Python Ireland - Who, how, what


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Presentation about how Python Ireland started, who we are, how we got to where we are today, the events we hold including PyCon Ireland and how we integrate with other user groups in Ireland.

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Python Ireland - Who, how, what

  1. 1. Python Ireland How we got here?Thursday, 26 January 12
  2. 2. 2004Thursday, 26 January 12First meet up. Was quite successful but the group took a break for Christmas and never metup again after the new year.
  3. 3. 2005Thursday, 26 January 12Sean O’Donnell (@seanodonnell) started up meet up again. He was pretty much sitting on hisown nursing a pint of Guinness in the pub for a couple of months, he felt pretty sad about itall until my husband, Michael, and a couple of others turned up. I also joined soon after andthere was a core six of us meeting up every month. I ended up taking over organising themonthly event.
  4. 4. Since then...Thursday, 26 January 12
  5. 5. Website revamped a few times after moving away from wikiThursday, 26 January 12
  6. 6. Meet on 2nd Wed each monthThursday, 26 January 12
  7. 7. Events • Small unconferences • Pub meetups • TalksThursday, 26 January 12It was hard to drum up new joiners, there wasnt as many tech meet up groups as there arenow in Dublin. Back then, there were ILUG, PHP UG.Even with talks organised in city centre universities like Trinity College, we manage to doubleour numbers.Over the years, we held many events, two smalls unconferences, and many successful pubmeet ups and talk sessions. Numbers have steadily increased from a trickle to between20-30 people turning up on a monthly basis. I was told by Steve Holden (PSF chair) that wewere the largest active Python meet up group in 2010.
  8. 8. Squee • In 2010 - Python Ireland was one of the largest active Python user group outside of Seattle* *Chat with Steve Holden at PyCon Ireland 2010Thursday, 26 January 12We were lucky to have Steve Holden over to Ireland for a special event last year, it was ourvery first PyCon Ireland event in Dublin. The idea of the conference was borne out of adrinking session of a few of us (I dont drink though) at a pub in February and they thought itwould be a great idea to host our conference in July! With no sponsor contacts, no idea whatto do with venues, speakers, ticket prices, etc., we still went ahead with the plan. And it paidoff. The future plan was to gain enough experience to host EuroPython in Ireland.
  9. 9. Thursday, 26 January 12
  10. 10. Thumbs up to PyCon UKThursday, 26 January 12So big thumbs up to PyCon UK (host of EuroPython in Birmingham) who inspired andsupported us in having our own conference.
  11. 11. Thursday, 26 January 12PyCon Ireland 2010 was successful (expected 40-70 persons) and we ended up with 98delegates (max we could fit was 100 people physically), which surprised me and theorganisers.
  12. 12. Thursday, 26 January 12We hosted another PyCon Ireland in October, we had around 130 delegates (approx. 25 noshows).
  13. 13. PyCon Ireland 2012?Thursday, 26 January 12
  14. 14. PyCon Ireland 2012 YES! 13th - 14th October (same venue)Thursday, 26 January 12We will be hosting another PyCon Ireland in 13-14th October 2012 at the same venue inDublin.
  15. 15. Other cities • Galway • Cork Python-Meetups/190784927629789Thursday, 26 January 12
  16. 16. Other communities Ruby Ireland Coder Dojo Defuse Dublin X-Cake Dublin Open Coffee Dublin ILUG Dublin Javascript And many more...!Thursday, 26 January 12There are many other active user groups and events now in Dublin
  17. 17. Reaching out • Code Retreats • Joint Python and Ruby Ireland talks • Invited RabbitMQ speaker • Xmas Techie table quizes • Code Beers • Dublin Game Craft ( • Science Gallery Ambassador / Hack the City / OpenDataThursday, 26 January 12From 2010s conference feedback, people asked why we didnt integrate with other usergroups in Dublin (& Ireland). So I extended my organising of events to other user groupswhich now included past successful events like- Code Retreat (3 so far - url)- Christmas Techie Table Quizes for charity- Joint Ruby Ireland and Python Ireland talks- Invited RabbitMQ speakerAnd invited to participate/point of contact for:- Python Ireland Ambassador (Science Gallery)- Hack the City (Dublin City of Science 2012)- Irish governments Open Data InitiativeFuture events:- Dublin Game Craft- Science hackday- Code Beers- Python Coding nights
  18. 18. Idea Magazine readidea.comThursday, 26 January 12We even have our own Irish tech magazine which just launched in early Dec -
  19. 19. Pro-tipsThursday, 26 January 12
  20. 20. Same day for meetupThursday, 26 January 12
  21. 21. DON’T ever take a break!Thursday, 26 January 12
  22. 22. @whykay Q &A Thanks for listening.Thursday, 26 January 12
  23. 23. References • Python Ireland - • PyCon Ireland - • PyCon Ireland photos -, 26 January 12