10 toxic seo techniques


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SEO Techniques to avoid in 2013, specifically for small businesses like automotive dealers and retailers.

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10 toxic seo techniques

  1. 1. 10Toxic SEOTechniquesPage2Wikimotive.com 888-975-9454 Share ThisWikimotive is your wall to walldigital marketing solution. Findout how we can get you on page 1,guaranteed.Lead Generation& ManagementBlogging Social Media Search EngineMarketing &OptimizationWeb Design
  2. 2. 10Toxic SEOTechniquesPage3Wikimotive.com 888-975-9454 Share This10 Toxic SEO TechniquesBy: Daniel HindsDaniel J. Hinds is an SEO strategist and Directorof Content for Wikimotive. Over the course of hiscareer, Daniel has designed and implementedsuccessful digital marketing campaigns forcompanies of all sizes. You can follow him onTwitter, Facebook, or his blog SEOMG.
  3. 3. 10Toxic SEOTechniquesPage4Wikimotive.com 888-975-9454 Share ThisTable of ContentsPage 5:Page 6:Page 7:Page 8:Page 9:Page 10:Page 11:Page 12:Page 13:Page 14:Page 15:Page 16:INTRODUCTIONExact Match Anchor TextEMDLINK EXCHANGINGARTICLE SUBMISSIONSNO-NEWS PRESS RELEASEBAD GUEST POSTSIGNORING SOCIAL CUESIGNORING LOCALGOOGLE ONLYWORTHLESS CONTENTCONCLUSION
  4. 4. 10Toxic SEOTechniquesPage5Wikimotive.com 888-975-9454 Share ThisINTRODUCTIONSEO changes daily.You need to be willing to adapt just as quickly. It can be painful toabandon techniques that have worked well for you in the past, but it’snecessary if you want to prosper in the future.In this eBook, we’ll go over once-popular SEO techniques that havemutated into toxic waste. Remember them fondly if they served youwell, but don’t waste your time trying to preserve them in 2013.Let’s get started.
  5. 5. 10Toxic SEOTechniquesPage6Wikimotive.com 888-975-9454 Share ThisExact Match Anchor TextThe anchor text (also known as link label, linktext, or link title) is the visible, clickable portionof a hyperlink.For years, the majority of SEO consisted of having a lot ofbacklinks that contained the anchor text you wanted torank for. If you were trying to be #1 for“quality widgets,”youwould simply seed the web with links to your site that hadthe anchor text“quality widgets.”It was such a widespreadtechnique that people are STILL doing it. The problem isthat Google is now penalizing exact match anchor textbecause it is an obvious attempt to game the system.Diversify your anchor text by using related but differentterms that modify your keyword by things like quality,price and geography, for instance,“Best Widgets”,“CheapWidgets”and“Widgets USA”.Truly, the best way to do it these days is to write quality,sharable content that gets organically spread. That way, youdon’t have to worry about the anchor text being diverse, itwill be naturally diverse.TOXIC: INSTEAD:
  6. 6. 10Toxic SEOTechniquesPage7Wikimotive.com 888-975-9454 Share ThisEMDAn exact match domain (EMD) is a domain thatexactly matches your targeted keyword. Forinstance, “qualitywidgets.com” is an EMD.EMDs aren’t toxic in and of themselves, but be wary. Theyonce gave a huge boost in search results and people wouldbase SEO strategies around them. Since Panda, EMDs havedramatically reduced power and no longer are a majorranking factor.Make your domain your brand name and build that brand!The real way to succeed in any industry is to make yourname synonymous with the product, and that shouldalways be your goal when marketing. Note that havingan EMD won’t hurt you if you already have one, or are juststarting a business and want to include a keyword in yourbrand name. It just won’t help much.TOXIC: INSTEAD:
  7. 7. 10Toxic SEOTechniquesPage8Wikimotive.com 888-975-9454 Share ThisLINK EXCHANGINGExchanging links is when you give another sitea link with the exact anchor text they specify,and then they do the same for you.Most places asking to exchange links today are stilloperating with toxic practices. Your link will just be partof their link farm, and will do far more harm than good.Additionally, their site is most likely low-quality and bylinking to it, you further damage your own site.Just don’t do it!There are always exceptions, and if you want to partner upwith a site that has a related theme, quality content, anda great PageRank, then go for it. Just be very discerningbefore you trade links with anyone.TOXIC: INSTEAD:
  8. 8. 10Toxic SEOTechniquesPage9Wikimotive.com 888-975-9454 Share ThisARTICLE SUBMISSIONSThink “EzineArticles” and content spinning andyou’ll get the gist of what article submission isall about.Article submission used to be a quick way to get backlinksto your site. Honestly, it still is a quick way to get backlinks,but those backlinks are toxic and will do far more harm thangood. This toxic effect is amplified every time you resubmitthe same article to a different article-farm, or (God forbid)try to spin it and repost it.If you’re going to write articles, you’re better off takingthe time to write quality pieces. Submit these pieces toreputable sites that have humans who approve or denywork, and make sure the content is actually helpful for youraudience. Once something is published, don’t submit it toa bunch of other places. If it’s good, it will be organicallyshared and spread. If it’s bad, move on to the next piece andtry harder.TOXIC: INSTEAD:
  9. 9. 10Toxic SEOTechniquesPage10Wikimotive.com 888-975-9454 Share ThisNO-NEWS PRESS RELEASEWhen your business does something trulynewsworthy, a press release is a great way toget the word out.Businesses know free article submissions are no longervaluable, and many are turning to spamming press releasesas an alternative. In this case spamming means issuingnews releases about things that aren’t newsworthy by anymetric.No-news press releases have the exact same effect as articlesubmission (harming your business’s SEO) and have theadded bonus of alienating news networks who won’t bewilling to report on your business when you do have realnews.Don’t issue a press release unless you’re doing somethingthat merits one. If you REALLY want a good press release,then go create a big event for charity like an auction or golftournament. You’ll get the good PR and the satisfaction ofknowing you actually helped people.TOXIC: INSTEAD:
  10. 10. 10Toxic SEOTechniquesPage11Wikimotive.com 888-975-9454 Share ThisBAD GUEST POSTSGuests posts are quickly growing in popularity. Anytime you writecontent for someone else in return for a link to your own site inthe attribution section, that’s a marketing guest post.When looking to make a guest post on a blog, it’s importantyou do your research. Guest posting has a lot of potential,but businesses hurt themselves by guest posting to thewrong blogs. A blog is the wrong blog if it has duplicatecontent, link-farming, low PageRank, or anything else thatreeks of content aggregating over content creation.Ensure the site you’re guest posting to is high quality. Agood blog will have a decent PageRank, unique content,post frequently, and have positive social signals likecomments, likes, reTweets and shares. Also, be sure the blogis relevant to your own target audience.Once you find the right blog to guest post on, be sure tosend your best work. Also, most guest blogs offer a link inthe footer, but try and get one in the body of the text. Thoseare more valuable!TOXIC: INSTEAD:
  11. 11. 10Toxic SEOTechniquesPage12Wikimotive.com 888-975-9454 Share ThisIGNORING SOCIAL CUESSocial cues show that your content actually has an audiencebeyond Google’s robots. They can be anything from FacebookLikes and Twitter Shares to Google +1s and blog comments.Social media used to just be for those gosh darned kids andtheir baggy pants, am I right? Right? GET OFF MY LAWN!Use social! Your business needs a presence on all of themajor social networks, and your content needs socialsharing buttons right there on the page. Make sure you’resyndicating your best content out to all of your socialnetworks and watch what does well. Finding the contentwith the most positive social cues, and replicating that style,is the fastest way to grow your audience organically!TOXIC: INSTEAD:
  12. 12. 10Toxic SEOTechniquesPage13Wikimotive.com 888-975-9454 Share ThisIGNORING LOCALLocal search accounts for about 45% of allsearches (Google, 2012). It also works a littledifferently than traditional SEO.If you want to blend in with the sea of competitors, thenignoring local is the right move for you. Google especiallyis keen on delivering local results, and people especially arekeen on using Google, so neglecting local is a sure way todamage your SEO efforts.The best way to start with local is to create a Google+business page. These pages are delivered above MANYother organic results and contain valuable snippetinformation like contact info and social cues. You mayhave heard that Google+ as a social network isn’t great formarketing, and that’s more or less true, but Google+ local isa necessity.TOXIC: INSTEAD:
  13. 13. 10Toxic SEOTechniquesPage14Wikimotive.com 888-975-9454 Share ThisGOOGLE ONLYGoogle is the dominate search engine and hasbeen for years, but other search engines DOexist. Weird, we know.It’s a good idea to focus on Google, because that’s whereabout 67% of all people do their searching. However, if youdo some quick math, you’ll realize that leaves about 33% ofsearches unaccounted for.The bottom few search engines are too small to investmuch time in, but the second place finisher, Bing, has about17% of the remaining search share, and that number is onlyrising. That 17% is significant enough for you to spend alittle time on. Luckily, Bing uses many of the same indicatorsas Google, so if you’re ranking on one, it shouldn’t be toohard to rank on the other. Check out Bing’s webmaster toolsto get started.TOXIC: INSTEAD:
  14. 14. 10Toxic SEOTechniquesPage15Wikimotive.com 888-975-9454 Share ThisWORTHLESS CONTENTThe new mantra of SEO is content is king.Content is what drives traffic, raises rankings,and builds brands.Since content is the new commodity, people are tryingto produce it as fast as possible. If content is good, lots ofcontent must be great, right? The problem is that it isn’tcontent that’s king, it’s UNIQUE, QUALITY CONTENT.Instead of writing hurried content and publishing itas many places as possible, produce content in a slow,deliberate manner. Write longer posts and back them upwith facts. Edit your work and make your writing fun toread. One long blog or article that gets shared and linkedhundreds of times is infinitely more valuable than five shortarticles that fizzle and die.In today’s marketing world, your content IS your brand, sohave some pride in it.TOXIC: INSTEAD:
  15. 15. 10Toxic SEOTechniquesPage16Wikimotive.com 888-975-9454 Share ThisCONCLUSIONSEO is no longer about gaming the system.It’s about creating content that is valuable to your target audience, and then finding the bestways to share and spread that content.Ditch the gimmicks and clean up the toxic waste. Embrace your audience and EARN customerswith quality work.If you only learn one lesson from this eBook, let it be this:
  16. 16. 10Toxic SEOTechniquesPage17Wikimotive.com 888-975-9454 Share ThisEven if you just need help getting started, or have a question about oneof our tips, never hesitate to contact us. Here at Wikimotive, we don’twant to just be another vendor; we want to be a trusted asset and friendlycommunity member.Remember:Click HereFor a Free SEOEvaluation