Your Rules For Success


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All successful people have developed a set of rules that they can attribute to their success. Defining your rules for success is key in your pursuit of personal success.

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Your Rules For Success

  1. 1. Your Rules For Success for- success/ March 23, 2013There are an unlimited number of personal successstories in the world and I would bet every single one ofthem would sound different.So if each one of those stories is different how are yougoing to learn to create your own success?You could pick one story and simply try to copyeverything they did and you may achieve some successbut I am guessing it would be short lived. Learning fromthese stories is smart but trying to be something you arenot isn’t.It is not so much about what they did to achieve their success but who they choseto be to get it.If we dug deeper into those stories you would start to find each person hasdeveloped a set of internal success rules that they bounce all of their decisionsoff of.Rules that they believe in to the point they act on them subconsciously.These rules need to be flexible as successful people know they need to bemodified as they grow as individuals.It is important to know that successful people did not figure out their rulesovernight. They took years of trial and error to refine and articulate their rules in away that resonated with them.A key piece in their success is that they were in a constant action of clarification.They focused on defining what success meant to them and set the rules theyneeded to ensure they would achieve that success.Rules for SuccessThe following rules for success are just a guideline and mean something to me butyou will need to customize these success rules to have them emotionallyresonate with you.Live Your Passion
  2. 2. Your passion is what allows you to persevere. If I am not passionate about something why would I invest my precious energy into it? It takes time to discover your passion but you must be relentless in finding it.Trust Yourself Listen to your gut and trust your instincts. You may not always make the right decisions but that is how you learn and grow. Your body will tell you what you really need to do if you just listen to it. Silence the inner voice of self-doubt and trust yourself.Don’t Be Afraid To Fail If you live life afraid to fail you will never live life. Do not plan to fail but be prepared to learn from what failure teaches you. When we spend life trying to look good out of fear of failure we actually end up not doing anything at all. Doing nothing due to the fear of failure is failing.Don’t Listen To The Naysayers Never let someone tell you that you cannot do something. If you have a dream you need to protect it. When people believe they can’t do something themselves they will try to tell you that you can’t do it. When you want to live a life you love you have to go get it.Think Big Thinking big leads to accomplishing big things in life. Thinking small leads to a life of mediocrity. Take chances because without risk there is no reward. Limitless thinking is a skill that can be practiced and refined to get you want you want out of life.Be YOU Even if the you that you want to be is different than everyone else please be it. You need to know who you are and what you believe in to be capable of creating success. Do not follow what you are supposed to be according to others as that will lead you to unhappiness.Stay Focused You need to stay focused on what you truly want and work your butt off to get it. Being intensely focused will give you the determination to do the work needed to create your success. Anything worth having in life is worth working hard for.
  3. 3. Unlimited personal success starts with creating your own rules for successfoundation.Let me know what some of your rules for success are? The rules you havealready defined and use for guidance whenever you need it.Take Action Request:Define what you believe your current rules for success are by reflecting on a timewhen you achieved the success you desired. What did you have to do and whodid you need to be in order to get that success?Your Life Your Choice Your DesignDarrin Wiggins“Don’t be embarrassed by your failures, learn from them and startagain.” – Richard Branson