WideTag Social Energy Meter


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WideTag Social Energy Meter

  1. 1. Infrastructure for an Open Internet of Things Inc. Social Energy Meter
  2. 2. What is SEM? Social Energy Meter – SEM – is an innovative solution that allows the realtime monitoring and collaborative management of energy usage in households and businesses, through a complete suite of hardware and software platforms.
  3. 3. How does it work? Reference Group Feedback Your Feedback energy meter SEM Your House WideSpime Your Reference Group
  4. 4. How does it work? reference group feedback you consume you’re in the you consume less of the 25% middle of your more of the 75% of your group reference group of your group your household feedback you are a lot you are you are a below the near the above the threshold threshold threshold Color patterns can be modulated according to the specific business logic
  5. 5. WideSpime A fault-tolerant, horizontally-scalable and high-concurrency platform for connecting massive numbers of objects, supporting distributed parallel data processing.
  6. 6. the people augmenting their perceptions the backbone organizing the complexity the spimes gathering the data
  7. 7. Many advantages for the for the ENERGY PROVIDER ENERGY USER profiling savings gathering the usage data allows a a personalized energy plan could save customized offering much money over time communication awareness sem represents an open daily qualified a realtime monitoring of energy shows communication channel with the user the current consumption efficiency sharing the data allows a better prediction of comparing the usage patterns with usage levels and increased efficiency friends and groups
  8. 8. Social driven change Social norms have a strong influence on personal behavior and happiness. Global change is only possible when people are involved.
  9. 9. Competition Google PowerMeter
  10. 10. Market size Smart meters are the vanguard of smart grid deployments. 250 million 18% of all meters North America: 55% of all smart meters 46 million 2008 2015 http://www.pikeresearch.com/newsroom/smart-meter-installations-to-reach-250-million-worldwide-by-2015
  11. 11. Business model energy provider energy meter user LICENSING SAAS + +
  12. 12. Market Segments Environment, Health, Security: World Concerns, April 2010 • Energy Management • Smart Cities • Health Monitoring • Quantified Self • Social Hardware • Water Monitoring • Crowdsourced Ecology • 4G Telco System
  13. 13. Revenue Projections IDC estimates the market opportunity for the software, servers, technologies, and services to manage the world's converged IT and physical infrastructure to be $120 billion by 2012. WideTag Revenues from Energy Management Services (SEM): $30 Million by 2013
  14. 14. WideTag’s Team MANAGEMENT Alex Lightman (Chairman | Los Angeles, CA) Leandro Agro’ (CEO | Milan / Redwood City, CA) Roberto Ostinelli (CTO | Milan / Redwood City, CA) David Orban (Chief Evangelist | Globetrotter) ADVISORS Matteo Daste (Legal | San Francisco) Carlo Maria Medaglia (Academic EU | Rome) Alex Papanastassiou (Financial | Bruxelles) Fabrizio Capobianco (Strategy | Silicon Valley) Giuseppe Taibi (Mobile | Boston) Joi Ito (NetCulture | Abu Dabhi, Japan) Cumulative Experience Cumulative Funds Raised >120 years >$250 Million
  15. 15. Funds Requested Seed Round $1 Million Use of funds increase personnel, product development
  16. 16. Infrastructure for an Open Internet of Things Inc. WideTag, Inc. 370 Convention Way Redwood City, CA 94063 email: info@widetag.com web: www.widetag.com phone: +1 (650) 419-2686 fax: +1 (415) 373-3905