How to Easily Build Your Personal Brand - With Guaranteed Results!


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WikiToot is the first ever community devoted to building a personal or corporate brand – on emphasizing your achievements in a way that you can pat your own back – or toot your own horn.

Join the Only Professional & Personal Branding Community Giving You the Tools to Toot Your Own Horn:

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How to Easily Build Your Personal Brand - With Guaranteed Results!

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  3. 3. You Can Finally Reinforce and Protect Your Reputation Online - Solidify Your Brand at the Top of the Search Engines and Stop Worrying About Negative Branding<br />© Copyright –<br />
  4. 4. Branding – it’s the process of creating distinctive and long-lasting perceptions in the minds of customers.  Your brand, be it personal or business, is a persistent and unique identity woven with associations in personality, quality, origin and more. When done effectively, people remember who you are.  Important people, people who can decide your fate when it comes to business, inking deals, getting grants or changing careers.- Clients- Sponsors- Customers- RecruitersThe right brand image can position you to look like the perfect candidate; the wrong image can seal your fate.<br />© Copyright –<br />
  5. 5. WikiToot is a new and exciting community that brings everything positive about you into a single location to act as your personal or professional business hub for positive branding online, so you can create the right image.Imagine if there were hundreds (even thousands) of people looking for your name or your brand on the web; what kind of information do they turn up in the search engines?  What if it’s just a single (very important) client searching for you – what would you like them to see?A strong, highly optimized and professional profile… or you duking it out verbally on a Yelp thread?<br />© Copyright –<br />
  6. 6. Establish a Profile That Shows Only What You Want the World to SeeMore often than not, the information available online is a hodgepodge of randomly posted information, mixed and shared among social networks and review sites that create a brand-neutral image at best.  At worst, the information portrayed can wreck both personal and corporate images online, effectively undermining your brand and crippling your online presence.This is what WikiToot is all about – putting your best foot forward with your name in lights at the peak of search results.WikiToot Looks Sleek on the Outside – What’s Under The Hood?<br />© Copyright –<br />
  7. 7. WikiToot is a Central Hub for Your Information You’re probably utilizing a variety of social networks and profiles for online branding.  From LinkedIn to Google Profiles, Facebook, Twitter and more – everyone uses these profiles to ensure that they’re visible and accessible.  The downside is that most of the social networks and profiles offer little in the way of personal or business branding functionality.  WikiToot gives you room for a detailed profile; it’s more than just a glorified resume – it’s a central hub for sending all of your traffic when people want to know who you are.  We’re also not here to replace those social networks but instead act as the mortar (or any other sticky substance you prefer) that holds them all together for you. <br />© Copyright –<br />
  8. 8. YourWikiTootProfile<br />© Copyright –<br />
  9. 9. WikiToot Offers You Personalized Optimization Every profile is optimized with your targeted keywords, not only within the content but within specific fields and other areas.  This ensures maximum visibility when someone searches for you by name.  Not only that, but your optimized profile helps you show up for either general or more exact keywords that your target audience uses every day.WikiToot Drives Traffic To You & Your SiteBy optimizing your profile, visitors land within your content and are treated to a polished, positive image of you or your organization.  That personal branding provides credibility and builds solid trust effectively transforming your WikiToot profile into an additional entrance to your sales funnel.And if they still don’t budge we got ways of making them click.<br />© Copyright –<br />
  10. 10. WikiToot Increase Your Visibility Not only will proper optimization increase organic visibility but community members are able to promote and “toot” the profiles of others – and even their own.  Fire up the sharing and get people to follow the search lights right back to your personal profile.WikiToot Boosts Your Search Engine Rank Not only will your profile be highly visible in the search engine in order to boost your online branding efforts but we function on a DoFollow system – that means every link you place on your profile builds backlinks to your website, blog, content, etc. to increase your overall rank within the search engines<br />© Copyright –<br />
