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Inbound Marketing Case Study and Presentation from Widen


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Creating an Inbound Marketing Program That Works – A Case Study and Presentation by Nina Brakel-Schutt and Jake Athey of Widen Enterprises. …

Creating an Inbound Marketing Program That Works – A Case Study and Presentation by Nina Brakel-Schutt and Jake Athey of Widen Enterprises.

Lead generation is top of mind for every business today – large or small. While there's no magic bullet for filling the pipeline, marrying your outbound marketing to a solid inbound marketing plan will help drive the right people to your organization and increase revenue. In this presentation, we share the Widen story with a step-by-step presentation on how to execute a 100% inbound marketing plan.

Jake Athey, Marketing Manager at Widen, explains how the "core four" – search marketing, content generation, social media and PR – work together to allow Widen, and any marketing organization with any size budget, to build an empire.

Originally delivered to the American Marketing Association – Madison Chapter, Jake share tips on how Widen learned to:

1. Start small by creating and sharing content
2. Marry inbound marketing to your outbound marketing without totally abandoning what you're doing on the outbound side
3. Track and measure to see results (look at traffic, lead generation, and conversions)

Learn more about Widen at

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  • 1. Creating an Inbound Marketing Program that WorksMay 14, 2013www.widen.comWiden is a digital media solutions company.
  • 2. www.widen.comJake AtheyMarketing Manager, WidenWho’s talkingNina Brakel-SchuttBrand Strategist, Widen
  • 3. Who is Widen?Digital Asset ManagementPremediaA comprehensiveunderstandingof the digitalasset lifecycleWiden is a digital media solutions company.
  • 4. Who is Widen?Widen is a digital media solutions company.
  • 5. B2B versus B2C?Widen is a B2B organization  High involvement product  Complex sale  Many moving parts  Many people involved in the evaluation andselection
  • 6. 58% of marketersnow practiceinbound marketing,are you?- HubSpot 2013 inbound marketing report
  • 7. WidenPre-Inbound Marketing“My dad was the first one to give me a phone bookand told me to start calling. First day of work for mydad, he randomly selected a business and calledthem, booked an appointment to explore theirprinting needs, and told me thats how it was done.So Tom gave me the previous Widen reps materials(phone book, directory listings, etc.) and told me tocall them. In fact, I had to go get the company carthat the previous rep had...since he was fired before Istarted. That was weird.”  
  • 8. WidenPre-Inbound Marketing
  • 9. WidenPre-Inbound Marketing
  • 10. “Get us everywherepeople go lookingfor DAM.”- Matthew Gonnering, CEO at Widen
  • 11. WidenPost-Inbound MarketingThe primary goal is to drive trafficand conversions  Know your buyer personas  Who are you selling to?  What do they do?  What are their pain points?  Know your competitors  How are you different from the competition?  What do they offer that you don’t?  Is your positioning clear?
  • 12. Source: MarketoWidenPost-Inbound Marketing
  • 13. WidenPost-Inbound MarketingRESULTS
  • 14. MatthewCEONinaBiz Dev/BrandChrisAdviser MgmtJakeMarketing/PRAlVideo/Customer DanielleGraphic Web DesignKathyCRM/EventsCraigDAM AdviserBrennaDAM AdviserWidenPost-Inbound MarketingINTERNAL STRUCTURE
  • 15. What we did:The Core FourThe 4 must-haves for inbound marketing success
  • 16. The “Core Four”YOUR WEBSITE=THE HUB  Your brand   Your message  Your unique valueproposition  The central location for audiencesto engage with your brand story  Take the core message andbring it out to the market.   Get the word out  Tell people to knowwho you are and whatyou stand for  Help them understandwhy they should care  Your website should beyour core. That’s where itall begins.Draw people in and out ofyour brand story.
  • 17. The “Core Four”YOUR WEBSITE=THE HUB1. PPC (pay per click)PPC Get people onyour websitetoday.  You can create even a smallamount of mindshare whenprospects are not activelylooking for what you’ve got,but they identify with you.
  • 18. The “Core Four”YOUR WEBSITE=THE HUB2. SEO (search engine optimization)PPCYou’ve got to reachpeople when they’rein the mode.SEO  Use keywords thatpeople are searchingwith to point them toyour organization.  
  • 19. The “Core Four”YOUR WEBSITE=THE HUB3. Social MediaPPCCultivate a community bybeing present on relevantsocial channels.SEO  Capture their attention andget them to notice you, thenyour brand will be validatedwith them and they will likeyou and follow you.   This sets the foundation forbuilding a communityaround the brand.  Social
  • 20. The “Core Four”YOUR WEBSITE=THE HUB4. Public RelationsPPCSEOSocialPRReach the influencersand turn outbound toinbound.  Analysts who coveryour industry needto understand yourUVP.   Their reach is greaterthan what you cando on your own.   Their endorsementmatters.  
  • 21. ContentContentContentContentThe “Core Four”YOURWEBSITE =THE HUBPPCSEOSocialPR
  • 22. Inbound marketingis not a channelor a technology,it’s a strategy.- HubSpot 2013 inbound marketing report
  • 23. 1. Create more, better contentContent feeds the core four  Blog posts, articles, press releases,infographics, presentations, social postsand video  Make your website the hub (if you can’t,then make your blog the hub)  The voice of your people to the world  Share perspectives and messages that alignback to your organization  A source for social media, PR and more
