Internet Marketing 101: Inbound Marketing Basics


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Are you spending lots of time (and money!) marketing through traditional techniques such as billboards, cold calling and advertisements, but can never be sure that you are reaching the right audience or getting the best value for your efforts?

Do you keep hearing that "online marketing" is a great opportunity to build your sales volume, but haven't really done much because you're not even sure where to start?

By creating compelling content for all segments of your customer’s buying cycle, using advanced search marketing techniques, and developing relationships with potential customers on social media, you can draw qualified customers into the sales funnel.

In this interactive session, you will get an overview of how to:
- Create compelling content for all stages of the buying cycle
- Get found by people who need your products and services
- Convert visitors to leads and nurture the relationship
- Convert qualified leads to customers
- Analyze and adjust your marketing efforts

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Internet Marketing 101: Inbound Marketing Basics

  1. 1. Internet Marketing 101: Inbound Marketing Basics
  2. 2. Founded in 2002, our team of marketing experts is committed to helping growing businesses develop and execute digital marketing plans that compliment their strategic visions and provide measurable results. ! We aim for the perfect blend of right-brain (creative) and left-brain (logical and tactical) to achieve Whole Brain Goodness! About the Whole Brainiac Team
  3. 3. What we do Social Media SEO Pay-Per-Click Web Design WordPress Development Design Google Analytics Tech Support Content Strategy Blogging Social Media Strategy PPC & Keyword Strategy Google AdWords Results Monitoring Reporting Engagement Training Lead Generation Video Inbound & Digital Marketing HubSpot
  4. 4. Building a Smart Online Presence
  5. 5. What is inbound marketing?
  6. 6. Nearly 60% of Marketers Have Adopted Inbound 19% 23% 58% Yes No Don't know/not applicable Q: Does your company do inbound marketing? Source: HubSpot
  7. 7. CEOs Are Investing More in Inbound Marketing 14% 28% 9% 49% Higher Lower No change Don't know/not applicable Survey N = 3,339 Source: HubSpot Q: Specific to inbound marketing, how does your company’s 2013 budget compare to your 2012 budget?
  8. 8. Inbound lowers cost per lead Inbound leads cost than outbound leads. Source: Search Engine Journal 61% LESS !
  9. 9. The average company that blogs generates 55% more website visitors Source: HubSpot Inbound improves traffic to your website
  10. 10. 89% of online consumers use search engines when making a purchase decision. Source: Fleishman-Hillard Inbound helps customers decide to buy (from you!)
  11. 11. Marketing Is Changing. ! Are you ready?
  12. 12. Recipe for a Successful Inbound Plan Sensible Strategy Smart Tactics Flexible Discipline 1 2 3
  13. 13. Sensible Strategy1
  14. 14. Align your sales and marketing teams Make sure your marketing is designed to: 1. Attract and educate prospects that are easier to sell 2. Increase the efficiency of your sales process 3. Generate enough qualified leads to support your growth goals improve close rates 1 Sensible Strategy
  15. 15. Define your ideal customer 1. Identify key demographics 2. Define key characteristics 3. Determine need and pain 4. Think about how they buy and decide 5. Create an ideal customer profile Who are you trying to attract and what problems can you help them solve? 1 Sensible Strategy
  16. 16. 1 Sensible Strategy
  17. 17. Define your buyer personas 1 Sensible Strategy
  18. 18. Identify your secret sauce Look at your competitors • What are their strengths? • What are their weaknesses? • What content are they creating? • How are they positioning themselves? Look in the mirror • Why do your customers love you? • What value do you bring to them? • Where do you need to improve? • How can you set yourself apart? 1 Sensible Strategy
  19. 19. Document your sales process Diagram or document the process by which: 1. Prospects find your business (events, online, networking, direct mail, etc.) 2. Prospects become leads (phone calls, contact forms, walk- ins, etc.) 3. Your sales team qualifies or disqualifies the leads 4. Your sales team promotes and develops opportunities 5. Opportunities turn into sales 6. Customers are nurtured so they become repeat customers 1 Sensible Strategy
  20. 20. Strategy: Identify lost opportunities 1 Sensible Strategy
  21. 21. Smart Tactics2
  22. 22. Develop content for each stage of the buying cycle 1. Just looking or casually interested 2. Actively shopping & considering options 3. Ready to purchase or talk to someone Missed Opportunity 2 Smart Tactics
  23. 23. Develop compelling content to showcase your expertise How can you educate your buyers? 1. Common questions you hear from your prospects (and may be tired of answering!) 2. Questions you wish your prospects would ask you 3. Misconceptions your prospects have about your company, industry, products, or services 2 Smart Tactics
  24. 24. 2 Smart Tactics
  25. 25. Optimize your website and blog for lead generation 1. Compelling content to give people a reason to visit in the first place 2. Calls to action designed to let your visitors know about your content offers 3. Landing pages to give your visitors more information about your content offers, and collect contact information via a form 4. Tracking and analytics for collecting visitor data and helping you measure ROI 5. Integration with your customer relationship management system so your sales team can view lead intelligence and use it during the sales process 2 Smart Tactics
  26. 26. Blog optimized for lead generation 2 Smart Tactics
  27. 27. Convert anonymous visitors to contacts 2 Smart Tactics
  28. 28. Collect lead intelligence 2 Smart Tactics
  29. 29. Circulate your content to keep the funnel fresh Blogging 2-3 posts per week that educate customers and establish your expertise Social Media Promote content and engage with your prospects and customers 2 Smart Tactics
  30. 30. Nurture leads with personalized information 2 Smart Tactics
  31. 31. Connect your sales and marketing ✓ Track who opens your emails ✓ Log in CRM and use templates ✓ See which prospects are visiting your website 2 Smart Tactics
  32. 32. Flexible Discipline3
  33. 33. Identify your marketing and sales priorities 1. Choose 3-4 priorities to focus on for the quarter 2. Make sure priorities are aligned with the company vision 3. Decide how you will measure success 4. Document your plan 3 Flexible Discipline
  34. 34. Analyze data and adjust tactics 3 Flexible Discipline
  35. 35. Now What?
  36. 36. Whole Brain Group ! Connect with us
  37. 37. Download the Pocket Guide to Inbound Marketing A Pocket Guide to Inbound Marketing gives you a complete overview of the key components of a successful inbound marketing campaign, including: • The three stages of the buying cycle and how to attract the right types of leads • Why content creation is essential to your overall inbound marketing strategy • The logistics of content delivery and lead capturing Download Now
  38. 38. Request a free consultation Talk to a Whole Brain Group expert about how your company can develop, manage, and execute complex web marketing strategies with a strong focus on goals such as: ✓ Getting more qualified leads ✓ Getting measurable results from your marketing investment ✓ Launching a new product or service ✓ Standing out from the competition ! 
 Your free 30-minute consultation will help you identify problem areas, and identify next steps for taking your digital marketing to the next level.