Charles II, the bewitched
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Charles II, the bewitched

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    • Charles II the bewitched (1661) the last of the Hapsburg dynasty, was the king of Spain during the second half of the XVI century. His nickname cames from his physical and psychological illness because of the mixt of blood of his relatives .He died in 1700 giving the throne to Phillip of Bourbon as he hadn't any son.
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    • Charles II received the throne with only 4 years, so his mother, Mariana de Austria ruled as regent until 1675.
    • This situation led to a social crisis (the population was poor and weak) and economic crisis (a decrease in the goods from America ) in Spain .
  • 4. Charles II ‘s foreign policy was caracterised by a lot of wars and the lost of a lot of territoritories in all the world. Charles ; as he hadn’t sons, named Philip of Bourbon as his succesor. In exchange, Louis XIV(Philip’s grandparent) would return all the territories he had conquered (for example Terranova).
  • 5. With the Spanish War of Succession, Spain lost some territories that were conquered by Charles VI of Germany. France gaigned Terranova and the Acadiafrom the Hispanic Monarchy also. F or regain the territories which had been conquered by France, Charles appointed Philip of Borboun as his successor to the throne. With this, Terranova and Acadia were restored to the Hispanic Monarchy.
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    • Charles II felt a huge passion to his young French wife, Marie Louise of Orleans from the moment that he first her . Although Maria Luisa did not feel the same passion to her husband, eventually she began to appreciate him.
    • When Maria Luisa died, Charles married again Anne Marie of Neoburgo. Because of her authoritarian and arrogant personality, Mariana never became popular among his subjects, who the facade her of "German redhead and nasty "
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