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An Easy "How-to" for small business AND individuals to leverage LinkedIn. The basic concept behind every social networking sites is to get connected with people. Linkedin also plays a role. Here is a tour to get you started.

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LinkedIn Jump Start

  1. 1. Using
  2. 2. Social Fish image credit:
  3. 3. Specifically - LinkedIn for employees / vendors / clients Foster work relationships - Facebook for customers, consumers - Pinterest for shoppers, imagesGreat traffic frompeople looking forideas Fantastic communication tool, non work, hard to sell Favorite Fish for business
  4. 4. 1: Personal profile2: Reconnecting3: Finding help
  5. 5. 1. Personal Profile TipsGet to Double-Digit Get skill endorsementsConnections Endorsements of important, marketable skills5 connections are too few; 500 may be too many te, s! ca nt ro ip eme R ec rs do en
  6. 6. 2: Don’t eat lunch alone or attend workshops by yourself...Social networks work better when you combine them with real life…Offer to spend some time face to face with your connections .See what’s new and if you can help each other. EASY HOMEWORK: Pick a city you are going to, or are in, and search for people you know. Drop one friend a line and ask if they want to meet for lunch when you are in town.
  7. 7. Need help? Better yet help a friendand find out what they need. 1) Use the search box again, this time looking for the skill you need in your area. 2) Locate a fit and ask to “Get introduced” by one of your connections Shaq is smart , but this is a joke say ... You might be surprised that, with a simple introduction, you are able to reach out to a great Craft your message like a pro: deal of talent. 1. State your intent: Be clear about why you’re asking for an introduction 2. Give an out Be professional and give your friend a way to say no.
  8. 8. Why go pro? *(I haven’t tried this yet) Top 3 for meRise to the top of search results / applications
  9. 9. Better than CNNLinkedIn today is news for YOURindustry tailored to YOUR skills (LinkedIn today is my bookmark to LinkedIn)
  10. 10. LinkedIn Advanced 1. Groups 2. Company Profiles
  11. 11. Hundreds of groups in your field,... your geographic location, as well as former alumni."Find people of your own kind and connect with them.”Be aggressive here: I prefer the group email settings to weekly or daily digest.
  12. 12. Before we get into company pages .... Online /offline Go for brand-loyalty AND the long-term relationship
  13. 13. What is brand loyalty? & how do they do it?
  14. 14. More than preferring a brand, it’s anüber-word-of-mouth (& trust)thing: Telling others about how awesome you, your product or your service is Helping others who might have an issue Leaving a good rating, or going out of their way to click on your affiliate links ....
  15. 15. One way... give a ‘factory tour’ Traditionally a fun family outing, showing theprocess (and care) that goes into what you make
  16. 16. Crafting your ‘tour’ Inform on industry, show process or work *DO NOT BE SLOPPY, take care / proof your work, People will associate what they see as a quality-indicator for your product, and the brand In Business School they say SEX sells. Do you know what sells better?People Fun Process Personality “Magic”
  17. 17. Setup your Company page Add services, add co-workers, staff Even job openings And then....
  18. 18. Post your ‘tour’ How you work updates, announcements, etcOur preferred Promotional cycle is easyIt is not meant to sell... (Selling is hard.) ...but to inform, inspire and help others. and then promote that.
  19. 19. Bonus tip: Cross-pollination You A factory tour can be great for your blog, LinkedIn, Pinterest AND Facebook. Maybe you will post to all, or maybe only 2 or 3. Only you know that. Even if there is overlapping audience, just use common sense and post where your people will already be in a mental mode to like it.
  20. 20. Help your friends.Because, it’s good Karma,and it might come back around to you.
  21. 21. Tha nk you! Chris Wiegman Creative Services for Building Stronger Brands WEB GRAPHICS APPS (919)600-1995 RETOUCH 3D VIDEO“Like” if this helped Than k you! Creative Services for Building Stronger Brands WEB GRAPHICS APPS (919)600-1995 RETOUCH 3D VIDEO