Vim and Python
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Vim and Python



(Level: Beginner)...

(Level: Beginner)

Abstract: Vim makes for a great editing experience for Python projects. In this session Derek will show you:

- Vim basics and modes
- Vim plugins that are useful for - Python development
- How to organise your plugins
- How to script Vim with Python.



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    Vim and Python Vim and Python Presentation Transcript

    • Vim and PythonDerek McLoughlinJolt Online Gaming 8th June 2011
    • Overview● Intro● Why use Vim?● Basic Vim concepts● Vim is a Game● General Plugins● Python Plugins● How to Organise your plugins● Resources
    • Why Vim?● Its fast.● Its portable. Linux, Windows, Mac, DOS, VMS● Its everywhere – even on production systems● Its very configurable● Its very extensible
    • Basic Concepts #1 - Modes● Vim is modal● It has 5 modes ● Normal ● Insert ● Ex ● Visual ● Select● Youll find yourself pressing <ESC> a lot :-)
    • Basic Concepts #2 - Commands● Commands follow a pattern: Number + Command + Destination● E.g. ● 5dw – delete 5 words ● 6w – move forward 6 words ● 7x – delete 7 characters
    • Vim is a Game (that you play on text)● When you play a PC game (e.g. Minecraft) you forget that you need to press specific keys to do something – WASD. After a while, those actions are programmed into your finger muscles.● You “do”. You dont “think”.● You can practice Vim movements this with Vim Tetris● Movement keys are always on the right hand.
    • Vim Leverages Unix● Example: ● :%!sort ● :<,>!sort ● :%!awk {print $3} ● :%!sed s/foo/bar/
    • General PluginsNerdTree NerdCommenterNerdTree NerdCommenterBufferlist MatchitCommand-T SnipMateAck FugativeTagging & Tagbar ExtraditeDBExt GitvRails.vim
    • Python Plugins● Python Match● RopeVim● PyFlakes● Pydoc● Pep-8
    • Organising Plugins● Old School – all plugins in same folder – a mess! ● .vim -> doc -> ftplugin -> plugin● Use Pathogen● Use Vundle
    • Scripting Vim● Vim has an in-built scripting language ● VimScript or VimL● Its ugly.● Use Python instead!
    • Example*function! GetHTML()python << EOFimport vim, BeautifulSoup, urllibhandle = urllib.urlopen(vim.current.line)soup =BeautifulSoup.BeautifulSoup([:] =soup.prettify().split(n)EOFendfunction* I took this from:,2000064084,339283181,00.htm
    • Vim is Charityware● Donations to Vim go to a charity that helps orphans in Uganda.● If you do like Vim and you feel it is making you more productive, then please donate to this charity.● The details are on the Vim website.
    • Vim Resources● Vim -● VimCasts -● Vim Quick Reference Card - ● ● Jolt Online Gaming version!!!● Books ● Hacking Vim - Packt Publishing ● Byte of Vim - ● Older online book -
    • Why Not Vim?● Terse● Modal● Steep-ish learning curve...
    • Learning curves of editors
    • What to do if Vim isnt for you● Notwithstanding the last slide...● Try Emacs● Seriously, its a good editor.● Org-mode is a great way to get into Emacs gently● Use the Emacs Starter Kit