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Auto dealers need to monitor these Auto Review websites because a BAD review could hurt business.

Auto dealers need to monitor these Auto Review websites because a BAD review could hurt business.

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    I bought a toyota celica after test driving then salesman showing me hatchback and inside. He held up hatchback telling me how good it was. He never said or indicated that the hatchback was broken and did not work. (When went to a mechanic for him to check engine and testdrive, the salesman, Greg, insisted on coming and never said a word there either, to me or mechanic.)
    A week later I went to open hatchback and found it took extraordinary effort to open and refused to stay open. I called Greg, he immediately said 'struts' and would fix it at their cost. After waiting 2 weeks I called again and a week later struts were put in. I found at that time I could not safely or easily open the hatchback because of a neck disability.
    Had I been told the car was broken, in a major way, I would never have considered buying it much less buying it.
    (I was also told that areas that needed painting on the bumper would be taken care of, they would paint it with matching paint, then I was told there was no way to match the paint then I was told that the paint would not be there (paint that I had already been told was in back but not matching) when they fixed struts and then when went to pick up car told paint was on order and should be there within few days,)
    I told the president/gm this was fraud, I was outright lied into buying the car. He told me they would try to find me another, I should wait for that while I had this car. Then he told me he would remove spoiler but that there could be resultant rust or water damage. Then he said No, would be okay but he would give me a lifetime guarantee 'for the spoiler', but that would do nothing for damage to the car from removal.
    I told him I wanted him to undo the transaction, just return my traded in Mazda and refund my money. He gave me various reasons he could not do that then later that day said in an email my car had been 'previously' traded. (Except the dealership where was sold indicated it was either sold the following Monday or that Saturday so it was still available or had literally just been sold. The problem is I wrote the gm/president 3 weeks prior that the car had been misrepresented and was broken. He never responded to that email. Had he responded in a timely manner nothing else that transpired would have.)
    Finally he offered to refund my 'purchase price'. When I got to the dealership to return the car and get my refund he offered over 450$ less then the purchase price telling me that was because that money had been for taxes so he wanted to get back my car and keep some of my money.
    I told him I would take the check but would note that it was 'not in toto' He refused and kept saying 'You're refusing the check?' I reiterated a number of times 'No. I will take it with the notation added.' He then said he was reneging on the offer, it was rescinded. I told him I was not taking home a car that I cannot use 2/3rds of. Because I refused to leave he said he was calling the police. They came, told me I had to leave and take the car with me (I had no choice, it would have been considered either theirs or abandoned if I left it there).
    A detective with the D.A.'s office called them about 3 days later and asked them to reoffer the money, absent the amount they insisted on keeping. They refused to do so telling him, according to my phone conversation with detective, they had an attorney.
    I also emailed saying that the stress on me was overwhelming and could we just settle this now, I would accept their lesser offer and they never bother to reply.
    I have since sent an email writing 'No response from you necessitates a response from me so there is acknowledged closure.' ending this fandango with them.
    At no point, in emails back and forth and verbal statements have they ever denied I was deceived.
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  • Peachtree Motorsports

    5208 Peachtree Blvd, Atlanta, GA 30341

    Negative (-) 5 stars

    These people are the most crooked car swindlers I have ever dealt with. DO NOT purchase a car from them. They will take you to the cleaners. I bought a truck from them that had a broken wheel that they commited to replace, but after I purchased the truck, they reneged on their commitment. Absolutely ZERO integretty!!!!
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  • Never give a deposit for a car to Liberty Subaru of Emerson, NJ ! If you ever change your mind, they will not refund it. The dealership did not want to refund my $500 simply because I went to another dealer. No amount of pleading or civil conversation will work. I gave bigger deposits to Lexus, Jaguar, Audi and Lincoln and never had issues. AVOID THIS DEALER AT ALL COSTS!
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  • 3. Auto dealers need to monitor these Auto Review websites because a BAD review could hurt business.
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