  11. 11. WikiToot Offers Tools for Building Your Brand We’re not just a place to park your information and walk away.  You can do that on any social networking profile.  We provide a number of tools to help you build your brand online through thought leadership & tooting your own horn.- Article Directory Access to submit original content that links back to you- Resources & Tips to help with your branding- Press Release System to toot your own horn whenever you like- Exclusive access to the coolest URL shortener in existance( Community forums for open member discussion- A Custom Press Release  announcing your new profile – written & distributed by us- Brightly colored balloons (… not really, but it’s a fun mental picture)These are exclusive tools that are ONLY available to members of the WikiTootCommunity.<br />© Copyright –<br />
  12. 12. WikiToot Gives You a Profile Free of Distractions Social networking sites that are used for branding are laced with distractions such as applications, notifications, group promotions and advertisements.  The last thing you want, when you’re trying to drive a specific message about who you are, is an eye-catching ad promoting someone else. WikiToot is about you, tooting your own horn.  No ads, no apps, no games, no distractions.<br />© Copyright –<br />
  13. 13. WikiToot Gives You More Control of the Search Results Reputation management is an ongoing game, and unfortunately negative content can appear on the web for any person or business.  When people start telling you that you have an ugly image, that your product catches fire and that the components you use to build your toys contain enough radiation to make a cow glow you don’t want that to show up first in the search results.Honestly, with those scenarios that’s the least of your worry, but a WikiToot profile has a way of pushing itself past all the muck and mire to stand like a pretty princess (or broad-shouldered bouncer) drawing the attention of people digging for info on who you are.We can’t make the ugly go away but we can give your branding and reputation management an edge.<br />© Copyright –<br />
  14. 14. Start Building Your Online Brand - Get Your Professional Profile Now<br />© Copyright –<br />Go to:<br />
  15. 15. I Want Maximum Exposure - How Does WikiToot Ensure VisibilityWe market around the clock – 24/7/365.  Every action we take improves the quality, trust and visibility of our community; as a member of that community you benefit from our marketing as well.  When our community grows, so too will your own visibility.Off the record, we also utilize hypnotism and subliminal messaging to improve click-through rates.  We’re testing it right now, that’s why you’re suddenly craving that Double Bacon Cheeseburger.WikiToot Is Amazing… but Why Do I Need Yet Another Online Profile?Because… no other system offers what WikiToot can do for your online brand.  With a strong brand presence online you can greatly reduce your stress and worry about what message you’re sending through your various profiles.   You’ll be able to focus on more important things:<br />© Copyright –<br />
  16. 16.   - Refining your Sales Funnel  - Focusing on Engagement  - Devising a Plan to Steal the Moon  - Improving Customer Service  - Developing Better Content for Outreach  - Playing Hooky   -  Improve your NetworkingMost importantly, as you continue to build your brand you can rest assured that you have  your WikiToot profile waiting to handle your target audience, boldly backing up your online presence & tooting your horn as you continue to build your brand.WikiToot makes positive professional branding simple & rewarding.  Who said you have to make a big splash just to be effective?<br />© Copyright –<br />
  17. 17. WikiToot Sounds Perfect, but I’m a Terrible Writer and I Don’t Know SEONot everyone is a professional writer – that’s half the trouble that many of us have when it comes to self-promotion and personal branding online.   It’s made more difficult with corporate branding when what you say feels like it needs to be more tightly controlled.  Even fewer people have a strong grasp on how to write keyword optimized content without sounding like a broken record.WikiToot offers a premium copywriting service to tackle your profile production for you.  By running through a simple Q&A we can take your information, including keywords, and create the perfect profile that makes your brand stand out online using the voice you want to portray.Take advantage of this service – WikiToot is the only community offering professional copywriting services to maximize the branding power of your profile.<br />© Copyright –<br />
  18. 18. I Get All That But… Why Should I Join WikiToot?Why join WikiToot?  Because it’s pretty clear that the blog, Facebook & LinkedIn thing just isn’t cutting it – otherwise you wouldn’t be looking for better information & quality ways to improve your personal or corporate branding online.The kind of Social OOMF you’ll get from tooting your own horn is absolutely priceless, but you can join WikiToot right now at a rate you can’t find anywhere else for these services<br />© Copyright –<br />
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  20. 20. It’s Time to Take Control of Your Online PresenceClick Below to Order Your Professional Profile Now for only $97 per yearOr Combine Your Membership With a Professionally Written Bio For Only $198 <br />We Guarantee You’ll Improve Your Online Branding with WikiToot  <br />© Copyright –<br />
  21. 21. It’s Time to Take Control of Your Online PresenceClick Below to Order Your Professional Profile Now for only $97 per yearOr Combine Your Membership With a Professionally Written Bio For Only $198 <br />© Copyright –<br />Invaluable Gifts worth $296.00<br />Goto:<br />