What We Can Learn From Zombies About Goal Setting


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Zombies are the ultimate goal setters due to their intense dedication and unwavering perseverance to achieving their goals. A lot can be learned about how to set goals observing Zombies.

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What We Can Learn From Zombies About Goal Setting

  1. 1. http://www.wiggmanscoaching.com/what-we-can-learn-from-zombies-about-goal-setting/ June 6, 2013What We Can Learn From Zombies About Goal SettingNow you might consider it strange that I would even consider using zombies as an example of howgoal setting works but when you break down all the elements of a zombie’s daily life you can seehow they are great goals setters. Even though they are completely a myth, hopefully, you can seehow their actions are that of a successful goal setter. Let’s have some fun exploring this idea.PurposeA zombie has a definite sense of purpose. They spend every day trying to fulfill that purpose andare relentless in their pursuit of achieving their purpose. When you find your purpose in life settinggoals that give you a great sense of fulfillment is far less difficult. You know who you want to beand what you were meant to do and goals are the plan to get you there.UrgencySense of urgency, a zombie has a great sense of urgency. They know in order to survive theyneed to constantly look for us so they do not waste time. If you treated your goals like it was amatter of life and death you wouldn’t sleep in, skip a day or go at it half-heartedly. Now it may notbe a physical matter of life and death but it is a matter of your emotional life or death. Withouttackling your goal setting with a sense of urgency decades will simply pass you by leaving you witha feeling of regret.OpportunistsA zombie would not turn down the opportunity to grab one of us. You see with clearly writtengoals and a plan to achieve them you become fully aware of the opportunities that surround you. Iwould guess that those opportunities have always been there but without a clear focus on whatyou want you simply overlooked them. I hate to sound cliché but those love stories you see inmovies where their true love is standing right in front of them in the form of their best friendhappen in reality all the time. Goal setters do not miss the opportunity to create the life of theirdreams. They seize the moment.DedicationYou cannot deny that zombies are dedicated to their cause. They will go to great lengths to findwhat they need and don’t even sleep. No matter what the terrain, the distance or uncertainty theydo not waiver. I think you should definitely sleep but to have everything you want in life youshouldn’t sleep in. Successful people get up earlier, it is just a fact. They know they need to havethat level of dedication to get the life they deserve.PerseveranceMan, zombies are the exact definition of perseverance. Even when the entire world is against themthey do not hide behind the excuse of being hunted down and simply get out there. They takerisks and even against all odds pursue their goal every day. When you are trying to find personalsuccess it will feel like the world is against you sometimes and that no one wants you to succeed.Dig deep and keep pushing forward because each time you give up a small piece of you inside dies.
  2. 2. You are meant to succeed and prosper.MotivationIf you have ever read anything I have written about goals I like to talk about intrinsic motivation.That burning inner desire to have something so bad you will do anything to get it. It is a need thathas to be filled like being rich, being healthy or finding love. A zombie would walk through a barbedwire fence just to have a bite of you. Now that’s being intrinsically motivated. If you do not feelthat burning desire inside and find you seldom focus all of your energy on your goals then it is timeto set new goals. You do not have to be single minded like a zombie but have the internalmotivation to be up to something in life.No Plan BA zombie does not have a plan B because to them there is only one plan. Fulfilling their one solepurpose in life, that’s it. In the beginning when you are learning how to set goals you may not haveclearly defined your purpose and core values. Do not worry because if you are doing the workneeded you will figure them out. With those clearly stated you can make Plan A and stick with it.Having a plan B can work for some but with most people when we give ourselves a way out we willalways take it as soon as things gets tough. Oh well Plan A didn’t work so onto plan B, then C, D,E, you get the idea. Lots of plans, zero results.Do or die as they say. In this case the doing is living a life to the fullest and the dying is being oneof the walking dead.The Walking DeadI will say all joking aside that there are many people out there who I would say are the walking deadI just referred to. They are just going through the motions of life and really feel nothing, notsadness, not happiness, not anything. They wake up, do what they did yesterday, go to bed andthen do it again. They are on an autopilot of complacency.I would guess many of the walking dead have the sense something is missing in their life but theyjust don’t know what or how to go about finding it. They are great people who just need to bepointed in the right direction.Goal coaching can provide you with the clarity you need to find your purpose and destiny in lifeand is a lot more convenient than waiting for the zombie apocalypse so you can really see goals inaction.Take Action Request:Reach out to your local goal coach or find an online goal coach you feel would be a great fit andtake advantage of their free introductory session (most offer this). Being it doesn’t cost youanything and you are not required to commit you have nothing to lose and everything to gain. Youdeserve to live a life you are excited to wake up to tomorrow. Go and get it.Your Life Your Choice Your DesignDarrin Wiggins
  3. 3. P.S. Now ask yourself when was the last time you attacked your goals with the ferociousness of azombie?“There is no reason to have a Plan B because it distracts from Plan A.” -WillSmith