Library eBooks and eReaders WHPL


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Computer class taught at the West Haven Public Library.

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Library eBooks and eReaders WHPL

  1. 1. Library eBooks West Haven Public Library
  2. 2. Definitions• eBook • eReader • Digital copy of a book • Device used for reading • Transferred electronically eBooks • Displays eBook file you • Available from the library checkout from the website library • Can be read on a • Many different brands Computer or eReader
  3. 3. eBooks?• Electronic books that can be read on a computer or eReader.• Different formats for different eReaders.• Can be bought from book sellers or borrowed from the library.
  4. 4. eBook Features• Text size can be changed- No need for separate Large Print copy.• Many books can be held on a single eReader or computer.• No need to drive to the library to checkout a new book or return an old one.
  5. 5. eReaders?• Electronic devices used to display/read eBooks.• Many different eReaders for different companies.• Library eBooks are compatible with most eReaders.
  6. 6. Popular eReaders Kindle Fire and Kindle by Amazon Compatible with “Kindle” eBooks available from the library
  7. 7. Popular eReaders Nook by Barnes & Noble Compatible with “ePub” eBooks available from the library
  8. 8. Popular eReaders iPad, iPod touch, iPhone by Apple Compatible with “ePub” eBooks available from the library via the OverDrive app
  9. 9. Popular eReaders Other Compatible eReaders include: • Sony Reader product line • Kobo eReader product line • Samsung Galaxy TabFull list of compatible eReader devices available:
  10. 10. Library eBooks• Available through the OverDrive service.• Kindle and ePub formats available for most titles.• Compatible with most eReaders and all computers using software from Overdrive.• You must have a valid West Haven library card in good standing- fines less than $10.00
  11. 11. Library eBooks• You can borrow 4 items at once.• eBooks are loaned for 14 days.• At end of loan the eBook becomes automatically unreadable.• There are NO overdue fees for eBooks• eBooks can be returned early.
  12. 12. eBook Formats• Kindle for Kindle reader• Adobe ePub for other types • Nook • iPad • Sony Reader
  13. 13. Overdrive• Our eBooks are available through the OverDrive service.• OverDrive library is accessible from our website.• Search OverDrive for available items.
  14. 14. Overdrive• Select format
  15. 15. Overdrive• Enter your Library Card number 212510000000
  16. 16. Overdrive• Kindle • You will be prompted to login to Amazon. • eBook will transfer via Wifi to your Kindle• Nook • Download and open the file in Adobe Digital Editions • Plug in Nook to computer to transfer eBook• iPad • Use Overdrive App to get eBooks directly on devices
  17. 17. Using Overdrive• A limited number of copies are available, similar to a “physical” book• Click to put an item on hold if it is currently checked out• You will receive an email when it is available to download
  18. 18. • Different process for transferring your eBook depending of which eReader you have.
  19. 19. Getting eBooks for your Kindle • You will need your library card and your Amazon account login. • Select Kindle format eBook in OverDrive
  20. 20. Getting eBooks for your Kindle• Click download library book
  21. 21. Getting eBooks for your Kindle• Login into your Amazon account.
  22. 22. Getting eBooks for your Kindle• Login into your Amazon account.
  23. 23. Getting eBooks for your Kindle• Choose the device (Your Kindle)• If using Wifi- library eBooks will automatically download on next sync or startup.• If no Wifi is available, download to computer and transfer to Kindle documents folder using your USB sync cable.
  24. 24. Managing Kindle eBooks• Login to your Amazon account, select “Manage Kindle” to return items early or delete entirely.
  25. 25. Getting eBooks for iPad & iPhone• You will need your library card, the ability to install the OverDrive app, and an Adobe ID
  26. 26. Getting eBooks for iPad & iPhone• After installation, open OverDrive app, follow prompts to create an Adobe ID• Press “Get Books” in top right corner
  27. 27. Getting eBooks for iPad & iPhone• Add a library by searching for West Haven
  28. 28. Getting eBooks for iPad & iPhone• Browse the Overdrive library, after making selection and entering your library card the eBook will be readable in the Overdrive app,
  29. 29. Managing eBooks on the iPad• To return early press “edit” and delete item• You will be given the option to return and delete
  30. 30. Getting eBooks for your Nook• You will need a personal computer, your library, the Adobe Digital Editions software, Adobe ID.• Install Adobe Digital Editions software• Create Adobe ID
  31. 31. Getting eBooks for your Nook• Download eBook from Overdrive
  32. 32. Getting eBooks for your Nook• Open in Adobe Digital Editions
  33. 33. Getting eBooks for your Nook• Plug in Nook to computer via USB sync cable• Drag and drop title on Nook icon in Adobe Digital Editions.
  34. 34. For additional Help • Ask staff at any West Haven library locations • Instruction sheets for popular devices “Library eBooks” page at our website Cirella-