Wiktor Leo Burnett Credential 2011


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Overal agency credential presentation

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Wiktor Leo Burnett Credential 2011

  2. 2. 17 years, still the same addresslast 12 years ranked always within TOP 3 agencies
  3. 3. 1994 affiliation contract with Leo Burnett signed1998 joint venture cooperation (25% shares owned by LBW)
  4. 4. Ranking
  5. 5. Ranking of Ad Agencies in Slovakia is based on three pillars market share creativity effectiveness Gross Income Points from creative EFFIE Slovakia awards award
  6. 6. Market share
  7. 7. 2010 Ad Agencies Market Share based on Gross Incomehttp://www.kras.sk/taas/rebricky-taas/2010/
  8. 8. Creative ranking
  9. 9. Overall ranking2001the most creative agency of the year2002Agency of the Year200344 awards for creativity and effectivity alltogether for 11 clients (26 international awards & 18 national)2004Agency of the Yearthe most creative agency of the yearthe most awarded TVC in the history of Slovak Advertisement2005Agency of the Year2006the most creative slovak agency at Golden Drum2007the most creative slovak agency at Golden Nail2008the most creative agency within online & interactive (new digital unit from 2007)2009the most creative agency of the year2010the most creative agency of the year2011Agency of the Year
  10. 10. Creative awards (top selection only) Cannes Lions first slovak ad agency awarded in Cannes ever first Cyber Lion for slovak ad agency Epica the first & only one slovak ad agency awarded by Golden Epica Alltogether 2 golden Epicas The New York Festivals 2 x Global Awards, 2 Gold, Silver Gunn Report the first and only slovak agency listed within Gunn Report (TOP 50 TVC) Golden Drum Golden Watch, New Moment Award, many Drumstikcs Golden Nail (local most prestigious creative award) first Grand Prix ever (2002) and alltogether 2 out of 3 GP in total up-to 100 Nails ... yet The Most Awarded Agency at Golden Nail 2010 and 2nd Most Awarded in 2011See complete award overview at www.wlb.sk in section “ranking”
  11. 11. EFFIE ranking
  12. 12. EFFIE Slovakia awards2001 silver EFFIE2002 2 x bronze EFFIE2003 bronze EFFIE2004 bronze EFFIE2005 bronze EFFIE2006 bronze EFFIE2007 shortlist EFFIE2008 2 x shortlist EFFIE2009 silver EFFIE2010  gold EFFIE & silver EFFIE2011  gold EFFIE, 2x bronze EFFIE
  13. 13. Agency structure & clients portfolio
  14. 14. 55 employees Strategy Brand unit Brand team team TELCO UNIT FMCG UNIT Finanancial teamBack-office RETAIL UNIT FINANCE team UNIT AUTOMOTIVE UNIT Digital unit Production & DTP team
  16. 16. WIKTOR LEO BURNETT GROUP Slovakia full service creative agency Idea media agency full service digital agency production agency
  17. 17. AGENCY OF THE YEAR 2011
  18. 18. TO SEE OUR FULL STORY & OUR WORK, PLEASE VISIT:Corporate web site:www.wlb.skShowcase:www.youtube.com/user/wiktorleoburnetthttp://www.flickr.com/photos/wiktorleoburnett/show/Follow us:http://blog.wlb.skwww.facebook.com/wiktorleoburnettwww.twitter.com/WiktorLB