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Internet Marketing 101: Pay Per Click Basics

Internet Marketing 101: Pay Per Click Basics






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  • -Involves creating and placing ads at the top or right-hand side of search results pages. Used to persuade people to visit their Web sites.\n-PPC ad campaigns are created based on keywords and/or demographics so your ad will appear to the appropriate people.\n- You know when your campaign is successful when you have an increase in clicks to your website.\n- Photos are Facebook left top corner, Google to the middle, and LinkedIn on the right. \n
  • - set budget, pay for only clicks \n - cost per click (CPC) is the sum paid by an advertiser to search engines for a single click on their advertisement, which directs one visitor to the advertiser's website\n - spend rate, the sum paid by an advertiser per month for the campaign(s)\n- setup is fast, approval can take a couple of weeks for display ads, results and data accrue fast\n- control over what people see, when they see it, what they click through to (landing pages, forms, telephone)\n- targeted to who you want as opposed to billboards people drive past or newspaper ads\n- metrics allow you track interests, modify quickly (opposed to print ads), gain details on visitors, numbers for ROI\n
  • Key questions – who, what, when, where, why and how. Use these basic questions to identify who you are really talking to. \n-Who is that ideal person? \n-How old is your ideal visitor, where do they live, what is their mindset, what are their values and how do they feel about your company or product now?\n-Where are they online and how do they use the web? \n
  • -success or failure of any marketing hinges on the interest that you generate in your visitors. This can only be accomplished by knowing who they are. \n- do your research before jumping in the race.\n-gather and review specific audiences based on interests and demographics, where do the customer’s reside online?\n-search terms & keywords\n- who are your competitors\n
  • - google’s free tools give you a method to research keywords, how people visit your website, pages visited, length of time pages, locations, even types of mobile devices and internet providers\n- analytics assist in tracking ROI for website\n- webmaster is googles feedback on your page for site map, errors, SEO\n- keyword tool provides the ability to search on keywords to find out statistics of the word searched and similar words to consider\n
  • - Google analytics helps you measure the ROI and gain the metrics to determine if changes should be made to your campaign.\n- The traffic sources has an option for AdWords\n- Setting goals permits you to track results from click to click or converts, even mobile devices clicks are tracked \n
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  • - the above steps make it seem so easy when actually it is the most complicated ads to setup between FB, LinkedIn and Google Ads\n- requires constant monitoring and tweaking to optimize for results and ROI\n- requires attention to hooking up to website and analytics\n- many rules to creating the ads and gaining approval\n- high level features, creating reports/goals/tracking that even experts require training\n- there are display ads, network ads, location ads each require setup\n
  • - recently entered the open market, some predict their ads will grow quicker than Facebook with adding metrics and analytics\n- steadily growing with more young adults gaining LinkedIn profiles and adults gaining Facebook profiles- great for job search and finding employees, resume online with recommendations\n- option to create and join groups, advertise to groups and people seeking or giving advice (research stories and white papers)\n- create company pages with products, recommendations and videos\n
  • - LinkedIn direct ads, for small businesses beginning at $50\n- LinkedIn for business decisionmakers and premium audience, budgets $25K, 4 placement types\n- love the ability to display ads to targets regions, industry, and titles (CEO, CFO, MD)\n
  • - track hits to company pages as well as ads\n- LinkedIn has added tracking for mapping connections, skills, and careers\n- the cost per click is higher than google and facebook, for smaller businesses the investment is higher per click with not as much tracking through analytics\n
  • - steadily growing with more young adults gaining LinkedIn profiles and adults gaining Facebook profiles\n- socially the largest network, largest growing segment over the last year is women >45, as compared to LinkedIn being the largest professional network\n
  • - again consider your target market and regions you are attempting to reach\n
  • - the graphics can replicate a post or event\n- languages require consideration of translation\n
  • - the analytics are less than LinkedIn sharing details about new friends and likes\n- the cost of ads are almost on par to google ads\n- however, weekly budgets must be tracked individually and turned off\n
  • -What are your going to be asking your customers to do? Do you need a form to collect data? Want them to click on a phone number?\n-Consider having a landing page instead of directing traffic to the website. Increases your quality score for Google AdWords,Facebook landing pages can be custom-made.\n-Make sure you are targeting using wording that relates from the ads to the website/landing page.\n
  • - this page is on the internet used as landing page from Google AdWords\n- strong call to action “Let’s Get Started”\n- list products and services\n- recognizable brand\n
  • -You can create a worksheet similar in this exercise to help you determine if a campaign is worthy of your time\n- The profit per sale is what you make upon making a sale after a conversion\n- CPC is your ability to control the amount spent through Google\n- CTR of .002 is the minimum you should accept before pausing a campaign and changing the headlines. The higher the CTR the cheaper your CPC or cost per click.\n- Impressions (50,000) give you prospects (100), with the .15 per click this gives you an understanding of your budget total of $15.00\n
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Internet Marketing 101: Pay Per Click Basics Internet Marketing 101: Pay Per Click Basics Presentation Transcript

