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Bookcirclesprez Bookcirclesprez Presentation Transcript

  • Local Social Networks based on Public Library Data Avi Kulkarni, Wicky Mendoza,
  • o o o
  • Two sides of the pain
    • Side 1: Pain felt by the libraries
      • Public Libraries need to become relevant in the internet era or die.
      • Public Libraries can become community centers around books and ideas
    • Side 2: Need felt by the residents
      • There no easy automatic way of letting people find like minded individuals in their local community.
      • There needs to be a easy way to form “ Meet Up ” s on demand.
    o o o
  • Market Size and Potential
    • US has 16,500 public libraries.
    • Goodreads has over 4 Million users.
    • Amazon has zillion users.
    • Libraries can become a Meet-UP centers.
    • 8 out of 10 people interviewed at GA said they would be willing to share book reading data and would love to meet others in their community with similar interests.
    o o o
  • Product Design for Permission-Based Data Sharing
    • Enable libraries to offer a service to their members to share their list of books borrowed, books owned, books read, books they like to read with other “ open Minded ” people in their community.
    • Create tools for arranging “ meetings ” with some revenue contribution to the libraries.
    o o o
  • Use Cases
    • “ New Moms ” want to talk to “ Recent Moms ”
    • Unemployed want to talk to trainers, mentors
    • Entrepreneurs want to talk to prospective partners, industry veterans, service providers
    • New residents to connect with local community
    • New friends
    o o o
  • Technology tools Integration
    • 1. Janrain for social login / registration using Facebook, Google, Twitter etc.
    • 2. APIs to get data from Local Library Systems, Amazon, Goodreads, Barnes and Noble etc..
    • 3. Create “ Proposed Circles ” ® technology.
    • 4. Use “ Meetup ” to help formation of a Meeting on Demand.
    • 5. Use “ Think Near ” or “ ” to find vendors that can host such meeting.
    o o o
  • Proposed Circles Technology ®
    • Build an algorithm to find clusters around ideas, activities, needs etc.
    • Publish the list to users.
    • Let the users “ Opt-In ” to join a circle.
    • Announce to all the “ Opted ” people and help them to organize meets.
    o o o
  • Revenue Model
    • A local meet fee of $1 per person will be contributed to the library that registers the user.
    • A Vendor fee of $5 per meeting will be contributed to the library and the vendor will get a badge of “ Library Patron ” .
    • The organization (us) will get advertisement revenue.
    o o o
  • Thanks
    • Avi Kulkarni (973)568 0605
    • Wicky Mendoza (956) 346-5421
    o o o