The fundation of madrid by the muslims

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Created by Raquel Martínez and Tania Rodríguez for

Created by Raquel Martínez and Tania Rodríguez for

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  • 1. The Foundation of Madrid by the Muslims
    By: Raquel Martínez and Tania Rodríquez
  • 2. When Did the Muslims establish in Madrid?
    The first date that we know of the Muslim domination of Madrid is an indeterminate date between the years 860 and 880 in the 9th century. In this date the emir Muhammad I ordered a fortress or ribat to be built, in the place where currently is The Royal Palace of Madrid.
  • 3. Why Did the Muslims Build the Ribat?
    The Ribat was built in the place were currently is located the Royal Palace of Madrid to watch the Manzanares waterway and to avoid being attacked by the Christians Kingdoms.
  • 4. Remains of the Important Monuments of the Muslims in Madrid
    • There are some remains of the Islamic
    Watchtower in the underground garage of the Oriente Square.The only part that is
    conserved of it is the base. It was built to
    watch if the Christians were coming to
    attack them.
  • 5. These are some of
    the remains of the
    Nowadays this tower
    is called The Bones
  • 6. Remains of The Muslims Wall
    There are various remains of the Muslim Wall of Madrid but the most important is located in la Cuesta de la Vega, in the Crypt of the Almudena’s Cathedral and also there are some parts of the Wall near the Royal Palace of Madrid.
  • 7. This is the most important remain of the Muslim Wall
  • 8. Madrid is called with this name (Madrid) because the Muslims called the city that was inside of the Ribat Mayrit, which means land rich in water. Then, when the Christians reconquered the land they called the small city Magerit and with the passage of the years it changed its name into the one of Madrid.
  • 9. So the Ribat that nowadays is the Royal Palace of Madrid was the main part of the foundation of Madrid
  • 10. Sources: