Social Media for Marketing Management


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Presentation used for guest lecture at SSE Riga in the Introduction to Marketing Management Course.

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Social Media for Marketing Management

  1. 1. Who walks the Dog Intro Marketing Management Social Media Marketing
  2. 2. Who walksAn Exploration of Social Media the Dog What is Social Media? Discovery tour First stop: Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn in detail Next station: Some technologies that can make life easier Also calling on: YouTube, Vimeo, Flickr, Slideshare etceteraHow has social media changed marketing?
  3. 3. Who walks the Dog Social Media? What is
  4. 4. Who walksTechnology and Social Interaction the DogSocial media are media for social interaction, using highly accessibleand scalable communication techniques. Social media is the use of web-based and mobile technologies to turn communication into interactivedialogue. Andreas Kaplan and Michael Haenlein also define social mediaas "a group of Internet-based applications that build on the ideologicaland technological foundations of Web 2.0, which allows the creation andexchange of user-generated content." Businesses also refer to socialmedia as consumer-generated media (CGM). A common thread runningthrough all definitions of social media is a blending of technology andsocial interaction for the co-creation of value.
  5. 5. Who walks the Dog The Web Trends Map
  6. 6. Who walks the Dog The Conversation Prism
  7. 7. Who walksThere Are Always Current Winners the DogMicro blogging Social Networking Business Networking Sharing
  8. 8. Who walks the Dog Social Mediaform a constantly changing landscape of places, enabled by technology, where people meet, talk and share
  9. 9. Who walks the Dog New Facilities To Do Old Things
  10. 10. Who walks the Dog Social Media A Discovery Tour of
  11. 11. Who walks the Dog
  12. 12. Who walks 140 Character Information Network the DogAn information networkTwitter is a real-time information networkthat connects you to the latest informationabout what you find interesting.At the heart of Twitter are small bursts ofinformation called Tweets. Each Tweet is140 characters in length. Twitter is a website, owned and operated by Twitter Inc., which offers a social networking and microblogging service, enabling its users to send and read messages called tweets. Tweets are text-based posts of up to 140 characters displayed on the users profile page.
  13. 13. Who walks the Dog A text-based Social Networkfor sharing (thoughts, ideas, news,links,...) and conversation within a 140 character limit
  14. 14. Who walks the Dog Welcome to
  15. 15. Who walks Twanatomy (Anatomy of a Tweet) the DogRetweet - acknowledge Mention - address Shortened link - save chars hashtag - organize
  16. 16. Who walks the Dog
  17. 17. Who walks To Follow Or Not To Follow the Dog Follow Decision Tree Not follow checklist Not following if: - only self-promoting tweets - one of the following terms in bio: > social media expert > SEO > I follow back > thrifty > get 1000 followers easy > make money from home > mom-blogger - name sounds too shady - only tweeting quotes - profile picture too provocative http://whowalksthedog.comBy Martijn Linssen,
  18. 18. Who walks the Dog Searching Twitter To Monitor
  19. 19. Who walks Twettiquette the Dog What How WhyAcknowledge RT’, ‘via’, mention Give credit to your sources Transparency pays off Builds credibilityReciprocate follow back, retweet Builds credibility Not always necessary (in case of following) But: have a decent following/followers ratioDon’t spam Only link to your products, Boring - people will unfollow repeat yourself Waste of time - no one will clickBe transparent Answer questions in public, People see you answer questions provide full bio information Transparency builds credibilityBe responsive Reply to questions, requests, You are engaging in a conversation with nice comments (potential) clients/student etcetera. On Give thanks for RT’s top, being responsive builds credibility.Be careful Use humor, satire, In a limited text of 140 characters it is understatement and other very hard to convey signs to clarify style elements carefully context. You can be easily misunderstoodDon’t shout DO NOT USE CAPS LOCK Messages in all capitals are considered unnecessary shouting. One of the reasons many people on Twitter did not like Oprah’s first tweet.
  20. 20. Who walks the Dog
  21. 21. Who walks The Social Networking Service the DogGiving people the power to share and makethe world more open and connected. Facebook is a social network service and website launched in February 2004 that is operated and privately owned by Facebook, Inc. As of January 2011, Facebook has more than 600 million active users.
  22. 22. Who walks the Dog Social NetworkingThe biggest Service in the world, for sharing , connecting and conversation with a rapidly growing population in Latvia
  23. 23. Extended ProfilesInteresting: it says where I studied...
  24. 24. Who walks the Dog
