menus use HTML5 and specify <nav>, or in lieu of that use an ID or Class name of “menu”, “nav”, or “navigation”
  18. 18. LIMITATIONS OF SEO ON MEDIA WIKII T WA S C RE AT E D TO BE F UN C T I ONAL, N OT A LWAYS P OP ULA R Customization of page titles and descriptions is time consuming and requires custom extensions  Pages titles are bound to the article title, namespace, and URL No way by default to define meta descriptions and keyword listings within the article Nofollow attributes are either always on or always of f, and require specialty code to remove them from a single anchor Most of the wiki can be classified as duplicate content and requires extensive robots.txt and sitemap.xml files Irregular entrance points as certain articles gain in popularity with no consideration for the entire topic of the wiki Quality articles with high ranking can be edited, and even if correctly edited content the search engines ranked highly is removed
  19. 19. SEARCH ENGINE WEBMASTER ACCOUNTSA N ALY TI CS T RAC K. T H E SE AC C OUN T S E X P E DI T E SUBM I SSI ON Google Webmaster Tools  Bing / Yahoo Webmaster Tools  / DMOZ Open Directory  Bulk Sitemap Submission (Google, Bing, Ask)  Region Specific Search Engines  Yandex – Russia  Baidu – China  Full listing :
  20. 20. SEO TOOLS AND WIKI SUGGESTIONS I N FORMATION , TOOLS, A N D W I SH LI ST S / - SEO Warrior, O‟Reilly  Updated versions of PERL scripts for site wide statistics compilation  Book usually updated every 18 months, site keeps e -version Analytics Tracking  1 or 2 Online Accounts (Google Analytics / Bing)  1 to 3 Server Side Systems (Splunk SEO App, Pwik, Awstats) MediaWiki Extensions    Somebody create an SEO centric skin or update existing skins?  Administration tools for bulk renaming files and pages complete with 301 Redirect tags created SEO Tracking Pay Services  
  21. 21. QUESTIONS? Comments, R equests, Idea s, Complaints ?