How Personal Development Made Chip Wilson a Billionaire


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I had the opportunity to watch Chip Wilson become a self made billionaire through his intense focus on personal development and the goals of others. I coached and managed at lululemon athletica for almost a decade being fully immersed in Chip Wilson's goal setting culture. This presentation is a small portion of what I learned while I was there.

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How Personal Development Made Chip Wilson a Billionaire

  1. 1. How Personal Development Made A Billionaire development- billionaire/ March 23, 2013If you have read my About page then you already know Imanaged a lululemon athletica for almost a decade.Over my years at lululemon athletica I had theopportunity to watch Chip Wilson use personaldevelopment to become a billionaire as he grew hiscompany from the six stores it was when I was hired tothe 150 plus when I left.It wasn’t just the black stretchy pants that did it. Itwas an intense focus on his personal development andthe commitment to the personal development of everyone around him.This post has nothing to do with insider training secrets about the educators atlululemon because there aren’t any. Go to lulu’s website or read the manifestoand all the philosophies of the company are right there for everyone to see.While I did not get to spend each day personally with Chip Wilson his vision andinfluence inspired me to make personal development a priority in my life. I choseto read as many personal development books as I could and apply what Ilearned. I still do.These are just 3 of my personal takeaways that I apply to my daily life tomaximize my personal success.Create a Vision and Set GoalsI learned that consistently focusing on your goals and vision for your life allowsyou to avoid wasted time wandering aimlessly through life.If you have never written down your goals do not expect to figure out your life thefirst time you do. The beauty of consistent goal setting is you get to see if thevision you have for your life is the one you even really want.You make fewer mistakes and have more personal growth opportunities whensetting goals. Once you have mastered goal setting and practice it daily yoursuccess almost feels like it is on autopilot.Try writing out what you want life to look like in 10 years and then ask yourself –What is one thing you could start doing today to make that life a reality?
  2. 2. Conscious ChoiceWe all have within us the power to consciously choose who we are going to beeach moment of each day. By developing a heightened state of self-awarenessthrough personal development you have the ability to assess what actions youare about to take and the results that those actions may create.The alternative is to simply react to life which typically leads to overreactingcausing undue stress and conflict.You always have a choice whether to be happy or not and whether or not you willallow others to affect that happiness.When you wake up tomorrow just make the choice to get out of bed happy andsee how the day goes.Stop Trying to Look GoodOne of the most powerful statements you can make is “I don’t know and needhelp.” Let others judge you if they want for asking, that is their problem. You areshowing extreme intelligence by asking for help when you need it and too fewpeople do it.So many people hold back their personal success due to not wanting to look badwhile learning.Take golf for example. You will look awkward at your first golf lesson but whocares, get over it. If you think about it what looks worse, telling someone youhave golfed for two years after a horrible round or that you took lessons twoyears ago after a great round?Identify one problem you are currently having in life that you can attribute to yourresistance in asking for help. Then go ask for help. Stop holding yourself back.Will YOU Become a Billionaire?I have no idea if you will become a billionaire being I am not sure if that is evenwhat you would really want. What I do know is that the more focus you have onpersonal development the more opportunities you attract to your life to achievewhatever your dreams are. Billionaire or not.People who are happy and living their definition of personal success thinkdifferently about life then the people who spend their days complaining andblaming.
  3. 3. You can learn everything people do to become successful but withoutimplementing that knowledge and becoming the person you need to be to createthat success, it will continue to elude you.I have many more takeaways from my years at lululemon athletica and will sharethem over time through my posts along with other life changing knowledge.I had the opportunity to watch hundreds of people accomplish their life dreams atan accelerated rate by increasing their self-awareness through personaldevelopment and I hope you will too.What has your version of a “Chip Wilson” instilled in you that has improved thequality of your life?Take Action Request:Take the 3 points I listed above and apply them to your life. Do you believe afocus on personal development could make a difference in your life?Your Life Your Choice Your DesignDarrin WigginsP.S. If you liked this post I would love it if you shared it with three people you feelwould benefit from reading it.“Every day we wake up with the choice to be great, make a differencein our community and live a life we love. Or not. Simple as that.” –Darrin WigginsIf you enjoyed this article, get email updates.Sign up to receive them right in your inbox!First NameEmailTags: