Recollection Wisconsin presentation for WAPL 2013


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Presented for the Wisconsin Association of Public Librarians (WAPL) annual conference in Lake Geneva, Wisconsin, May 3, 2013.

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Recollection Wisconsin presentation for WAPL 2013

  1. 1. recollectionwisconsin.orgWAPL 2013Emily Pfotenhauer, WiLSHandout and
  2. 2. recollectionwisconsin.orgprovides free access to agrowing set of state andlocal history resourcesfrom the collections oflibraries, archives,museums and historicalsocieties across Wisconsin.South Wood County Historical Museum,Wisconsin Rapids,64
  3. 3. Recollection Wisconsinalso provides guidelines,training and support tocontributing partners andoffers opportunities forvisitors to share theirown stories, images andcomments.UW-Madison Archives
  4. 4. Program sponsors and partners• WiLS (Wisconsin Library Services)• Milwaukee Public Library• University of Wisconsin-Madison• Wisconsin Historical Society• Nicholas Family Foundation• Academic libraries, public libraries, archives,museums, and historical societies around thestateWisconsin Historical Society
  5. 5. Founded as Wisconsin Heritage Online in 2004– Original mission: “to inspire education and discovery bymaking Wisconsin’s cultural heritage available to the publicvia the World Wide Web”New name, Recollection Wisconsin, and newwebsite launched in 2013– Addition to mission: “and provide opportunities foraudiences to discover personal connections to the past.”Three Lakes Historical Society,88
  6. 6. UW-Madison Archives“Our assignment is to develop an intriguing aggregator ofcurious collections, an exciting digital screen doorthrough which people pass on the way to discoveringtheir Wisconsin heritage.” --creative brief as defined byDan Saal (StudioSaal Corp.) and Jeff Ganger (Muchohedron)
  7. 7. Recollect:to recall orrememberRe-collect:to bringtogether• Recollection means: the act or power ofrecollecting, or recalling to mind;remembrance• Re-collection means: the act ofcollecting, gathering, or assembling again• It’s a “collection” of Wisconsin databases• It’s a way to “re” connect to ourcollective history• It’s about “re” interpreting collections
  8. 8. April 2013: includes…124,758 historical resourcesfrom 195 digital collections…and more content is added every month.McMillan Memorial Library, Wisconsin Rapids,1319
  9. 9. • Photographs• Postcards• Letters• Diaries• Maps• Yearbooks• Scrapbooks• Music• Recipes• City directories• Local histories• County histories• Oral histories• Artifacts• Artworks• Magazine articles• Newspaper clippingsNew Berlin Historical Society,33
  10. 10. – Mostly primary sources– Vetted and well-documentedresources– Some locations and subjects arewell represented, others less soMenasha Public Library
  11. 11. Browsing & exploring– Read small slices of state & local history in “Stories fromWisconsin Collections”– Explore a map and link directly to individual collections– Browse to sort collections by topic, source, and type ofmaterialKenosha History Center
  12. 12. Searching– Behind our website is a search engine that bringstogether information about digital items contributedby our partners. This search engine is like a bridge,linking you to content from around the state.Oshkosh Public Library
  13. 13. Searching– Use Basic Search to search across all collections bykeyword, name or place– Use Guided Search to search by phrase or other,more complex, searchesUW-Milwaukee Libraries
  14. 14. Searching – full text– Our search engine searchesonly the descriptiveinformation provided bycontributing partners. Tosearch the full text of booksor other documents, open aspecific item or collection andthen run a second searchwithin that item or collection.St. Norbert College,6067
  15. 15. Sharing– Current theme:Wisconsin at Work,Wisconsin at Play– Anyone can submitstories and photosusing a web form– In partnership withWisconsin Life onWPRMilwaukee Public Library,1302
  16. 16.
  17. 17.
  18. 18.
  19. 19. Participate– Contribute to the State ofWisconsin Collection (LSTA-funded projects throughUWDCC)– Build a collection hosted inCONTENTdm by MilwaukeePublic Library– Build a collection using anOAI-compliant platform ofyour choice– More Historical Society
  20. 20. • Apply Recollection Wisconsinstandards and guidelines for digitalimaging, metadata, and digitalpreservation• Ensure that digitized resources arefreely available to the public forpersonal, educational, informational,recreational and research use• Ensure that digitized resources are inthe public domain or cleared for publicaccess• Accept responsibility for preservationof digital master filesContributing Partners areexpected to . . .Mount Horeb Public Library
  21. 21. – File naming– Digital preservation– Protecting your physicalcollections– Metadata– Project promotion– Video tutorials on photoscanning and assigning titles tohistoric– Project planning– Selecting materials– Copyright– Creating digital imagesWoodville Community Library
  22. 22. emailnewsletter:Sign up atrecollectionwisconsin.orgMilwaukee Public Library,1319
  23. 23. Thank You!Emily Pfotenhauerepfotenhauer@wils.wisc.edu608-265-2138Handout and Point Historical Society