Sales on-maytag-4-6-cu-ft-white-bravos-xl-he-top-load-washer-mvwb750yw-reviews


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Sales on-maytag-4-6-cu-ft-white-bravos-xl-he-top-load-washer-mvwb750yw-reviews

  1. 1. Sales on-Maytag 4.6 Cu Ft. White Bravos XL HE Top Load Washer -MVWB750YW-ReviewsDiscount on Maytag 4.6 Cu Ft. White Bravos XL HE Top Load Washer - MVWB750YW] - Best Cleaning In The Industry Enabled By The PowerWash System- PowerWash Cycle- PowerSpray Technology- Optimal Dispensers- 10-Year Limited Parts Warranty On Washer Motor And BasketMaytag MVWB750YW 28 inch Top-Load Washer featuring 4.6 cu. ft. Capacity, 10 Wash Cycles, PowerWash Cycle, 1,100 RPMSpin Speed and IntelliFill Water Level SensorComments6 of 7 people found the following review helpful DO NOT, I WARN YOU, DO NOT BUY THIS MACHINE,September 3, 2012Bykdangel713-This review is from: Maytag 4.6 Cu Ft. White Bravos XL HE Top Load Washer - MVWB750YWPeople, do yourself and your family a favor and DO NOTNOTNOTbuy this machine.Bottom line, it does not get your clothes clean because it does not allow adequate water for ANY CYCLES.I must wash each load, twice to even get close to getting them clean.Also, I discovered that I can only put in about 4 to 6 items MAX per load or they simply will not be adequately saturated (forgetbeing submerged) with water.They dont smell clean even after a complete cycle, right out of the washer.
  2. 2. I have gone to work several times only to start smelling a moldy smell on my clothes about 1-2 hours into the day.If I use fabric softener, it only MASKS the odors left in the clothes.I finally decided to use regular and color safe bleach in EVERY load to try to get them truly clean, and remember, each load getswashed TWICE !!!The LARGE CAPACITY is a JOKE because you should never, NEVER, put more than a few items in at a time.This machine DOES NOT save time, water, money or anything.The only positive thing I have to say is that the high speed spin gets a great deal of moisture out of the clothes (not that there was agreat deal to begin with) and so the drying time is less.Keep searching people.Do not assume, like I did, that the negative reviews were from competitors or "less than tech savvy" people who simply could notoperate modern machinery properly.THIS ONE IS A REAL LEMON.I would give it NO STARS, OR NEGATIVE STARS if I could but this particular site doesnt allow that.28 of 31 people found the following review helpful The WORST washer I have ever used. Uses too little water, Harshon clothes, Annoying functionality, No delicates, Wrings items, June 10, 2012Bysusanp (Austin, TX)-This review is from: Maytag 4.6 Cu Ft. White Bravos XL HE Top Load Washer - MVWB750YWI absolutely hate this washer. Ive owned it for 18 months now and every time I use it I regret the purchase. Here are some of thereasons I hate it.1. It uses waaaaay too little water. When I bought it the salesman told me that the machine fills to the top of theclothes plus 1 gallon. That is simply not true. The clothes stick out above the top of the water by 9 inches. The water level is slightlyadjustable by the soil level setting but this only changes the level by an inch or two. I have experimented for hours to try to increasethe water level - the machine is determined to keep the level low probably so that they can get their highest-level energy star rating.Now you may think that it is a good thing for it to use too little water but when you see how harsh it is on your clothes (item 2below) and how wrinkled the clothes get (item 4 below) you will change your mind.2. It is extremely harsh on clothes. When Ibought it the salesman told me that the machine is more gentle than older style agitator machines. That is completely untrue. Thiswasher pills clothes visibly with every single wash. Brand new towels appear old and worn after a few washes. Here is why it is soharsh. The clothes throughout the load are wet but they are not submerged in water. Only the bottom of the load is submerged inwater. The washer tries to pull the clothes up and down into and out of the water at the bottom. It does so by twisting and spinningthem, similar to the way clothes are twisted when you wring them out. This is harmful for clothes. When clothes are submerged inwater (as in older washers) the water acts as a cushion against rubbing. The water is moved by the agitator and the clothes glidearound in it. The higher the water-to-clothes ratio the more gentle it is on the clothes. The lower the water-to-clothes ratio, the moretightly the clothes are packed and the more abrasive the rubbing is. This washer is the most extreme case of a low water-to-clothesratio because the clothes arent even submerged at all. They are wet and rubbing hard against one another. To make matters worsethe wringing action, which is done very tightly, is very harmful for anything but the sturdiest of fabrics. Imagine taking a wet shirtand twisting it as hard as you can from end to end in a wringing action. This is what clothes endure during each load.3. There is noway to wash delicates in this washer. For all the reasons mentioned in 2, there is no setting on this washer that is acceptable fordelicate clothes. The handwash cycle on this washer is much harsher than the normal cycle was on my old washer. None of my workclothes can tolerate it.4. Clothes come out incredibly wrinkled, twisted, and