  • Internet Marketing 101: Pay Per Click Basics
  • How to Ask Questions
  • Your Presenters Today • Marisa Smith, Head Brainiac • Shannon Beeman, Marketing Brainiac
  • The Whole Brain GroupDelivers premium design & digital marketingservices to growing companies, using strongin-house technical expertise and a results-driven process. ✓ Founded in 2002 ✓ Headquarters in Ann Arbor, Michigan ✓ # of Whole Brainiacs: 15 ✓ Hubspot Partner
  • What we do
  • What we do PPC & Keyword Strategy Tech SupportSocial Google Analytics Video EngagementSEO Training Integrated Blogging Mobile Apps WordPress Development Content Digital Marketing Pay-Per- Social Media Google AdWords Reporting Web DesignDesign Results Monitoring Lead Generation
  • Our Difference • Technology is in our company DNA • We love to collaborate • We are perfectionists at heart • Process makes us happy • Results make us even happier
  • Our Team Right Brain (Creative) + Left Brain (Geeky) = Whole Brain Goodness!
  • What is PPC Advertising? Facebook Ads Ads are seen Google Display Network when people Rich ads (including video) can be match the shown on websites that demographics participate in the network you have specified LinkedIn Ads Ads are seen when people match the demographics you have specified Google AdWords Ads are seen when people search for specific keywords & phrases that match the campaigns you have set up
  • Advantages to PPC Advertising Main advantages: ✓ Cost ✓ Speed ✓ Control ✓ Targeted ✓ Metrics
  • Customers Drive Your Strategy Know your customer: • Who • What • When • Where • Why
  • PPC Requires Research Gather and review: • Demographics • Audiences • Keywords
  • Google = Large Audience + Tools • Google is the # 1 Search Engine and owns #2 YouTube • Google Analytics: http://www.google.com/analytics/ • Google Webmaster Tools: http://www.google.com/webmasters/ • Google Keyword Tool: https://adwords.google.com/select/ KeywordToolExternal
  • Google Analytics
  • Traffic Tip: Track your Leads & Conversions • Use a Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system • Track your leads, where they came from, how people found you, etc. • Analyze your results so you can target improvement & stop doing things that aren’t working • Be patient - don’t give up too quickly!
  • Google AdWords Setup 1 Target customers• Dozens of languages 2• 200 Countries Create your ad• By region, city, zip code • Write the ad text 3 • Choose keywords to trigger Set pricing the ads 4 • Manage multiple placed to • Choose currency display ads • Set daily budget Sign up • Set CPC • Complete payment process • Activate ads https://www.google.com/intl/en_us/adwords/select/
  • LinkedIn = Professional Audience http://marketing.linkedin.com/audience
  • LinkedIn Ads Setup 1 Select ad type • Company url 2 • Keyword based Choose audience • Graphic • Geography • Company (by name or industry) 3 • Job Title (by job function or titles) Set campaign budget • Group • Gender • Pay per click (CPC) >$2 • Age • Pay per 1,000 Impressions (CPM) • Daily budget >$10 http://www.linkedin.com/
  • LinkedIn Analytics
  • Facebook = Social Audience http://www.facebook.com/ http://www.checkfacebook.com Photo Credit: http://ansonalex.com/infographics/facebook-user-statistics-2012- infographic/
  • Top U.S. States on Facebook Top 5: • California • Texas • New York • Florida • Illinois
  • Facebook Ad Setup 1 Select ad type • Company, event, pages 2 • Sponsored stories or ad Choose audience • Placement on wall, info • Location • Relationship types 3 • Demographics • Interests • Languages Set campaign limits & budget • Education & • Budget limits, per day or • Connections on work lifetime FB • Min. $1 • Interested in M/ F • Time & date http://www.facebook.com/
  • Insight Analytics for Facebook
  • What message are you sending? • Be compelling • Tell visitors what you want them to do (Call to Action) • Are you offering them a solution to their pain?
  • What is your target?
  • Track, analyze, and adjust
  • Now What??
  • Talk to us... Whole Brain Group 734.929.0431 info@thewholebraingroup.com http://twitter.com/wholebraingroup http://www.facebook.com/WholeBrainGroup
  • Download our Free eBookThe Essential Step-by-Step Guide to Internet Marketing Whether your business is just getting started with internet marketing or you just want to brush up on the basics, this eBook can serve as your essential guide to setting up and implementing a successful internet marketing strategy, step-by-step! You will learn how to: ✓ Implement a keyword strategy ✓ Optimize your website & get found on search engines ✓ Create awesome shareable content ✓ & much more http://info.thewholebraingroup.com/free-internet-marketing-ebook- requestScan QR code with your smartphone to request our eBook The Step-by-Step Internet Marketing Guide is brought to you by The Whole Brain Group & HubSpot to help your business achieve success online. 
  • Request a free consultation Your free 30-minute Talk to a Whole Brain Group expert about how your company consultation will help you can develop, manage, and execute complex web marketing identify problem areas, and strategies with a strong focus on goals such as: identify next steps for taking your digital marketing to the ✓ Getting more qualified leads next level. ✓ Getting measurable results from your marketing investment ✓ Launching a new product or service ✓ Standing out from the competition http://info.thewholebraingroup.com/request-a-free-marketing- consultationScan QR code with your smartphone to request our eBook