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Widgetlabs company presentation
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Widgetlabs company presentation


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Widgetlabs Company Presentation November 2010

Widgetlabs Company Presentation November 2010

Published in: Business, Technology

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  • 1. Widget Agency Company Presentation June 2010
  • 2. Mega Trends 2010 • Online behaviour is changing rapidly • Apps/Widgets have become the browser for Web 2.0 • Previous business models are being influenced: e.g. away from simply Page Views and Pay Per Click (PPC) towards Brand User Interaction and User Engagement • Businesses require knowhow asap to identify and establish the correct access to (potential) target groups 2
  • 3. What are Apps/Widgets? • Apps = mini-programs, which offer clients bespoke information with the highest engagement potential • Apps/Widgets can be downloaded easily and used on mobiles, web-pages, social networks, blogs and desktops • Apps are the ticket to creating the closest relationship with users and becoming part of their everyday lives 3
  • 4. Desktop Widget: • Currently the benchmark in the desktop widget segment • Content and layout can be personalized • Automatic updates on the latest news • All content is easily shared on social networks 2
  • 5. Channel Fragmentation 5
  • 6. The Importance of Apps/Widgets? • Apps/Widgets are the browsers of social media • In the future they will be used in all areas • Currently driven by marketing º affiliate, brand, dialogue, search ... • Soon also in relevant business processes º shopping, logistics, hardware ... 6
  • 7. Case Study: Branding & Reach • Branded app synchronises Facebook, Twitter, MySpace and LinkedIn • Cross-platform reach: iPhone, Blackberry, Android, Symbian, Samsung & Desktop • Twitter Search and Twitpic • Strong branding despite “one-to-one” app: Vodafone branding in all Facebook status updates 7
  • 8. Cross Device & Cross Platform Cloud Rest API FB Rest API Oauth API 8
  • 9. Vodafone Project Overview • Roll-out of 4 devices in 12 weeks (HTC Magic, iPhone, Blackberry, Nokia S60-series) • Flexible API adaption for future social network (SN) integration • App design for overarching features across diverse SNs • Minimum client deployments • Whitelisting SNs (Facebook, MySpace, Twitter…) • “Scale or fail” – backend demand • Cross-platform viral seeding campaign 9
  • 10. Development of Mobile Devices 2010 Example: iPhone > 75 million app store compatible devices - excluding iPad (Source: Apple Press Office) Example: BlackBerry > 36 million Blackberry accounts worldwide (Source: Hotwire F.a.M) Other well knows providers: - Nokia/Symbian - Google/Android 10
  • 11. Social Networks Example: Facebook • More than 400 million active users • Over 100 million users access Facebook via smartphones • 15 million Germans use Facebook daily • On average German users spend over 2 hours on Facebook per day • Growth of Facebook in Germany: 12% per month • Source: Facebook / Nielsen Online 11
  • 12. Why Widgetlabs? Quick and experienced! • A widget-focused agency & first mover in the EU • Focus: widgets & apps • Strengths: cross platform & cross device • Target groups: international accounts/brands • Synergy: with the iSteps Widget Ventures portfolio • Market: direct access to platform providers • Weaknesses: not an alternative to freelancers 12
  • 13. Services? We cover all your needs! • Strategy and Concept • App Design and Process Implementation • Graphic and Technical Development • App Store Listing • Seeding (= campaign “kick-off” in all relevant channels) • Performance Analysis and Optimisation 13
  • 14. Partners and Synergy iSteps Widget Ventures 14
  • 15. References 15
  • 16. Our Aim Conception und Development of Rocking Apps in the global market! 16