knotted. As mentioned in 2, this washer needs to twistand knot items to move them in and out of the water. When the load is done they remain this way. Bras are all knotted together inone giant mess that takes forever to undo. I have to first shake items out to untwist them and then dry them on a higher heat settingthan I would otherwise use to get the wrinkling out. Use of the lower-speed spin cycle doesnt really help much because the problemis largely due to the washing portion of the cycle. The high-speed spin cycle only sets the twisting in even harder.5. There is no wayto change washer settings after the load has started. How many times have you started a load and then decided, "oops Id rather usehandwash" or "Id rather use high-speed spin after all". Well forget about changing your mind on this washer. This washer goesthrough an extensive calibration cycle at the beginning of each load to figure out how much water to use. The calculations it doesduring this time are based on the cycle settings such as soil level, load type, etc. It cant let you change settings once the calibrationcycle has started because its calculations will get messed up. Maytag says that all you need to do is press cancel and restart but whatmakes this so incredibly annoying is that cancel drains all the water from the washer. It often happens to me that I want to changesettings after the washer is partly full of water plus soap. To make a setting change I have to throw away the entire load of water and
  3. 3. soap. You wouldnt believe the amount of water Ive wasted because of needing to press cancel.6. The soak cycle wastes water andsoap because once the soak cycle is complete there is no way to continue using the same water to complete a wash. It gives you nooption but to drain the entire tub after the soak cycle. Then when you want to wash you have to refill it again and add more soap.7.The calibration cycle takes a long time. As mentioned in 5, this washer goes through an extensive calibration cycle at the beginningof each load to figure out how much water to use. It takes about 5 minutes and makes the cycle take that much longer with the onlybenefit that it is...Read moreWas this review helpful to you? | Comment (1) 17 of 17 people found the following review helpful With Great Fear andTrepidation, January 16, 2012ByG. Miller Jr. MD "revdoc" (Wayne, NJ USA)- This review is from: Maytag 4.6 Cu Ft. White Bravos XL HE Top Load Washer - MVWB750YWOur old agitator died with a spurt of smoke and the smell of burning electrics!So we were off looking for a new machine.Our memory of our past experience with the Maytag Neptune mold incubator left us wary of buying another HE frontloader.We decided to look into HE top loaders, since that is what is mostly available at the retail stores.I read reviews rather extensively on the Internet and took a look at the available YouTube videos.The comments and complaints were simply dreadful.YET, my local retailer said that the Maytag Bravos MVWB705YW was the best model out there.And the model was rated highly by Consumer Reports.So with great fear and trepidation, we purchased it despite the complaints of various noises, breakdowns, poor cleaning, frequentunbalanced loads, leaking, premature end of lifespan, electronics failures, discolorations, scum cakings, moldy smells, and on andon.It simply amazed me that a major corporation could manufacture such a modern appliance that caused so much agony among itsusers.In the final analysis, most consumers felt that the machine was a waste of money.When I asked him about all this, my brother-in-law said that buying a new HE machine was a "crap-shoot" today.You had a 50-50 chance of getting a lemon.He wished me luck and said to let him know how we made out.So TODAY, the new Maytag Bravos MVWB750YW was delivered and installed; and it underwent its "maiden voyage."The first load consisted of towels.This became unbalanced, and the instruction manual said to let the machine run a "balancing" program.Well, it never stopped.So I powered the machine down, which emptied the tub.Then I restarted the machine on a RINSE/DRAIN/SPIN cycle.This worked fine, and the clothes eventually came out of the dryer with a clean look and fresh smell.The second load consisted of colored clothes; the third load consisted of whites.Both loads ran without incident and the outcome was fine for both.The tub of the machine is very spacious.The machine did not make much noise when it washed.It used a half-capful of HE detergent per load.We did not use fabric softener because people complained that it left scum in the tub.So we added fabric softener sheets to the dryer.After every 30 loads, you must use Affresh tablets on a special clean cycle to eliminate mold, bacteria, and scum.The retailer told me that the machine should last 7 to 10 years under normal use.However, if you have a big family and use the machine several times each day, the lifespan could be cut short.
  4. 4. I could tell when I looked at the construction of the machine that it wasnt as robust as the outgoing machine.YET, OVERALL, I am quite pleased so far.Well see how it goes.The best video on YouTube was the one that explained how HE toploaders work.Please remember to read and follow all the directions for the HE machine; this will give you the best opportunity for success!Was this review helpful to you? | Comments (6)