The Benefit Of Using a Goal Setting Worksheet


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Using a goal setting worksheet is essentially to ensuring you will successful in the pursuit of your goals. Download your free goal setting worksheet.

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The Benefit Of Using a Goal Setting Worksheet

  1. 1. June 6, 2013The Benefit Of Using A Goal Setting WorksheetA goal setting worksheet takes away a lot of the time you sit there staring at ablank piece of paper wondering where to even start. It is designed to help you setyour short term goals that act like the stepping stones to your big scary excitinggoals. Essentially it will be your goal setting checklist. This makes it much easierto know where you are at in your progression.If you have read my How To Set Goals eBook you know that writing your goals isa very powerful way to activate your subconscious. Being that your subconsciousis acting on your behalf even when you don’t realize it, the importance of feedingit high quality positive goals cannot be overstated.I personally used templates provided for me when I was a goal coach at lululemonatheltica and we had many different versions over the years. Since then I havemoved onto my own style which you can download below. As long are writing yourgoals out on a regular basis any type of form will work. The form should inspireyou when you see it, be easy to read and laid out in a way that makes sense toyou.My method is to have one full sheet for each individual goal with a master sheetthat contains all my goals right up to the ten year mark. Do not feel obligated touse a premade goal setting worksheet. Be creative and make your own on coloredpaper with quotes, pictures or whatever makes you want to look at every daytwice a day.What you need to do when writing your goals:Make Your Goal Very DetailedEnsuring you have thought of everything that is involved in achieving your goal isthe best way set yourself up for success. Plan around any potential obstacles butdo dwell on what might happen. If you focus on what could go wrong you willactually force your subconscious into creating the very roadblocks you were tryingto avoid.Make Them MeasurableThis also involves the timeframe within which you want to complete the goal andalso being very specific about what you are measuring. Losing weight is not ameasurable goal.
  2. 2. Download Your Free GoalSetting Worksheet ByClinking The Link To TheLeftLosing 15 pounds in 60 days is measurable.You can now see the end goal in your mind and the exact day you plan on being15 pounds lighter. Your friends can also help support your subconscious by askingyou specific questions because they too know exactly what your goal is. Insteadof them asking “How is the weight loss going?” which tells your subconsciousnothing they ask “Have you lost 15 pounds yet?” When you update them that youhave 7 pounds to go your subconscious also gets the update.Feel Motivated To Complete The GoalNo matter how well written your goal is or fancy the goal setting worksheet lookson your fridge, without you wanting the goal you will face failure. The reason youshould read your goals twice a day is to ensure they still fire you up inside. If youare not experiencing a sense of exhilaration when you read them you are notinternally motivated to accomplish them.Using a goal setting worksheet will allow you to create a step by step action plan.This plan is what allows you to overcome obstacles and persevere when thingsget tough. Very few people will say that their goals just happened and canattribute most of their success to writing them down.Goal Setting Worksheet [PDF]Just right click and save target as. Then you are readyto get startedGo download my How To Set Goals eBook onAmazon to really help you start achieving yourpersonal goals. It will be well worth the $3.07 trust me.Your Life Your Choice Your DesignDarrin Wiggins“Goals are the fuel in the furnace ofachievement” – Brian Tracy