Victoria Przydrozny's Re-invented Brand Plan
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Victoria Przydrozny's Re-invented Brand Plan






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    Victoria Przydrozny's Re-invented Brand Plan Victoria Przydrozny's Re-invented Brand Plan Presentation Transcript

    • My Personal BrandVictoria Przydrozny
      Traveller, Global News Junkie, Big City Girl
    • What you should know...
      I lived in Czech Republic for a year and taught English.
      I am Polish and speak, read and write fluently.
      I have visited every province in Canada and one territory.
      Travelled to over 40 states in the U.S.A
      Backpacked Europe.
      Flew to Dominican Republic for 10 days to do mission work with adults and children in need.
      Enjoy cooking and trying to restaurants.
      Fond of big city architecture and lights.
    • What I want:..
      To market myself as a professional individual to help build a successful career as a public relations practitioner
      To create an online presence that reflects my personality
      Take advantage of networking opportunities
      Visit each continent at least once
      Live abroad again
      Work with the less fortunate
    • Key Messages...
      Young, sophisticated, professional woman
      Travelling is my life. I love to experience new cultures, new foods and languages.
      I am intrigued by challenges and ready to start my career.
      I am committed to standing behind what I believe in and promote myself as someone who is driven to succeed and evolve in PR.
    • My Wordle
    • Objectives:..
      To become a better communicator and writer by the end of the school year at Humber College.
      To create awareness about my personal brand online through various social media applications and measuring followers, friends and page hits.
      To seek a job opportunity in an agency as public relations practitioner by early 2010.
    • Strategies...
      Promote my personal brand through social media to gain a positive reputation.
      Look professional and presentable to give a good first impression
      Build relationships with mentors, networks, classmates, bloggers, PR professionals, professors and people who share my interests.
      Update online identity on a regular basis to maintain a positive image.
      Keep up-to-date with emerging issues and news to be more knowledgeable.
      Communicate with my networks by posting comments, giving feedback, taking the first step to write in order to connect with new people.
    • Tactics...
      Expand my networks by actively using Twitter, Facebook, NaszaKlasaand updating my blog on a weekly basis.
      Follow and comment on online blogs and interact with new people on a weekly basis.
      Read , watch and listen to the news more often to keep myself informed on a daily basis.
      Engage with classmates by attending events and social gatherings at least once a month.
      Research possible job opportunities in Canada and abroad on a weekly basis.
    • SWOT Overview
      • Have public relations experience with a family-owned company
      • Leader. extroverted personality, confident
      • Reliable problem solver and multi-tasker
      • Fluent in Polish
      • Teaching English as a Second Language Certification
      • Created a new blog specifically geared towards PR
      • Open to traveling and learning about new places
      • Do not have volunteer experience in PR
      • Need to think about certain topics before I can speak about them immediately
      • Do not have many PR contacts
      • Do not use social media applications regularly to build a network
      • Do not belong to PR clubs such as IABC or CPRS
      • Focus more on online networking (commenting on blogs, updating Twitter etc.)
      • Search for and participate in volunteer/work opportunities
      • Improve public speaking in front of strangers
      • Join PR clubs, networking events, seminars
      • Use my knowledge of the Polish language to network to different groups of people
      • Competitors who belong to PR clubs
      • Competitors who can easily speak in front of a group of strangers
      • job location
      • New technological advancements that I am not familiar with
    • How you can find me....
      NaszaKlasa – A website similar to
      Facebook but in the Polish language
    • My Next Steps...