Twitter for Personal and Business Goals


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Twitter for Personal and Business Goals.

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Twitter for Personal and Business Goals

  1. 1. Twitter for Personal and Business Goals
  2. 2. One of the toughest challenges in finding people on Twitter is sifting through the Douchebag s. Let’s face it, lots of people (or bots) make the overall Twitter-experience a painful one. It’s not easy to create a Twitter stream that fits your needs, but it’s not impossible. If social media is about sharing, even a personal Twitter account that only wants real engagement from people they know can benefit from branching out into the darker corners of the Twitterverse.
  3. 3. The beauty of Twitter is that it serves many purposes at once, or no purpose at all depending on you. You have choices as to how you want Twitter to work, and that’s the key to the success of the Twitter. What do you want it to be?
  4. 4. Here’s some of the popular uses, but there are new ones popping up all the time. Knowing what Twitter is for you is the first step towards finding people to follow that aren’t  douchebags .
  5. 5. Information on the Web is spread more quickly on Twitter than any other medium. When earthquakes happen, people can Tweet about it before the shaking stops. Pictures can be taken and shared (and reshared) worldwide during events. Journalists have turned to Twitter to get the breaking of the breaking in news. News Source   For Personal -
  6. 6. While Facebook has built a stronghold in this arena, there are still many people who share with their loved ones on Twitter rather than or as well as on Facebook. Communication with Friends and Family For Personal -
  7. 7. One of the initial promises of the web is the ability to meet new people and share in their lives. Distance is no longer a factor. Barriers have been dropped. Twitter is an tremendous source for exploring humanity. Meeting New People For Personal -
  8. 8. Twitter’s 140-character limit allows it to be a hub for people who are funny, profound, and knowledgeable. Some of the best LOL moments happen on Twitter streams. It’s not for everyone, but many have found Twitter to be the best casual entertainment distraction. Entertainment For Personal -
  9. 9. Yes, there are still millions who use the tool for its original purpose. Microblogging on a personal level can be therapeutic, offers a quick venue for thoughts, and keeps a permanent record of personal events for future reference. Microblogging For Personal -
  10. 10. This is normally the first thing that comes to mind when thinking about Twitter as a business tool, but it’s not necessarily for everyone. There are other ways to use Twitter on a professional level. Marketing For Business -
  11. 11. Getting the news out about your organization can be challenging with all of the noise on the Internet. Half of the tech headlines, for example, have to do with Apple, Facebook, Google, or Microsoft, leaving the other half to be split by the thousands of other tech companies. Broadcasting For Business -
  12. 12. Many companies are able to use Twitter to keep their current customers happy. It is still indirectly a marketing component, like a public CRM and those who want to succeed in this area must be willing to put marketing second and the customers first. Customer Relations For Business -
  13. 13. Though it utilizes nofollow links that prevent it from being a link-building tool, Twitter has been acknowledged by both Google and Bing as a component of both their search results as well as their search-ranking algorithms. Search Engine Optimization For Business -
  14. 14. Again, there are dozens, hundreds, maybe even thousands of other uses for Twitter as a personal or business tool. These cover the basics. Selecting what your goals are is the first step towards finding the right people to follow.
  15. 15. Wikimotive is dedicated to providing the latest Social Media Marketing, Facebook Marketing, and Search Engine optimization techniques to businesses and persons looking to enhance their online marketing presence.