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Wikitude SDK -  js.everywhere Europe

Wikitude SDK - js.everywhere Europe




Wolfgang Damm speaking at js.everywhere conference in Paris on Nov 17. 2012 about creating augmented reality content with JavaScript.



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    Wikitude SDK -  js.everywhere Europe Wikitude SDK - js.everywhere Europe Presentation Transcript

    • Wikitude ARchitectAugmented Reality Using a JavaScript API Wolfgang Damm Lead Software Architect www.wikitude.com | +Wikitude Developers
    • Agenda● Introduction● Overview● Features & Samples
    • What is Wikitude?The World’s first Augmented Reality Browser(Oct. 15th 2008)Global reach 10 million users, 32 languages on all major Operating SystemsWorking on a Global AR Standard“ARML” together with OGC Augmented Reality SDK ARchitect based on Web Technologies (HTML 5 / CSS / JavaScript)
    • Facts & Figures● 2.000.000+ active users of the Wikitude SDK● 3500 downloads of the Wikitude SDK
    • References
    • Worlds
    • GeoObject & HTML Menu bar: Head-up display (non-geo element) Geo-located POIs Camera AR-View WebView
    • HTML
    • Develop Once, Run Everywhere ARchitect WorldWikitude App Native OS Plugins / Extensions
    • Feature-SetGeobased ARchitect Image Recognition Geofence Field of Vision Animations Labels Radar Your 3D World HTML- Video Drawable Sound Direction Indicator
    • Geobased Content ● Location (latitude, longitude, altitude) ● Drawable (Text, Image, ...) ● GeoObjectvar myGeoLocation = new AR.GeoLocation(objLat,objLon);var myCircle = new AR.Circle(5);var myGeoObject = new AR.GeoObject( myGeoLocation, {drawables: {cam: myCircle} );
    • Relative locationsSolar System ● Convenience feature to define relative locations ● Relative to any GeoObject or users position var relLocation1 = new AR.RelativeLocation( null, 100, 0, 0);
    • HTML Drawables ● Complex visualization of a POI ● Renders HTML codevar poiHTMLdrawable = new AR.HtmlDrawable( {uri:"myHotel.html"}, 4, {scale:1, updateRate:AR.HtmlDrawable.UPDATE_RATE.STATIC} );
    • Animations ● Sprite Animations (Key frame images) ● Animation Groups (parallel/sequential)500 animated birds var scaleAnim = new AR.PropertyAnimation(to, scaling, 0.0, 1.0, 1000, {type: easeOutQuad}, {onFinish: function (){ alert(animation finished); }});
    • 3D Transformations● Any drawable may be animated using 3D transformations ● Heading (y-axis) ● Roll (z-axis) ● Tilt (x-axis)
    • Radar component ● Geo-Objects have separate representation in the radar component (marker) ● fully customizable ● North indicator ● Background image ● Geo-Objects
    • Direction Indicator ● Indicates the position of the Drawable which is out of the field of vision ● Fully customizablevar indiDrawable = new AR.ImageDrawable(indiImg, 0.1, { verticalAnchor: AR.CONST.VERTICAL_ANCHOR.TOP});arObject.drawables.indicator = indiDrawable;
    • Usage of external Add-Ons for IR ● Augment Targets using ARchitect Engine capabilities (Drawables, Sounds, Animations) var logoTracker = new AR.Tracker("WikitudeLogo.zip"); var image = new AR.ImageResource("overlay.png"); var overlay = new AR.ImageDrawable(image, 1.0); var trackable2DObject = new AR.Trackable2DObject(logoTracker, "WikitudeLogo",{ drawables: { cam: overlay }});
    • Image Recognition and Geo combined
    • Develop Once, Run Everywhere● All you need is HTML / JS / CSS www.wikitude.com architect@wikitude.com● Project setup within 5 minutes● Create your AR experience with a few lines of code Your● Support World Wikitude App Native OS Plugins / Extensions