April 17, 2013Don’t Give Up on Your Weight Loss Go...
Clearing The ConfusionYou truly want to lose weight and set what you feel is a realistic goal. So what do you do when thes...
Dont Give Up On Your Weight Loss Goals
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Dont Give Up On Your Weight Loss Goals


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Are you discouraged with the lack of progress you are making in your weight loss goals? There is the right healthy lifestyle plan out there for you but you need to commit to finding it.

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Dont Give Up On Your Weight Loss Goals

  1. 1. April 17, 2013Don’t Give Up on Your Weight Loss GoalsWeight loss can feel like a life consuming battle that really drags youdown. No one wants to spend each day waking up not loving theirbody and feeling the discouragement a lack of progress can bring.There are some awful weight loss plans out there but more oftenthan not we are too quick to give up on ourselves and the goals wehave set. Everyone is different when it comes to the speed withwhich the weight will come off and there a numerous factorsinvolved when losing weight.The type of body you have, exercise you do and the dedication youhave to your weight loss goals all play a part. Let’s go over a couplekey points when it comes to weight loss goals.RealisticMake sure your weight loss goal is realistic to you. If you want to lose 30 pounds in a month butdon’t want to change anything about what you are currently doing then it is not a realistic goal. 30pounds in a year may be more realistic if you are only going to be making small changes.Drastic weight loss takes drastic changes.I know because I lost 45 pounds in 12 weeks which a lot of people will say was too fast but I neverfelt better. I choose to do a complete lifestyle change and the results were incredible. I will alwayssay whether it is weight loss goals, personal development or career change; the person that youare right now is not the person you need to be to achieve your dreams otherwise you wouldalready have them.I know you want to believe all the hype about losing weight without having to give anything up butthat is not the case typically. I just want you to realize that you will need to make somemodifications to your calorie intake, portion sizes and meal structures. Some plans are great atgetting you to do this without you even feeling like you do it.It is important to set a realistic goal, accept the fact that changes will be needed and above allbelieve in yourself.The Why?Honestly if you do not want to lose weight then you are not going to no matter what book or planyou use. If you do not have that true inner desire to lose weight you won’t. This is why heartattack victims don’t always lead a healthy lifestyle even after a life changing event like that. Theysimply do not feel the need to be healthy and are willing to take the chance again.Take some time to decide why you want to lose weight or feel the need to lose weight. Are youoverweight and happy? You can be if you want to be. If you are setting goals based on thepressure from others you won’t put in the time and effort needed. Be who you want to be and ifyou truly want to lose weight you will find a way.
  2. 2. Clearing The ConfusionYou truly want to lose weight and set what you feel is a realistic goal. So what do you do when thescale seems to be saying all of your effort is for nothing?First using the scale as your only progress gauge is a mistake due to muscle gain factors andwater retention etc. In order to clearly determine the results you are creating use the scale and thetape measure.You should always take your measurements and weight on the same day each week at the sametime preferably upon waking up after your bathroom break. This will allow you to developeconsistency.To make sense of what we are seeing when we take these measurements and to avoiddiscouragement I always follow these rules and included them in my How To Lose WeightPermanently eBook:1. If your weight goes up a small amount and your waist measurement goes down then keepeating for the ideal bodyweight you chose. You may experience this if your body is addingmuscle which is not a bad thing at all.2. If both numbers go down then celebrate and keep doing what you are doing.3. If both numbers go up reassess how much carbohydrates and protein you have beenconsuming. If you chose to eat unhealthy even a couple times then wait before adjustingyour food intake. Stick to the lifestyle 100% each week for best results.4. If both numbers remain unchanged in anyway take one more week eating like you are thenassess what needs to be adjusted as in step three.As a weight loss coach I know there is the right lifestyle plan out there for you but will be honestand say it will take some trial and error. I would always recommend giving any weight loss programat least three months to determine whether it is the right plan for you.To see what plans and books I recommend check out my Health & Fitness page.Take Action Request:Whichever weight loss book or plan you choose to take on please commit to following throughwith the lifestyle in its entirety. This will allow you to truly gauge your progress and avoid the yo-yodieting syndrome that affects so many.Your Life Your Choice Your DesignDarrin WigginsYou deserve to have the body you want whether that fits societies mold or not. Just love yourselffor who you are and you will get the body you desire.Photo Source Alan Cleaver