What's the circular economy ? or the Upcyle ?


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A presentation about the upcycle or the circular economy, what are the opportunities offered by this new paradygm ?

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What's the circular economy ? or the Upcyle ?

  1. 1. or the upcycling ? What’s the Circular Economy / Ellen Mac Arthur Fondation What is the circular economy?
  2. 2. You know the green economy...
  3. 3. It encourages to reduce the negative impacts
  4. 4. To emit less pollution
  5. 5. To use less resources
  6. 6. But it does not compensate the rebounce or take-back effect Less consuming car Less oil consumed Longer travels (and pollution) thanks to the savings...
  7. 7. Apple Store, Shangaï Or the expansion of the occidental way of life
  8. 8. And the generated waste...
  9. 9. Waste, a major problem Pollution & Greenhouse gases
  10. 10. Waste, a major problem Impacts on human health
  11. 11. Waste, a major problem Waste of natural resources
  12. 12. This economy is linear Consume Produce Throw
  13. 13. It doesn’t deal with the end of most natural ressources
  14. 14. Photo : Ole Ukena Less bad approach is not good enough...
  15. 15. http://onebigphoto.com/praying-kitty/ Let’s start doing good
  16. 16. « The view that negative impacts are an inevitable consequence of development has blinded us to the obvious. We could design development to increase the size, health and resilience of natural systems, while improving human health and life quality.» Janis Bierland Professor of Sustainable Design
  17. 17. Waste doesn’t exist in Nature
  18. 18. Nature reuses each nutrient Produce Consume Re-introduce
  19. 19. Why don’t we design like Nature ? Consume Produce Re-introduce
  20. 20. By adopting a circular approach Consume Produce Re-introduce
  21. 21. Photo : Ole Ukena Arnaud Maurer / Wood’n’the Gang Where there is no more waste only materials or nutrients
  22. 22. Where innovation is truly smart Viability (business) Feasibility (technologies) Smart Design Circularity (environment) Desirability (human)
  23. 23. Where shared value contribute to the entire ecosystem... «What is good for the community is good for business» How to reinvent capitalism - Michael Porter January 2011 - Harvard Business Review
  24. 24. What is the circular economy or the upcycling? no more waste
  25. 25. What is the circular economy or the upcycling? Ecoconception Precycling no more waste Sharing Economy Waste valorisation
  26. 26. Ecoconception ou precycling An approach that consists in designing products and services taking into account environmental aspects. The very notion of waste is eliminated from the start.
  27. 27. An ecodesigned umbrela to be more resistent, repairable and easily recyclable.
  28. 28. The smartphone designed to last. It can be repaired and the user can adapt it to its needs.
  29. 29. The machine to transform your tap water into sparkling water.
  30. 30. Waste valorisation Waste valorisation enables : - reusing - recovery - recycling as new raw material
  31. 31. The brand creates bags or smartphone cases with industrial waste from the car industry.
  32. 32. Upcycling of packaging with 3D printing
  33. 33. Reconditionning factory - Choisy-le-Roi The factory recreates new functional engines with old ones. 80% less energy Each auto part requires 88% less water 92% less chemical products than a new one. 70% less waste This factory is the most profitable of the group and earn 135 millions euros in 2012.
  34. 34. Product as a service Redistribution systems Collaborative lifestyles The collaborative economy consists in replacing the ownership of a product by use value of the product. This shift enables to create added value by reducing energy consumption and the need for new raw materials. collaborativeconsumption.com Collaborative Economy
  35. 35. The bike renting networks optimise the use in a community instead of owning.
  36. 36. VideDressing enables people to sell their old clothes.
  37. 37. For B2B, Ricoh changed its business model. They sell the copy instead of the machine.
  38. 38. Photo : Treamus sur Deviant Art The circular economy offers a great opportunity window.
  39. 39. The circular economy opportunities economic new business models creation of shared value
  40. 40. The circular economy opportunities economic environnemental new business models ressource optimisation creation of shared value no more waste
  41. 41. The circular economy opportunities economic environnemental social new business models ressource optimisation new activities creation of shared value no more waste new jobs
  42. 42. Consume Consume Produce Produce Re-introduce Throw away Linear Circular Raw materials & waste Raw materials only Competition Collaboration Individuals Ecosystem Do less bad Do good and positive Added value Shared value Standardised production Local and adapted production Downcycling Upcycling
  43. 43. Together let’s make the circular economy take off Nicolas Buttin nicolas@wiithaa.com Brieuc Saffré brieuc@wiithaa.com