Digital Strategy in Global Markets


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Ideas I shared with the International Executive Resource Group at Ropes & Gray. We discussed how to operate in many regional markets - and how get a diversified firm behind a unified message.

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  • Usually in a cab we focus on a single metric – either cost or time. While tactical metrics are continuously useful, its big, unified strategic metrics that connect social marketing to business strategy.
  • Consideration is tangible but incomplete. Engagement and acquisition give a more complete picture of impact, but are further from outcome.
  • Talk about benefits.
  • Digital Strategy in Global Markets

    1. 1. Digital Strategy in Global Markets Resources for Discussion International Executive Resource Group Foley Hoag EEC, Boston Sept 27,2010 Dave Wieneke @usefularts 1
    2. 2. What’s Ahead Strategic Focus. Branding to be “Globally Local”. Global Digital Architecture. 2
    3. 3. Global Requires a Unified Strategy 3
    4. 4. Company Type Description $ Metric B2C Largest legal advertiser in US Famously contested PPC terms Marketing Team of 50 CPFGC Visit to QualLead B2B Legal Division > 100 years old Global web operations. Likelihood to Order Engagement time Media Content driven Revenue from Ad Impressions and Subscription. Ad Views New Subs and Trials Business Models Require Different Outcomes. 4
    5. 5. Communicate the Brand 5
    6. 6. Keeping Globally Local Marketing and Sales Structures Should Match. – Staffing Structures – Language Selection Stories Must Integrate – Corporate Genesis – Brand Structure – Value Proposition 6
    7. 7. Humanize the Brand Person 7 Personalization
    8. 8. Central vs. Diversified Control Capability Centralized Diversified Analytics, CRM, CMS Highly Advised Tower of Babble Email Marketing Advised: ESPs Do Intl Sends & Distributed Departments Asia Filters. Consider Regulation of ALL Mkts. Design and Translation Avoid: Seek Coordinated Diversification No Substitute for Local Sensibility Social Marketing Strongly Avoid Local and Social Work 8
    9. 9. www.usefularts.us9
    10. 10. Social Marketing Goes Deeper In To Customer Relationship 10 Tradigital Marketing -push messaging -interactive -automated -technology dependant -mass & niche broadcast print radio outdoor networks communities blogs micro blogs lower engagement higher engagement Social Engagement -dialogue -interactive -informal -people and technology -niche Traditional Marketing -push messaging -broadcast -message oriented -formal -authoritative -mass banners micro sites e-mail search
    11. 11. Relationship Pipeline 11 Response Results Respect ReviewReach
    12. 12. Show Some Deeper New Values 12
    13. 13. Not All Benefits Are Financial, Those That Are, May Not Be Immediate What’s the value of a volunteer advocacy? 13
    14. 14. Scale Marketer Think About Web3.0 Now 14 Web 1.0 Web 2.0 Web 3.0 Site Structure Site in HTML CMS & Widgets Apps Technology HTML Apache RSS LAMP Stack XML, RDF, API, OWL, SWRL (Semantic Web) Challenge Digitization Socialization Integration Legal Enabler Copyright Fairuse CDA 230 Safe Harbor Privacy Primary Unit Page Site Schema Ethic Info is Free People Connect Do Things Hierarchy Peer Influence Hierchy Bogus Measure Hits Followers Downloads Better Measure Visits, PV, Leads Impact Hours, Rev. Business Model E-commerce Search, Ads, Cont Google + Huffpo. Subscription Apple, WSJ? User Desire Look at Me. Like Me. Doing Something.
    15. 15. Contact Page * Disclaimer: opinions expressed are mine, trademarks belong to their respective owners. I’m not a lawyer but I help market them on tv. This presentation contains no legal advice or opinions. 15 Keep the conversation going: Tweet: @usefularts Blog: Email: Special thanks to the digital marketing team at Sokolove Law, and to the International Executive Resource Group.