  25. 25. Who walks the Dog The first thing visitors see, thewall should be representative of what they can expect. Be surethat is stays that way, by posting regularly and keeping it clean. Or, find an alternative.
  26. 26. Who walks the Dog Facebook offers tabs that enhance the page visitor experience. The basic tabssufficient, but integrating otherchannels make the page even more interesting.
  27. 27. Who walks the Dog An Example: YouTube Channel
  28. 28. Who walks the Dog
  29. 29. Who walks Professional Social Networking the DogLinkedIn takes your professional networkonline, giving you access to people, jobs andopportunities like never before. Built upontrusted connections and relationships,LinkedIn has established the world’s largestand most powerful professional network. LinkedIn is a business-oriented social networking site. Founded in December 2002 and launched in May 2003, it is mainly used for professional networking. As of 1 January 2011, LinkedIn reports more than 90 million registered users, spanning more than 200 countries and territories worldwide.
  30. 30. Who walks the DogA social network that allows you tokeep your cv up-to-date, stay intouch with business relations, friends and colleagues and find new opportunities.
  31. 31. Who walks the Dog The Profile Is The Heart of LinkedIn
  32. 32. Who walks the Dog Connections Make The Heart Beat
  33. 33. Who walks the DogEducation is an important part of the profile, especially highereducation. People like to connect to their class mates, because they are a valuable part of their networks.
  34. 34. Who walks the Dog Relatively New: Company Profiles
  35. 35. Who walks the Dog Groups: A Powerful Feature
  36. 36. Who walks the Dog Five Groups Connected To SSE Riga
  37. 37. Who walks the Dog Active groups with largememberships are places where youraudience is looking for answersand to stay connected. These are typical places where you can engage.
  38. 38. Who walks the Dog administrators are Groupambassadors for your brand. These are the people that will spread your message. Cherish them.
  39. 39. Who walks the Dog
  40. 40. Who walks the Dog Managing Social Media - Tweetdeck
  41. 41. Who walks the Dog Managing Social Media - Hootsuite
  42. 42. Who walks the Dog Feeding Social Media -
  43. 43. Who walksSocial Media Management Tools... the Dog ...allow you to manage your social media channels from one place and provide you with insight on top of that.
  44. 44. Who walks the Dog
  45. 45. Who walks the Dog Sharing Video - YouTube
  46. 46. Who walks the Dog Sharing Video - Vimeo
  47. 47. Who walks the Dog Sharing Photos - Flickr
  48. 48. Who walks the Dog Sharing Presentations - Slideshare
  49. 49. Who walks the Dog Sharing Bookmarks - Delicious
  50. 50. Who walks the Dog Sharing Collections - Keepstream
  51. 51. Who walks the Dog
  52. 52. Who walks the Dog Can you tell me ... - Quora
  53. 53. Who walks the Dog I Was Here - Foursquare
  54. 54. Who walks the Dog Internal Social Network - Yammer
  55. 55. Who walks the Dog Who walks the Dog Landscape Website
  56. 56. Who walks the Dog How has this Marketing (and PR) changed
  57. 57. Who walks the Dog Not Only Broadcasting Anymore
  58. 58. Who walksNot Only Broadcasting Anymore the Dog You are not only broadcasting anymore. expect a Consumers conversation with their favorite brands. On their terms.
  59. 59. Who walks Location the Dog People expect to communicatewhere they are. They choose theirplatform, networks and friends. And with whichbrands they want to show-off and engage.
  60. 60. Who walks the Dog Refresh
  61. 61. Who walks Refresh the DogPeople expect to seetoday’s news, presented on theirscreens. Static information is for search results.
  62. 62. Who walks the Dog Engage In The Open
  63. 63. Who walks Engage In The Open the Dog #gettingslizzerd http://whowalksthedog.comResult: Blood donation drive by Dogfish Head pubs, plus great exposure and extra sales for brewer
  64. 64. Who walks Engage In The Open the Dog Transparency and responsiveness are important. People expect honest answers, and thepossibility to share with others.
  65. 65. Who walks the Dog Friends & Brands
  66. 66. Who walks Friends & Brands the Dog People trust their friends more than brands. But they liketo show-off and engage with brands thatenhance their image.
  67. 67. Who walks the Dog Co-Creation
  68. 68. Who walks Co-Creation the DogPeople like influence. Brands that allow customers influence, tend to perform better.
  69. 69. Who walks the Dog And... Fix Your Product First
  70. 70. Who walks the Dog And... Fix Your Product First
  71. 71. Who walks And... Fix Your Product First the Dog Google became theleading search engine by delivering what people wanted: simple and fast internet searches.
  72. 72. Who walksSources and other interesting links the Dog
  73. 73. Who walksA Who walks the Dog Knowledge Share the Dog11 May 2011 Who walks the Dog provides strategic advice on using innovative ways to optimize your business, focusing on the human factor. We specialize in social media, CSR and Lean Management / Six Sigma.More information: Arjan Tupan http://whowalksthedog.com +371 27 44 88 11