How To Do DAM Right


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This slide deck provides an overview on "HOW to do Digital Asset Management (DAM) right" in helping creatives connect their content. This deck was presented to creatives who attended the HOW Design Live 2014 conference in Boston.

Topics covered:
- The DAM Basics
- Key Features and Integrations for Creatives
- Short Demo of Key Features
- Who’s Doing DAM Right
- How to Get Started Cost Structure

Access the full webinar recording from June 12, 2014 at:

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How To Do DAM Right

  2. 2. Jake Athey Marketing Manager Widen Nina Brakel-Schutt Brand Strategist Widen Craig Bollig Senior DAM Advisor Widen YOUR HOSTS FOR TODAY’S WEBINAR
  3. 3. Do you have questions? PLEASE ASK IN THE QUESTIONS PANEL ?
  4. 4. What to know about Widen
  5. 5. A marketing technology company Who We Are
  6. 6. We power the content that builds your brand. and help connect it with everyone who needs it.
  7. 7. Who We Are In the cloud Privately-owned, established in 1948 Located in Madison, WI A leading Digital Asset Management (DAM) provider A marketing and creative application Serving 300+ brands around the world Flexible, capable, and scalable Able to have you up and running in 6 to 8 weeks Exceptional customer experience
  8. 8. (WIDEN IS HERE) 300+ customers Hundreds of thousands of users 179 countries Highest use of Widen’s Media Collective
  10. 10. The DAM Basics Key Features and Integrations for Creatives Short Demo Who’s Doing DAM Right How to Get Started Cost Structure Questions Overview What we’ll talk about today
  11. 11. The DAM basics
  12. 12. The DAM Basics Many creative teams file share using multiple tools
  13. 13. You have a volume of assets that you need to find and share You need to control who sees and accesses certain assets You need to automatically convert files to other formats You need to manage different versions of assets You need to manage release and expiration dates for assets You want to know about asset usage The DAM Basics How do you know if you need a DAM solution?
  14. 14. Also known as web-based or cloud-based Software deployed as hosted service, accessed over the internet Customer can configure the application No hardware or infrastructure to manage, no servers on your site Scalable, pay as you go Access anywhere, anytime No software maintenance, upgrades are automatic The DAM Basics Hosted Solutions
  15. 15. On-premise software On-site data storage and regulations (HIPAA, etc) Requires IT support Total control for IT pros Not in the cloud, not reliant on the internet The DAM Basics Installed Solutions
  16. 16. Software with its source code made publicly available Often developed in a public, collaborative manner Scalable Can be hosted or Installed To learn more about the different DAM vendors out there, go to: Capterra Software Directory DAM News Real Story Group Forrester Research The DAM Basics Open Source Solutions
  17. 17. Features and integrations for creatives
  18. 18. File format conversions on-the-fly (tiff, eps, jpg, png, etc) Control color space conversions (RGB, CMYK, etc) Release and expiration for rights-management Set future release dates and approvals Stylized collections for public galleries Time in/time out video clipping Version tracking Share comments on assets Features and Integrations Great features for creative teams...
  19. 19. A central repository to store, search and share creative assets Visibility into all your assets for the right people, on demand Flexibility to use all mediums appropriately – print, broadcast, online, social, mobile, etc. A way to repurpose assets globally for brand consistency A time-saving mechanism for searching and distributing files, which = billable hours saved Features and Integrations ... and great benefits, too!
  20. 20. “We sent out 75,000+ assets from the DAM system in the last four years. If each one took me a minute to process in the old way, then the Media Collective saved me on the order of 31 weeks worth of time.” - 5.11 Tactical
  21. 21. New features
  22. 22. 1. 2. 4. Users drag and drop creative assets directly from DAM High res and low res toggle No hassle of breaking links InDesign Plugin Via Silicon Publishing
  23. 23. 1. 2. 4. InDesign Plugin
  24. 24. 1. 2. 4. Easy to use commenting and markup tools Collaborative workflow and discussion threads Simplified routing for teams Access anytime, anywhere Preview large files in seconds ProofHQ Online File Proofing
  25. 25. 2. 4. ProofHQ Integration
