Social Media Influence on the Workplace


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Summary of slide deck used in SSE Riga HR Morning Seminar on 30 September 2011

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Social Media Influence on the Workplace

  1. 1. Who walks the Dog HR Morning Seminar Influence of Social Media on the Workplace
  2. 2. Who walksAn Exploration of Social Media the Dog What is Social Media? Time Waster or Productivity Booster Creating a Platform for Performance
  3. 3. Who walks But First: I Am ... the Dog
  4. 4. Who walks the Dog Social Media? What is
  5. 5. Who walksTechnology and Social Interaction the DogSocial media are media for social interaction, using highly accessibleand scalable communication techniques. Social media is the use of web-based and mobile technologies to turn communication into interactivedialogue. Andreas Kaplan and Michael Haenlein also define social mediaas "a group of Internet-based applications that build on the ideologicaland technological foundations of Web 2.0, which allows the creation andexchange of user-generated content." Businesses also refer to socialmedia as consumer-generated media (CGM). A common thread runningthrough all definitions of social media is a blending of technology andsocial interaction for the co-creation of value.
  6. 6. Who walks the Dog The Web Trends Map
  7. 7. Who walks the Dog The Conversation Prism
  8. 8. Who walksThere Are Always Current Winners the DogMicro blogging Social Networking Business Networking Sharing
  9. 9. Who walks the Dog Social Mediaform a constantly changing landscape of places, enabled by technology, where people meet, talk and share
  10. 10. Who walks the Dog New Facilities To Do Old Things
  11. 11. Who walks the Dog Time Waster Productivity Booster or
  12. 12. Who walks the Dog 54% Of US companies blocked internet access in 2009$ 2.25 BlnProductivity loss due to private use of internet in UK in 2009 9% More productivity by allowing employees to surf.
  13. 13. Who walks the Dog What is productivity? http://whowalksthedog.comWorked hours? Output per hour?
  14. 14. Who walks the Dog Type of Online Activity Activity Examples Price comparisons Operational Direct communication with customersProductivity Relation Research / analysis Following subject matter experts Development Reading articles related to work Online training Webcasts Guru spotting (following guys like Seth Godin) Inspiration Field of business developments Paying bills Strictly private Chatting with relatives Online shopping
  15. 15. Who walks the Dog They Know Where I Work
  16. 16. Who walks the Dog Outsiders Looking In Authorities Press Watchdogs MySIAClients Competitors Recruiters Investors
  17. 17. Who walks the Dog The Code of Conduct
  18. 18. Who walks the Dog- Determine ‘Productivity’ based on roles- Set clear guidelines- Educate employees- Create central point of information- Integrate in performance reviews
  19. 19. Who walks the Dog Conclusion: Social Media have entered theworkplace from outside. They canbe both enabler and distractor. HR professionals can play a vitalrole in mapping functionality toroles and guiding employees in online behavior.
  20. 20. Who walks the Dog Performance Platform for Creating A
  21. 21. Who walks the Dog Short History of Knowledge Management
  22. 22. Who walks the Dog Short History of Knowledge Management
  23. 23. Who walks the DogEmployees Increasingly Expect Social Technology in the Workplace
  24. 24. Who walks the DogFour Perspectives To Take Advantage Perspective Demands HR Role development trainingEmployee forms HR applications labor issues information providing people recruitingBusiness process career management performance job descriptions reporting HR systemsManagement road map guidelines job descriptions talent development compliance policiesLegal information providing
  25. 25. Who walks the Dog Conclusion: Social Media technologies can alsobe used inside the company. There are many ways that HR can leverage these to create a platform for performance.
  26. 26. Who walks Sources and other interesting links the Dog of imagesWeb Trend Map by Information Architects Japan http://whowalksthedog.comConversation Prism by Brian Solis and Jesse ThomasTask list image by Lisa Clarke on FlickrSocial Media Revolution videos by Socialnomics
  27. 27. Who walksA Who walks the Dog Knowledge Share the Dog30 September 2011 Who walks the Dog provides strategic advice on using innovative ways to optimize your business, focusing on the human factor. We specialize in social media, CSR and Lean Management / Six Sigma.More information: Arjan Tupan http://whowalksthedog.com +371 27 44 88 11
  28. 28. Renske Bakker is making change in Uganda. Read her story of change, and others, on And share yours!