Ways to Make The Self-Improvement Changes You Want


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There many ways we can continue to enhance our self-improvement and these are few starters for you. Personal development is a life long pursuit and we can always be learning something new.

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Ways to Make The Self-Improvement Changes You Want

  1. 1. Ways to Make The Self-Improvement Changes You Wanthttp://www.wiggmanscoaching.com/self- improvement- changes/ March 25, 2013Starting today is the best time to becoming a betterperson than you were yesterday. It’s never too late toreflect and realize that you need to make personalchanges to get the most out of life.Your daily routine has become numbing, and now it istime to zest up your life and feel happier with theaccomplishments that you have made.Here are a few ideas that will help you discover newways of feeling great about yourself and make changesfor the better.SelflessnessA great way to achieve better personal development is to practice selflessness.You will really start to notice a lot about yourself when you stop doing things foryourself and start doing things for others.Sacrificing your own wants and needs for the benefit of others is a great way torealize the kind of person we are meant to be.Volunteer at a local place that services the needs of the community. Byvolunteering to help those less fortunate, you have the opportunity to developyour own gratitude.You may also find yourself inspired to find other means to reach out and helpothers. Service work is a great way to charge your self-improvement program.Selflessness does not come at the expense of your happiness but as an additionto it by sharing your strengths and talents with others.YogaTaking a yoga class can be a terrific way to boost your self-improvement. Thisancient exercise includes strengthening, stretching, and cardiovascular training tomake it an all-around great workout physically and spiritually.Additionally, you will gain mental clarity and focus while practicing yoga.
  2. 2. In all the time I was at lululemon I never fully committed to Yoga but can say itmade a profound difference in the people around me who did.If you have never given Yoga a try I would recommend it. If you don’t like the firststyle keep trying until you find one you love.Try Yoga today.Who You AreGaining insight into who you are is extremely important. By knowing exactly whoyou are, your likes and dislikes, and what you truly believe in will take you far interms of self-improvement.You will be able to express more confidence and not stand for things that youknow are wrong for your life.Always act with integrity. If you want people to follow and trust you, you must bea person with good core values.If you do something to ruin your integrity, you will lose your following. Therefore,you should aim to preserve your integrity in any way possible.This is what personal development is all about. Clarifying who you are and withthat clarity comes the power to create your life.I Can’tLearn how to beat the “I can’t” inside of you. The only certainty when it comes toobstacles is that you will need to react to them.It’s how you react that will make or break your personal development journey.Take the words, “I can’t,” out of your vocabulary and really focus on the challengeat hand.It’s how you handle the next step that shapes you as a person.GoalsIn order to improve along your path of self-improvement it is important for you toclearly define your goals. Define what you want the purpose of your life to be andthen consider the goals that you must achieve in order to bring that purpose intoyour life.Write these goals down and look at them daily to remind yourself the direction
  3. 3. that you need to be heading.Never, ever give up. Personal development is an ongoing process that takes alifetime, and the main variable is the point that you are at right this moment. Whenlife throws you a curve ball, catch it and move on.Don’t ever quit, and you will always be moving forward.Don’t Fear MistakesIt is important to overcome the fear of making mistakes. Everyone makesmistakes; it is a part of life. If you can get this kind of thinking through your mind,you can learn how to grow as a person.Learn from your past mistakes. The people who learn from their mistakes aremore likely to go further in life and be happy doing it.Think of mistakes as just that, mistakes. Next, get on with your life and don’tmake those mistakes again!These helpful suggestions are just a few of many of the small changes that I hopewill help improve your life.Take Action Request:Take just one idea from today’s post and try it out. Maybe it is Yoga,volunteering or goal setting. Just take action.Your Life Your Choice Your DesignDarrin Wiggins “Make the most of yourself….for that is all there is of you.” – Ralph Waldo Emerson