HDF 213 History of Sex Lecture
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HDF 213 History of Sex Lecture






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HDF 213 History of Sex Lecture HDF 213 History of Sex Lecture Presentation Transcript

    • Socioeconomic Status
    • Education Level
    • Cultural Differences
    • Religious Differences
    • Psychological Factors – Emotions, Attitudes, & Motivations
    • Social Conditioning – Social Group Expectations & Norms
    • “ Normal” is relative.
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    • The only valid sex is for procreation.
    • Therefore, sex must be penile-vaginal, male-female, & must produce orgasm.
    • Do you think this is related to foreplay? Performance anxiety? Sexual expectations? Our failure to recognize same-sex acts or other sex acts like anal or masturbation as legitimate?
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    • Think back on your “first time” with another person.
    • What expectations did you have about the way that would happen?
    • Did the experience meet those expectations?
    • Men & women are very different!
    • Men must always initiate sex.
    • Women must always set the limits on sex.
    • Do you think this is related to women’s likelihood to put off their own needs? Men’s need to flaunt sexual conquests?
    • What do you think about women who enjoy sex & seek out opportunities to have it?
    • What about men who are more passive & don’t jump at the chance to have sex when it’s presented?
    • Does society agree with you?
    • Islamic Middle East:
    • Frown on sex before marriage.
    • Enjoy sex within marriage!
    • Men should take their time & make sure their women have pleasure.
    • Polygamy is okay if men treat all wives equally well.
    • China:
    • Taoism encouraged sexual pleasure.
    • Men should delay orgasm & provide multiple orgasms for women.
    • New, strict regime declared sex more than once a week in a marriage as excessive.
    • Led to low STDs, low female interest, & no sex ed until recently.
    • Roman Empire morals cause Christians to view eroticism as sinful.
    • Aquinas says sex organs exist for procreation & anything else is unnatural.
    • “ Virgin Mary” & “Temptress Eve” heighten antagonism toward women.
    • “ Madonna & Whore” push Victorian female delicacy & restraint for both sexes. Sex for profit flourishes.
    • Freud & Havelock Ellis declare sexuality innate. WWI puts women in workforce . Cars & movies help hook-ups. Great Depression makes family planning popular.
    • Post-WWII sought to “re-feminize” women as housewives. Kinsey studied sex & Playboy flaunted it as recreation.
    • 60s & 70s brought greater gender equality, the Pill, & abortion. Masters & Johnson make the female orgasm & sex therapy legit. Homosexuality is no longer an APA “mental disorder.”
    • 80s brought AIDS but 90s TV made GLBTQ culture mainstream. “Lesbian chic” gets hot in advertising.
    • Think about some television shows that involve characters who are gay or lesbian.
    • Do you think that these characters are portrayed as people or as caricatures?
    • Do you think these portrayals assists the GLBTQ cause, hinder the cause, or do a little of both?
    • Television – Music videos, cable true life stories, legal coverage, & educational programs.
    • Advertising – Sex & youth sell.
    • Magazines – Gender roles & exploitation or self-help.
    • Internet – Easily accessible porn, exploitation of children, extramarital affairs, but also access to wealth of educational resources.
    • Same-Sex Marriage
    • Health Care & Contraception
    • Fertility Technology & Conception
    • Abortion
    • Parental Consent for Contraception
    • HIV & Public Record
    • Legality of Prostitution
    • Rent “ Heavy Petting: A film by Obie Benz ” to hear celebrities & comedians discuss sex ed experiences. Contains sex ed video clips from the past.
    • Check out Sex…with Mom & Dad on MTV. Dr. Drew, an MD, internist, addiction specialist, & professor of Psychiatry, helps families & teens discuss sexuality. Full episodes online.
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