  • 24. 82% of marketerswho blog seepositive ROI for theirinbound marketing.- HubSpot 2013 inbound marketing report
  • 25. From Joe Pulizzi, Content MarketingEvangelist  Repurpose content across multiple forms  Bring in the influencers/expert sources  "Focus on subscription"  Use social media 4-1-1  Give content gifts – package & repackagegreat content  “Get uncomfortable”1. Create more, better content
  • 26. Latch onto thought leaders and spreadtheir word  Tap their experience and align with them  Share their content with others and get them tonotice you  Use their message, experience and reputation tobenefit your brand building and education yourcustomer base at the same time2. Be a thought leader
  • 27. You need a database and you need touse it  Track every contact and campaign  Review your dashboards and metrics  Leverage your marketing analytics tools to seewhere you’re seeing results and with who  Continually assess and adjust as you go3. Leverage your CRM (customerrelationship management) tool
  • 28. Inquiry Suspect ProspectQualifiedProspect CustomerImplementing Site LaunchMaintain& GrowNurturingEducating WidenPost-Inbound MarketingWIDEN CUSTOMER LIFECYCLE MAPSWidenPost-Inbound Marketing
  • 29. It complements, but doesn’t replace anydirect selling efforts  Offer content and resources that support yoursales and service teams  Reinforce your brand and the experience peopleshould expect from being associated with yourbrand  Be careful to provide useful, actionableinformation and don’t overwhelm yourrecipients4. Get good at email marketingand marketing automation
  • 30. Helpful tipIntroduction tothe actual peopleat WidenPoint to helpfulresources wherethe recipient cantake action ontheir own (DIY)Secondary CTAsSupportinginformation aboutthe tipBranded templateusing our logo,colors and fonts
  • 31. We created a webinar for colleges &universities and repurposed the contentinto multiple communications  3 webinar promotional emails, before the event  2 Blog posts prior to the event   Many social posts + retweets from our partners  1 Follow up email  1 Post event blog post  Landing page on website to view recording & downloadslides  Blog post with the complete transcript  White paper highlighting the key take-aways5. Repurpose the heck outof your content
  • 32. 6. Do something innovative!We created a new and playfulremarketing campaign concept  Something simple, memorable and fun  Remind people about DAM, then get theminterested in learning more about Widen
  • 33. 6. Do something innovative!The results:  Clicks are up 77%  Conversions are up 396%  CPA is down 55%  Conversion rate is up 182%
  • 34. 7. Leverage proof sources toenable word of mouthUse reviews, ratings andrecommendation to your benefit  Make sure your customers know aboutthem, they won’t find them on their own  They make you look more credible  They give people a reason to believe   It’s proof and validation of your offering
  • 35. 8. Use video to create anemotional connectionVideos can be Informational, Educational,Instructional or Entertaining  In lieu of face-time, videos capture theemotion of your message  Easy to do/produce  Don’t need to be professionally done tocapture the feeling you want to convey  YouTube and Facebook have made thismore acceptable
  • 36. “You guys areeverywhere!”- Multiple Widen prospects who come inbound
  • 37. Build a contagious culture.  Surround yourself with talented, passionatepeople  Let everyone know how they can get involved(write blog posts, get out speaking, shareopinions in industry communities)  Share success with employees on a regularbasis to let people know you’re moving theneedleTaking action now
  • 38. Identify your advocates.   Those customers who follow your socialnetworks, who engage with you, who showadded interest, who refer business to youTaking action now
  • 39. Do keyword research.  Do the research to see what terms peoplereally use when looking for your service  Use the Google keyword tool + analytics   Look at your Google Analytics at least once aweek to see who went there, what pages theyvisited and where they came fromTaking action now
  • 40. Create content.   Build content to meet the keywords peopleare searching for, so Google will find it andpoint people there   If you’re going to invest time in creatingcontent, repurpose it in all relevant forms andshare it across other channels  You can become a thought leader just bysharing relevant information on LinkedIn andTwitter once a dayTaking action now
  • 41. Be social.  If you don’t have an account yet with everymajor social tool, get one and play around  It doesn’t have to be some big social strategyright away. Have fun!   Be true to each social channel. For example,don’t be all serious business on Facebook.You’re reaching people when they want to getaway from business. Taking action now
  • 42. Just get started.  Start with one thing and keep going  You’ll make mistakes along the way and that’sokay, but don’t be afraid  Jump in todayTaking action now
  • 43. Q and A
  • 44. Thank you for attending!Contactmarketing@widen.comFind  
  • 45. (CRM)  Google adwords (PPC), analytics andwebmaster tools (IT, Marketing or both)  ExactTarget/EMMA/Constant Contact(email marketing)  Compendium (a blogging platform that’s amarketing engine)  Marketo, Right On Interactive (If what you’reselling is high involvement, you need to have adrip marketing campaign)  Hubspot (One-stop shop, out of the box)Companies Who Can Help YouMake This Happen