Use Your Job As The Means To An End To Following Your Passion


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Do you love your career? Maybe you do and that is great. If you hate your career I have a way for you to wake up reenergized to tackle the day.

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Use Your Job As The Means To An End To Following Your Passion

  1. 1. Use Your Job As The Means To An End To Following Your Passion ollowing-your-passion/ Are you finding yourself feeling trapped in a career unable to pursue your passions? Do you resent your job because you feel like it is holding you back? Do you need a plan of action? I will share with you my current situation to see if you can relate and by the end of this post answer those questions. I have spent the last year following my passion of Life and Goal coaching by setting up this personal development website you are on right now. I also spent a lot of money learning what I needed to learn, developing my Lifestyle Design Mastery course and making mistakes. It is July 2013 and I now face the fact the money is not coming in as planned and now is the time to decide what I do next. What is to become of wiggmans coaching? Do I invest even more money and time requiring a business loan or do I find a job that provides better financial stability and pursue my dream in my spare time. Let’s not go with the awesome scenario of I get more money and I become very successful. Let’s answer this question instead: If you have a dream you are pursuing but it is not financially providing you what you need, what do you do? Need Job To Pursue Passion I give people the guidance to find their passion and then find a way to monetize it all the time but there has to be a plan of action in place when you are in the transition of doing that. When I first started with lululemon athletica I heard a story that Chip Wilson at the very beginning of starting his company needed to find a job in order to keep funding lululemon. I couldn’t figure out why anyone one would do that until I understood that a job can be a career you stay with OR simply a financial means to an end. If you are using a job as a means to an end here is what I would suggest: Determine what the bare minimum is you need to make to support your current financial obligations (family, bills, mortgage, etc.) and keep investing in your passion. Look at what you can sacrifice in order to give you a bit more financial breathing
  2. 2. room. Yes you may have to stop eating out at McDonalds once a week to make this happen or have 3 less beers on the weekend. Now find an industry that is in line with what your passion is and determine if it provides you the financial gain you need. Don’t discount any opportunity if it provides the money you need. If you can’t find anything yet, move on to the next point. If you cannot be in the industry of your passion stay focused on the money you need knowing the intention of the job you take is to provide you the money you need to eventually pursue your passion full time. If the only job you can find is a construction job when your passion is music don’t stress. Use the money you get from the job to get ahead financially. Honestly the more you can make at your job the quicker you will get to your goal. Set a goal of saving the amount you need to survive for at least one year so you can quit your job and pursue your passion. This is important: Each morning when you wake up be grateful for having a job to provide you the money needed to follow your passion. It is not your ideal situation but without that job you would lose all ability to pursue your passion. Change Your Mindset The most important part of all this is that you feel great about your job choice. If you choose a job that has nothing to with your passion but it provides you the financial ability to pursue your passion after hours then you have a win-win situation. Don’t stress anymore about your current job not being your first passion. You now realize that the purpose of the job is to provide you money for your passion. Once you reframe how you look at your current employment you will have a renewed sense of motivation to wake up and do what you were doing. In hindsight I wished I had figured this out sooner. At my career as a manager at lululemon I started worrying more about the decisions that were being made at head office instead of purely focusing on my passion within my career which was the coaching. If I had woke up each day focused on coaching my team to a higher level of personal performance instead of thinking about what I was going to have to deal with from some guy in some office that day I could have transitioned from career to passion supporting job to quitting for my passion. Even if you hate your job pause for a moment and reflect on what it provides you in life. Then get to creating a plan to find one that provides you what you need AND love to do.
  3. 3. The Means To An End Our jobs and careers are meant to fill certain purposes based on the stage of life we are in. As long as you maintain control over your choice you are on the right path. If you turn around one day and feel trapped by the steady paycheck you know it is time to reassess why you are doing what you do. I can’t recall where I read this story but it was about a business man that wanted to open up a pie shop. He took a job at the local pie place working in the back and the owner was so impressed with his work ethic he wanted him to move to cashier. Now the business man knew he wasn’t there to do anything more than learn how the business worked from the backend. He knew being a cashier would mean he wouldn’t be learning what he needed to know to make his decision. It was his means to an end to see if he wanted to own his own pie shop so he turned down the promotion. I am sure the owner was confused but the businessman knew the purpose of the job was to teach him what he needed to know to own his own business. When you are in high school or even college the same principles apply. Find a job that fulfills your needs of saving for college or paying for college. Never Stop I always wondered how people could have 16 jobs by the time when they were in their mid- twenties. At first I thought it was a bad thing to have so many jobs but soon realized they were simply using those jobs to discover what they truly wanted to do in life. And getting paid to do it. Never stop looking for that job that will bring you closer to your passion with the right financial conditions. But don’t beat yourself up every day for choosing to take the job you did. Keep moving forward. For every extra hour that you can add to your passion paid is one less hour you will want to be working for someone else whenever possible. You may find that eventually you can cut back to part time in your job, then casual and then give your notice. I always reflect back on a piece of advice I read about trying to rank my site in Google. The guy said that if you couldn’t afford proper SEO for your website go find a job that would allow you to. Once your site starts making the money you need dump the job. I promise you that you will find your passion and a way to monetize it someday. Just keep in mind that you job is a means to an end when pursuing your passion. Be the best employee you can be while you do it but always keep in mind the real purpose you are
  4. 4. there. Take Action Request: If you have been beating yourself up over choosing a full time job instead of your passion put your mind at ease. Look at your job as what it is: a means to an end to support your passion. Then start setting goals(link to book) to get out of there as soon as possible. Your Life Your Choice Your Design Darrin Wiggins P.S. – I always recommend finding a headhunter or recruiter to do the work for you to find a job that coincides with your passion. They are the experts and can save you a lot of time and find you a dream job you would have never been able to find on your own. “And the only way to do great work is to love what you do. If you haven’t found it yet, keep looking. Don’t settle. As with all matters of the heart, you’ll know when you find it.” – Steve Jobs Take Your Personal Development To The Next Level Take The Lifestyle Design Mastery Course Today! You get access to my life changing eBook and the opportunity to receive a special rate on unlimited email coaching. Based on hundreds of hours of life coaching this course will change the quality of your life. Unlimited Success Hit the Unlimited Success button now.