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Life Lesson 3-4A: Persevere When Attacked
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Life Lesson 3-4A: Persevere When Attacked


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A continual study in the life of Jeremiah. This lesson is about persevering in serving the Lord by refusing to compromise godly convictions no matter what the cost.

A continual study in the life of Jeremiah. This lesson is about persevering in serving the Lord by refusing to compromise godly convictions no matter what the cost.

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  • Slide 9Inductive StudyWho is talking? Who is he talking to?What is his tone in these verses? Is the tone the same as in previous verses or different?What do you think the difference is?What is the tense of this verse?
  • Slide 10Inductive StudyWhat does the phrase “Lord of Host” mean?Who is the “them” that Jeremiah is referring to?
  • Slide 12Inductive StudyWhat is Jeremiah doing in verse 13?
  • Slide 12Inductive Study
  • Transcript

    • 1. Unit 3-4 Persevere in Obedience Rhema Bible Study Life Lesson 3-4 Jeremiah 37:11-17; 38:4-6, 14-18
    • 2. 2 Lesson Purpose • To understand what do I believe about my faith? • To answer how do I know the will of God? 2
    • 3. Lesson Impact These lessons can lead you to persevere in serving God regardless of the cost and outcome.
    • 4. Persevere in Obedience Lesson Titles 1. Persevere When Attacked 1. Persevere When Others Waver 2. Persevere Through Obedience to God’s Word
    • 5. Persevere When Attacked Lesson 1 Jeremiah 37:11-17
    • 6. Persevere When Attacked Lesson Scripture: Jeremiah 37:11-17 Conduct an inductive study on these verses.
    • 7. Explanation What did it say?
    • 8. 11 When the Chaldean army withdrew from Jerusalem because of Pharaoh’s army, 12 Jeremiah started to leave Jerusalem to go to the land of Benjamin to claim his portion there among the people. 13 But when he was at the Benjamin Gate, an officer of the guard was there, whose name was Irijah son of Shelemiah, son of Hananiah, and he apprehended Jeremiah the prophet, saying, “You are deserting to the Chaldeans.” Jeremiah 37:11-13
    • 9. 14 “That’s a lie,” Jeremiah replied. “I am not deserting to the Chaldeans!” Irijah would not listen to him but apprehended Jeremiah and took him to the officials. 15 The officials were angry at Jeremiah and beat him and placed him in jail in the house of Jonathan the scribe, for it had been made into a prison. 16 So Jeremiah went into a cell in the dungeon and stayed there many days. Jeremiah 37:14-16
    • 10. 17 King Zedekiah later sent for him and received him, and in his house privately asked him, “Is there a word from the LORD?” “There is,” Jeremiah responded, and he continued, “You will be handed over to the king of Babylon.” Jeremiah 37:17
    • 11. Inductive Study: What to Look For 1. Why was Jeremiah arrested and detained? What was Jeremiah’s explanation for his actions? (v. 11-12) 1. What did the Jewish officials assume Jeremiah was doing? Do you think this was a reasonable assumption for them to make? Explain. (v.13) 2. Why do you think King Zedekiah wanted to talk to Jeremiah (v.17)? Why do you think he chose to speak to the prophet in private instead of in a public place? 3. Why did Zedekiah keep asking Jeremiah whether there was a word from the Lord, when he rejected the message he had been given before? 4. What risks was Jeremiah taking by continuing to say what God had told him to say? What risks would he have taken by telling the king what he wanted to hear? 5. When has continuing to obey God forced you to weigh risks or consider dangers?
    • 12. Discussion
    • 13. Topic 1 Discussion • Jeremiah’s imprisonments • 1st - One night (Jer 20:1-3) • 2nd – (Jer 32:1-3) • 3rd – this study • Babylonian occupation of Judah • Judah was rebellious but weak puppet state
    • 14. Topic 1 Discussion • Babylonian total conquest of Judah fast approaching • Egyptians too invaded Judah, reasosn unknown but Jeremiah predicted • Events in today’s lesson likely happened just a couple of years after
    • 15. Topic 1 Discussion 1. Jeremiah travels to the land of Benjamin (v. 12) to claim “his portion” or land he bought from his cousin (Jer 32:6-12) 2. Jeremiah’s confrontation and arrest by Irijah 3. The role of Jonathan the scribe and his house
    • 16. Topic 1 Discussion 1. Jeremiah’s discussion with King Zedekiah 2. Jeremiah’s perseverance and obedience to God’s word 3. The message: not only would Judah fall to Babylon, Judah’s king would be at the mercy of Babylon’s king…submit or it would be worse.
    • 17. Application Topic 3
    • 18. Topic 3 Application 1. Believers must persevere in obedience to God even if it places them in dangerous positions. 1. Commitment to speak the full truth about God and the gospel to the people around you who need to hear. 1. What promises would sustain us should we suffer persecution or even imprisonment?
    • 19. Next Lesson: Persevere When Others Waver Jer 38:4-6