Y7 Term 1 Homework Booklet Composition and Comprehension


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Y7 Term 1 Homework Booklet Composition and Comprehension

  1. 1. S A F UVG RVO 1
  2. 2. This is a short exercise to help you practise for writingdescriptively in any exam.FIRST: Think back to an event from your childhood, whichreally sticks out in your memory. It might be your first day atschool? Make a list of the first 5 things that come to mind whenyou remember it. These could be people, places, colours,objects, smells, sounds, emotions etc.THEN: Quickly write down :-3 colours you remember about that event-3 sounds you remember about that event-3 smells you remember about that event-3 feelings you remember about the scene – angry, sad, happy,lonely, etc.EXTENSION TASK: – Write three similes or metaphors todescribe something from your memory – eg, a person, an object,a feeling.A simile is when you compare something to something elseusing the words ‘as’ or ‘like’– eg, ‘running like the wind’ ‘redas a rose’. A metaphor is a comparison without the words ‘as’or ‘like’ – eg, the moon is a golf ball in the sky.THEN: Try to remember a person who was involved – it mightbe a friend, or someone from your family. Write down as manythings as you can that you remember about them – these mightbe colours they were wearing, how they talked, what theylooked like etc.NOW: Write about the event from your memory. Use the notesyou’ve made to describe things in detail. Try to create a sense ofatmosphere. REMEMBER PARAGRAPHS.Make sure you get all the important details in, so the piecemakes sense. 2
  3. 3. 3
  4. 4. Week 2Copy out the text below and fill in the gaps using the anagrams underneath. It is important to distinguish ______ from opinions. A fact is something that is true and _______ be disputed. An _________ is someone’s _________beliefs in something. An _________ of a _______ might be that Manchester United won 3- 0. An example of an opinion might be that Manchester United were ________ to ________!Use the anagrams (words jumbled up) to fill in the missing gaps. leexpam catf tfcsa ncnota klycu oopiinn oeralsnp ecors FACTS OPINIONS 4
  5. 5. David Beckham is Mr Hitchen thinks The referee was Arsenal are the besta footballer. that Beckham is totally unfair team in the world. overpaid and over during the match. rated!!!The final score was The FA cup is a Spurs were Tottenham won bynil – nil. prize in a football fortunate to beat four goals to three. competition. West Ham.David Ginola has The last match at In 1966 England England did notdone a shampoo Wembley stadium were lucky to beat win Euro 2000.advertisement. was disappointing. Germany 4-2.Wimbledon will be The Englandrelegated. manager’s job has an enormous amount or pressure. Place these facts and opinions in the correct column in the table on the page opposite. 5
  6. 6. Monday, 6 November, 2000, 22:17 GMT Week 3Derby and West Ham share pointsWest Hams Kanoute (l) challenges JohnsonDerby 0 -0 West HamChances were at a premium at Pride Park as struggling Derby and West Hamdrew in a frustrating game.Managers Jim Smith and Harry Redknapp were pleased that their sides kept rareclean sheets, but disappointed that they were both so poor in attack.Derby boss Smith said: "Im disappointed not to get the elusive win, because weneed that - particularly at home."We defended very well and the keeper had a very good game. We had a coupleof half chances which we could have done better with.But he said the performance would lift his players. "The lads in there are quitebuoyant about the fact weve had a solid performance," he said.Redknapp echoed similar sentiments. "We didnt pass the ball tonight. We arecapable of playing better going forward and I wouldntblame the rain," he said."I just came in at half-time and slagged them off. I wasreally disappointed - we are so much better than that." Im disappointed not to get theEvenly contested elusive win, because we needNeither team really deserved to take all three points in an that - particularlyevenly contested match. at homeWest Ham had good long-range efforts from Michael Carrickand Frederic Kanoute in the first-half, and their appeals for Jim Smitha late penalty were turned down after Paolo Di Canio wentdown under a Schnoor challenge.Bottom-placed Derby, who are still looking for their first Premiership win of theseason, had less clear-cut chances, but makeshift striker Rory Delap twice wentclose. 6
  7. 7. He had his first chance after just nine minutes, when Seth Johnson put himthrough with a perceptive pass from half-way.Delap evaded Rio Ferdinand, but completed a first-timevolley high over the crossbar. I just came in atThe following thirty minutes were more notable for a series half-time andof fouls from both sides than impressive football. slagged them off. I was reallyBut West Ham stepped up a gear in the final eight minutes disappointed - weof the half and imposed themselves on the match. are so much better than thatMomentum dipsFirst Carrick hit a powerful drive from 25 yards out that Harry RedknappPoom pushed away.Then Kanoute put in a cross from the right and Ferdinand rose unchallenged atthe far post to power a header that Poom knocked wide of goal.Kanoute then fashioned a chance of his own, hitting a venomous long-range shotthat was athletically tipped over by Derbys Estonian keeper.But disappointingly, this late momentum was not carried into the second-half.Carrick did have a half-volley effort from 30 yards that Poom comfortably saved,and Lampard cracked a shot from outside the area that bounced in front of thekeeper, but these were rare chances.The Hammers had an excellent chance to break thedeadlock after 73 minutes. Kanoute broke down the rightand fed Di Canio, who hit his pass marginally too farahead of unmarked substitute Diawara.Ferdinand then stooped to head a speculative pass back toShaka Hislop, got negligible contact and hit the ballagainst chasing Delap when he tried to clear. He wasrelieved to see the ball fall to safety.And then, in the dying moments, Di Canio went down inderbys area under a challenge from Schnoor, but Durkinturned his appeals down. Sinclair attacks Derbys defenceTASK: a) Highlight all the facts and opinions. b) Use one colour for facts c) Use one colour for opinions. 7
  8. 8. Week 4 Writing to ExplainFriends sometimes play an important part in people’s lives. Explain whatpart they play in your life, and explain how important friends are to you. 8
  9. 9. Week 5Imagine you are a television presenter. Write a script/speech for a programmewhere you persuade the viewers that your choice of person should be madeCelebrity of the Year.Complete the planning sheet below to help you write your final version:Don’t forget persuasive devices:  rhetorical Questions  facts and figures  repetition etc.Introduce the topic (Who is your Celebrity….Where will the viewers know themfrom?)Discuss why the celebrity is a good choice.What have they done to deserve the reward? (charity work, films, etc)What will this mean for the celebrity? How can they help the public etc?Why should the viewers vote for your celebrity? (any other comments to roundoff) 9
  10. 10. Week 6 Writing to Persuade 1. Imagine that you are a television presenter. Write a script for a programme where you persuade the viewers that your choice of person should be made Celebrity of the Year.___________________________________________________________ 10