Battle of Mega Bridges - The 7 Highly Notable Mega Bridge Projects


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Not your ordinary infrastructure project, mega bridge projects worth billions of dollars and tens of thousands of kilometres in length are highly complex and requires significant amount of technical skills. In this infograph, we’ve compiled the 7 Highly Notable Mega Bridge Projects you should know about and why it matters.

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Battle of Mega Bridges - The 7 Highly Notable Mega Bridge Projects

  1. 1. 0 10.000m 20.000m 30.000m 40.000m 50.000m Hong Kong-Zhuhai-Macao Bridge 50,000m Penang Second Bridge 23,370m Padma Bridge 6,150m Minpu Bridge 3,610m Nhat Tan Bridge 3,080m Vidin Calafat Bridge 1,971m Hardanger Bridge 1,380m Hong Kong-Zhuhai-Macao Bridge (HZMB) Total length: 50,000m Project Cost (est.): $10.7 billion Expected Date of Completion: End 2016 Design: Will include three cable-stayed spans Penang Second Bridge Total length: 23,370m Project Cost (est.): not available Expected Date of Completion: January 2014 Design: Cable-stayed bridge Carries: Motor vehicles 2Padma Bridge Total length: 6,150m Project Cost (est.): $2.9 billion Expected Date of Completion: 2016 Design: Truss bridge Carries: Motor vehicles, Railway Minpu Bridge Total length: 3,610m Project Cost (est.): not available Expected Date of Completion: not available Design: Cable-stayed bridge (double-decker) Carries: S32 Shenjiahuhu Expressway (Upper deck); road and pedestrian traffic Nhat Tan Bridge Total Length: 3,080m Project Cost (est.): not available Expected Date of Completion: Sept 2014 Design: 6 span continuous cable-stay bridge Vidin Calafat Bridge Total Length: 1,971 m Project Cost (est.): $160 million Expected Date of Completion: End of 2012 Design: Cable-stayed bridge Carries: Four lanes of roadway, one railway track, two walkways Hardanger Bridge Total Length: 1,380m Project Cost (est.): 200 million euro Expected Date of Completion: 2013 Design: Suspension bridge Carries: Two lanes of roadway and a bike/walkpath Disclaimer: Please note that we do all we can to ensure accuracy and timeliness of the information presented herein but errors may still understandably occur in some cases. If you believe that a serious inaccuracy has been made please let us know. This infograph is provided for information purposes only. IQPC accepts no responsibility whatsoever for any direct or indirect losses arising from the use of this report or its contents. References: Battle of Mega Bridges The 7 Highly Notable Mega Bridge Projects Notable Fact: With its length, HZMB would become one of the landmarks within the Pearl River Delta in East Asia. Notable Fact: Penang Second Bridge is considered a High Impact Project, which is seen as a key catalyst in the socio-economic development of the Northern Corridor Economic Region (NCER) of Malaysia. Notable Fact: When completed, Padma Bridge will be the largest bridge in Bangladesh and the first fixed river crossing for road traffic. Notable Fact: The Minpu Bridge carries two levels of roadway to accommodate more cars and has a stiffening truss to prevent swinging in the city's harsh winds. Notable Fact: Nhat Tan Bridge is expected to be the longest cable-stayed bridge in Vietnam Notable Fact: The Vidin Calafat Bridge will be the second bridge on the shared section of the Danube between Romania and Bulgaria Notable Fact: The Hardanger Bridge is world’s no. 7 longest span Bridges Asia 2013 tackles Efficient Design, Construction and Maintenance of Long Span Bridge Projects. Attend the conference and get access to visits, exclusive presentations and case studies on the mega bridge projects in Asia, including: • Hong Kong-Zhuhai-Macao Bridge • Minpu Bridge • Nhat Tan Bridge • Vidin Calafat Bridge • and more… To find out more, visit To attend the conference, email or call +65 6722 9388.