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Are You Feeling Your Career Has Become Stagnant
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Are You Feeling Your Career Has Become Stagnant


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Does your career excite you? Do you even feel a thrill when you get your checks? If not you may have reached a point where your career has become stagnant and a change is needed. Read on for some …

Does your career excite you? Do you even feel a thrill when you get your checks? If not you may have reached a point where your career has become stagnant and a change is needed. Read on for some great career coaching.

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  • 1. We all experience the realization at one point in our careers that we haven’t really made any significant progress for the last how ever many years. We no longer experience that adrenaline rush we used to get when we achieved our goals at work. Now it is just what we do and not that we don’t do it well but the excitement has fizzled out. Or maybe it has affected your work performance and you are now facing the fact your stable and secure career is anything but that. There is always someone who wants what you have at your career and are hungry to get it. Do you have that hunger anymore? Do you wake up each day ready to attack success and stand out as a top performer? If the answer is no, not really then you have reached that point in your career where you have gone stagnant. When you wake up each day you should feel the drive and determination that good old Rocky does. Time To step Up To The Challenge Maybe when you first started your career money was the goal or the big promotion. No matter what it was you were up for the challenge. Now that it is ten years later maybe the goals have disappeared and you are simply doing what you have already done. You still wake up and show up for work but you don’t really go to work. Not like you used to. You no longer feel the need to ferociously attack the day. You do not have to fight to survive in your career anymore. You are on top of your game and feel like there is nothing more you could possibly do to go higher. I have news for you. if you don’t try to push yourself to be better at what you are best in the world at someone will come and take it from you. If someone in your field is making more money than you ask yourself what are they doing differently. What do they have that you could acquire to make yourself better and thus worth more money to the people that pay you. I do not want you to just think about your bosses in this case but the people to whom you are either providing your services or products to. Really that is the only two ways we make money. We either provide people a service/product that they need or want and we continue to make money with them until someone else comes along with a better product/service that meets their needs. After 10 years you are most likely the master of whatever it is you do or you found a
  • 2. comfort level of skill and knowledge and decided to stay there. So how can you improve what you already do? Be The River Think of yourself as a pool of standing water. A standing pool of water that is neither fed by a river or flowing out to somewhere becomes stagnant. It will sit there and slowly decay and eventually not even sustain the life breathing oxygen it needs to support growth. Now if that same pool of water is being fed by another water source then it is constantly being stimulated and changing. It grows and shrinks depending on how much it is fed. Our motivation to be better is the same. Our personal growth is the same. It grows and shrinks depending on how much it is fed. If you are not constantly feeding yourself with new knowledge you become that stagnant pool. To avoid the stagnation that sets in during long term careers you need to keep taking on new challenges, learning new skills What if you have been trying to learn new skills, challenging yourself and focused on personal growth and yet still have that stagnant feeling? The Gold Has Lost Its Luster Chances are you are faced with the fact you have reached a point where the money is no longer the driving factor of your success. Once the gold has lost its luster you may discover you need a new source of motivation to keep on top of your game. You feeling stagnant may not even have anything to do with your career itself. It may have to do with what you feel you are contributing to the world and how you are making a difference for others in your life. When the pay checks you get don’t excite you anymore take a look at how you are spending them. If they provide everything you need for your own goals maybe you can do some philanthropy work yourself. You may experience a renewed sense of self-worth. I can guarantee you when you have a high sense of self-worth you approach everything you do differently including that stagnant career. Take Action Request: Take some time to reflect on why you are in the career you are in, how it used to provide you fulfillment and what needs to change to feel inspired once again. Maybe it is time to leave that career, learn a new skill or just find a new way to contribute to the world. Either way you need to start growing again.
  • 3. Your Life Your Choice Your Design Darrin Wiggins P.S. If you need to kick-start your personal development today grab a copy of the Lifestyle Design Mastery course by clicking here. Once you finish it the path you need to take will become clear. “For me life is continuously being hungry. The meaning of life is not simply to exist, to survive, but to move ahead, to go up, to achieve, to conquer.” – Arnold Schwarzenegger