  26. 26. 1. 2. 4. Internal/External requests Request management Time tracking Social collaboration Team Management Reporting AtTask SaaS Work Management Solution Document Management and approval Inline digital proofing Calendar planning Multi-currency for international projects  
  27. 27. 1. 2. 4. AtTask Integration
  28. 28. 1. 2. 4. Select assets of interest and send to customers Upload assets into DAM sites by selecting them from a mobile gallery Upload assets into a mobile profile that can have metadata added prior to releasing assets Mobile Assets Access assets via our mobile app
  29. 29. 1. 2. 4. Mobile Assets
  30. 30. Demo
  31. 31. Customers doing DAM right
  32. 32. Challenge BEAM’s user generated content from Instagram and Twitter was scattered across multiple servers/folders. It was getting difficult and time consuming to aggregate and post content on MINI USA’s website. Solution With Widen DAM, BEAM developed a workflow, via our Dropbox integration, to source content from Instagram, Facebook and Twitter and repurpose assets across multiple campaigns. Result BEAM easily automates the collection of user generated content through social media, simple workflow tools, and DAM. CASE STORY – BEAM Interactive      
  33. 33. When finds a post with that hashtag it grabs the image (or video) and deposits it into the Widen-linked 'John Cooper' Dropbox. The image then goes into the 'Photo C Instagram' hot folder. The recipe also takes the Photo Challenge Hashtag name (which changes every month) and places it directly into the filename along with the Instagram User Name and the URL of the specific post (for example: 'MINIThanks_by_danstagram__on_Instag ram____httpinstagram .compgt- pFCqMJF')
  34. 34. In the Media Collective, you link an upload profile with a Dropbox folder. Any file that goes in that folder is automatically uploaded into the Media Collective.
  35. 35. Challenge Mercury Marine wasn’t presenting a consistent look and feel in their global communications. With an impending rebrand, they wanted to give their people easy access to the resources needed for a consistent launch of the new brand, regardless of location or language. Solution Mercury Marine implemented Widen’s cloud-based DAM solution to make the distribution of digital assets more effective and efficient. Result Mercury Marine rolled out their new branding on the DAM system for easy access by media, dealers, and boatbuilders. It’s helped keep branding consistent and reduced time to update collateral across global markets. CASE STORY – Mercury Marine      
  36. 36. Brand standards as a category
  37. 37. “We went with a cloud-based solution because we didn’t want the back-end maintenance. And, if something catastrophic happened, it wouldn’t be the end of all the assets we worked so hard to manage and organize.” - MEplusYOU Agency
  38. 38. How to get started
  39. 39. How to get started Follow a process no matter where you look. Here’s what to expect from Widen. Read and review Get information about a DAM providers’ people and products, their service, and the companies they work with. Conduct phone calls with DAM providers Talk about your business needs for DAM and learn which solutions are the right fit. Understand costs Pricing is often apples to oranges, so find out what’s included in standard fees, what isn’t, and determine a budget that’s in line with your business needs. See a demo Once you’ve found a few solutions you like, see them live and in action. Set up a sandbox After seeing a demo, ask for a real life environment where you can test drive the solution on your own, using your assets.
  40. 40. How much does it cost?
  41. 41. One-time implementation fee Number of Users Amount of Storage Additional enhancements Average subscription ranges from $10,000 to $23,000/yr **Cancel anytime, there are no contracts** Pricing Pricing depends on several variables
  42. 42. Next steps
  43. 43. DAM Decision Toolkit Checklist Progress Tracker Worksheet Pricing Calculator Next Steps Access resources to guide the DAM journey
  44. 44. Cloud-based Simple image sharing UI loved by designers Built for small businesses and teams More collaborative than Dropbox/Box Starts at $50/month Next Steps Explore a range of options
  45. 45. Widen resource library Widen DAM blog DAM Foundation Capterra – DAM software review Real Story Group Next Steps Do some digging about the solutions available
  46. 46. HOW Interactive Chicago 2014 HOW Design Live 2015 Next Steps Come see us at future HOW events
  47. 47. Questions?
  48. 48. Thank you! See our DAM resources for agencies: Follow us on Twitter and Facebook: Join us on LinkedIn: