"Love, Me."


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"Love, Me."

  1. 1. Creative Storytelling Assignment ONE“Love, Me.”Umairah Huda Bte Sahri 1203720F
  2. 2. Assignment ONE Umairah Huda Bte Sahri 1203720FCHARACTER DESIGNMain character: Tay.Physical traits: Skater. 17 years old angsty Chinese teenager. Average features & body type. Natural straight, dark brown, medium length hair. Has tan Asian skin due to being outdoors often. Rugged looking; “skater girl” look. Dressed rather boyish; t-shirt, jeans & sneakers. Has a slouchy posture.(TRAITS OF UNIVERSAL EMPATHY)Psychological background: Extrovert. Freethinker. Middle child of an average family. Only daughter of two working parents. Has brothers of aged 23 & 13. Middle Child Syndrome. Hardly finds peace at home. Skate as a little getaway from problems. Closest to bestfriend, Jade & grandmother, PoPo. Always feels inferior; lack of self-confidence. Sees beauty in others but not herself. Loves people around her more than herself. Great connection with elderly people because of great relationship with her own grandmother. A walking travesty; hides her sorrows behind her happy & smiley mask. Struggles through insecurities. Struggles with self-loathe. Struggles with self-mutilation Lesbian.
  3. 3. Assignment ONE Umairah Huda Bte Sahri 1203720FSupporting character(1): Jade.Physical traits: Skater. 18 years old Chinese teenager. Monotonous. Skinny & tall. Natural straight, black, short hair. Pale skin & dark lips. Rugged looking; “skater girl” look. Dressed rather boyish; t-shirt, jeans & sneakers. Has an awkward slouchy posture.(TRAITS OF UNIVERSAL EMPATHY)Psychological background: Introvert. Freethinker. Only child in an average family. Has 2 working parents. Lonely. Heavy smoker. Took up drinking, becoming an addict. „man with little words‟. Humble, quiet & shy. A listener, gives wise words. As much as she‟s wise in words, she never really follows her own advice. Socially awkward. Had her first break up. Silent depression. Silent struggles. Can only open up to Tay.
  4. 4. Assignment ONE Umairah Huda Bte Sahri 1203720FSupporting character(2): PoPo. (Tay‟s grandmother)Physical traits: 75 years old wise old lady. weak & wrinkly. Can only walk short distance. Depending on walking stick when walking. Always at home because not physically fit. Diabetic.(TRAITS OF UNIVERSAL EMPATHY)Psychological background: Wise. A mother figure to Tay. Loving & caring grandmother. Tay‟s only living grandparent. Loves her grandchildren a lot; takes care of them. Still holds on to past memories of late husband. Gives words of wisdom. Wise words are from personal experiences. Gives out positive vibes in the family. A very happy elderly, that‟ll soften one‟s heart by just her smile or her little words or actions.
  5. 5. Assignment ONE Umairah Huda Bte Sahri 1203720F OUTLINE ACT #1 Tay, so troubled over her insecurities & her parents‟ frequentquarrels, she self-harms. Parents are on the verge of a divorce. Tayblames herself for the situation. She meet up to skate with Jade to have a little getaway from her problems.Jade also has her own problems, she‟s a heavy smoker & recently hadher first break up with her first boyfriend & under depression. She starts drinking & becoming an alcoholic.Other than Jade, Tay is only comfortable talking to her grandmother,PoPo but she‟d rather not trouble the old lady with her problems, so she decides to „runaway‟ from home & stay over at Jade‟s place. Jade approves with no hesitation. Tay began to build an affection towards Jade. They‟re too comfortable together, they openly change in the room together. Situation then got awkward. ACT #2Tay got physically moved by Jade. So many questions rushing through her head, Tay felt confused & curious about herself. Jade noticesTay‟s body language & felt rather uncomfortable. Tay moved towardsJade & held her hands. Jade went speechless. Tay leaned for a kiss &Jade pushed her away. The atmosphere was silent & awkward, yet loud with confusion.With no words, Tay left with her skateboard, & went to skate alone. Jade took quite some time to go out & search for Tay. While then, Tay went through a great journey of self-questioning. Decides to head home & talk it out to PoPo. Uneasy. Talked it out yet feltgreat frustration & starts to self-harm. Jade came over & consoled Tay. Both of them decides to go out & skate as they talk. They felt no comfort in between anymore. All awkward. Tay got a phone call from home, its PoPo. A rare phone call.
  6. 6. Assignment ONE Umairah Huda Bte Sahri 1203720FContinue skating till sunset. As she reached home, got a bad news. Death of PoPo. ACT #3PoPo left a letter for the family before she had her last breath.Through her last words, she‟s putting the family together. Tay gotstronger, & sees things in a positive way. Situations changed forthe better. Just by PoPo‟s last words. Tay learnt to love herself.From then on, SELF-ACCEPTANCE was learnt, not only Tay but also her family.
  7. 7. Assignment ONE Umairah Huda Bte Sahri 1203720F“LOVE, ME.”ACT #1Tay, a typical angsty 17 years old teenager, being a middle child &the only daughter of two working parents. Other than facing theMiddle Child Syndrome in the family, she struggles through even morethan what other middle child would struggle about. Being the onlygirl in the siblings, she finds it hard to open up to anyone in thehouse. Keeping so much to herself & only expressing it to two of heronly trusted ones. Her bestfriend, Jade & her only livinggrandparent, PoPo.Tay tends to self-harm as she struggles with self-loathe. She neverfelt comfortable in her own skin & every bit of hurt she put herselfinto, she feels like she deserves it. She‟s insecure & has a verylow self esteem. Its all in her head but she never understands. Shetends to take out her emotional pain into physical pain. Peoplearound her could not tell how much pain she went through as sheseems like a happy person with great humour, always joking & foolingaround. She hides so much. Her true colours only shown around herfamily members & Jade.Hardly any peace found at home, Tay always finds herself skatingaround the streets of her neighbourhood, either alone or with herbestfriend, Jade. Skating seems to free their minds off things &just let it roll, like a little getaway.Jade, an introvert, barely talks about her problems but she‟s agreat listener. Even with her wise words said, she does not apply itto herself. She runs away from her problems, trying to beindifferent about everything. She kind of got through her problemsthrough excessive smoking. Every puff she takes in, she feels alittle release of weight off her shoulder. She‟s addicted & now, aheavy smoker. To think that Tay hides so much behind her jokes &laughter, Jade is just a mystery to everyone. She is so quiet, she
  8. 8. Assignment ONE Umairah Huda Bte Sahri 1203720Fseems dangerous, as we wonder whats going through her head. Hermonotonous vibe just adds on to her mysterious personality.Recently, Jade just got through her first break up with her firstboyfriend. She got into depression, silently. She started drinkingsince then & got addicted to it. Its been about a month as shebecame an alcoholic. Tay tried to help her through her addictions,it is just not that easy. Both of them are so close, knowing eachother since day one of their secondary school life, they‟recomfortable together. They‟re always there for one another no matterwhat each of them are facing, they watch each other grow & they gothrough so much together. It has been 4 years of great friendship.Tay faces problems at home, having her parents quarrelling almostevery night & on the verge of filing for divorce. She blames herselffor all the negativity happening in the house, even though it hasgot nothing to do with her. As per usual, she locks herself in herroom, curled up behind the door, pushing fingernails into her flesh,hard enough to leave marks & bruises. She cries herself to sleep.Hating herself & hurting herself as she overthinks about everything.These two troubled teenagers, would have an aimless skating meet upjust as a getaway from all their problems. They‟d sit down & talkabout almost everything & sometimes nothing at all. Each other issometimes all they have to stay sane in this “vicious little world”they live in. Teen angst.Tay thought about how she seemed to be troubling PoPo with herproblems & the fact that PoPo is ill, she felt guilty. She thendecides to run away from home, by staying over at Jade‟s place. Jadeapproves with no hesitation. As Jade comforts Tay with a little hug& her touch of words, Tay felt something she knew she shouldn‟t.That is when she questions herself.As they reached Jade‟s place & into Jade‟s room, Tay had moments ofinappropriate urges & feeling really uncomfortable with herself. Thegirls had their clothes changed openly in front of each other in the
  9. 9. Assignment ONE Umairah Huda Bte Sahri 1203720Froom, locked. Tay felt a growth of affection, a discovery ofherself. Tay finds herself physically moved by Jade. Situation thengot awkward.ACT #2Jade caught the look in Tay‟s eyes as she stares at her. Tay movesnearer towards Jade, held her hands & stares into Jade‟s eyes. Jadewent speechless. Tay then leaned in for a kiss & Jade pushed heraway. The atmosphere was silent & awkward, yet loud with confusion.None of them uttered a single word.Afraid, confused & broken, Tay felt that great weight of regret onher. Everything felt so heavy within. She knew she shouldn‟t havemade a move. She knew she‟s falling into a hole she dug herselfinto. She‟s at her lowest point, regretting that last moments shethought was almost magical. She swallowed that lump of sorrow inher, sucking it up, she grabbed her skateboard & ran out of Jade‟shouse. The speechless Jade, stayed frozen in confusion, not knowingwhat to do. It took some time for Jade to open up her heart into thedecision of searching for Tay & talking it out with her.While then, Tay skates alone, weeping bitter tears of remorse. Shefelt like she might have just lost a huge part of her life. As sheskate around her neighbourhood, her heart & mind was never at peace.Infinity questions filled her head. Thinking so much, questioning somuch, she got lost in her own thoughts, feeling unconscious inreality, she almost got hit by a car, not realising the red man onthe traffic light. The screeching sound of when the car brakesbrought her back to reality. Close call. But she was too troubledthat she couldn‟t care less about getting hit by a car. She seemedexpressionless when passer-by was actually shock by the incident.She skate away & drown into her thoughts again.
  10. 10. Assignment ONE Umairah Huda Bte Sahri 1203720F“Am I really what I think I am?”“Why did it felt so right, being so wrong?”“What was I thinking?”“Is this even right? Why am I feeling this way?”“Can I change this?”“WHAT IS WRONG WITH ME?!”So much going through her head. So much to take in, so much to letout. All that while having an adrenaline rush from skating down aslope. As she was reaching the end of the slope, she lose herbalance & rolled off her skateboard. Scraped knees & elbows, toonumb to feel any pain, she stopped skating, carries her skateboard &sat alone on the nearest grass patch. She then lay flat on her back,staring into the sky. She starts to ponder upon everything that madeher feel this way. Her past, her present.She actually knew this moment will eventually come. She was just notstrong enough to face it, she thought. Her sexual orientation hadalways been a question to her. At such a young age, she knew thatshe doesn‟t like boys. Her reason so was because she thought she hadhad enough of boys & their big ego. Living with two brothers & ahot-tempered father, she finds it hard to be attracted to boys.Growing up with the brothers, she find herself dressing like themtoo. She knows no make up, no dresses, no heels. She‟s all t-shirt,jeans & sneakers. She never had a boyfriend. She never had crushes..on boys. Always attracted to girls but always in denial.Its clear, she‟s lesbian. She just could not accept that herself.She hates herself & this is one of the biggest reasons why. Shehates how she‟s different.Feeling very uneasy & uncomfortable with herself, she just wantsomeone to talk to. This time, it cant be Jade. PoPo is all she‟sgot now. As much as how she didn‟t want to trouble PoPo, she didn‟twant to stay troubled as she is. Tay then decides to head home &talked it out to PoPo.
  11. 11. Assignment ONE Umairah Huda Bte Sahri 1203720FComing out is never easy. She hesitated so much, PoPo could justsense it. Heavy heart, heavy words. A truckload of courage neededfor Tay to open up to PoPo about her sexual orientation. Before shecould even say a word, PoPo asks,“Is it Jade?”Tay felt the chills being asked that way. Does PoPo actually knewthis all along? Not knowing how to answer, Tay just went towardsPoPo & hugged her tight, not letting go. Tears rolled down hercheeks, she sobbed so hard, she couldn‟t utter a word. She‟s afraid.Afraid she might lose PoPo & there goes everything in her life,crumbling down right in front of her eyes. PoPo just hugged Taytelling her that its alright, stroking her back as she started totear up. Tay had never seen PoPo‟s tears. Seeing PoPo weeping, itbreaks her heart.“I love her.. a lot” Tay blurts out her courage.To her surprise, PoPo actually expected this. PoPo knew it allalong. She was waiting for this moment to happen. When it finallyhappens, PoPo couldn‟t find any word to comfort Tay this time. PoPojust nodded as she hold back her bucketful of tears.Tay decides to let go of the hug & leaves to her room, locked. Shebegan to wonder why PoPo didn‟t have anything to say. As she sobs,the picture of PoPo weeping just makes her cry more. She feels theguilt over PoPo‟s health. PoPo had been on her bed for so long,looking weaker & weaker. Tay couldn‟t help but to take out herblades, thinking about how she‟s a wreck, a trouble & a mess.Before she could hurt herself, someone knocks on her door. Thatvoice. Its Jade. Mixed feelings, she felt relieved that Jadeactually came to find her but at the same time embarrassed aboutwhat happen earlier & scared about what is about to happen. To say aword or not, to open the door or not. Before she could even make herdecision, Jade opens the door. Too stunned over her presence to even
  12. 12. Assignment ONE Umairah Huda Bte Sahri 1203720Fcare about how she got the key to the room. Tay dropped her blades.Jade sat beside Tay, held her hands, stared into each others‟ eyesas she apologises to Tay. Tay didn‟t see it as her fault &apologises about her actions instead. Both had so much to say, justno words to convey. They sat in silence for a moment, still holdinghands. Awkward but it felt so right. Out of nowhere, Jade startedtalking.“I‟m sorry I pushed you away, I just didn‟t expect that & it was allhappening way too fast. I didn‟t know what to do. I was shocked &confused at that moment. Don‟t get me wrong, I love you for who youare. I love you like my own sister. Never thought of anything more.But please, stop, stop hurting yourself. You‟re too hard onyourself, it hurts me too. Its okay. Its okay to be different. Itsokay to make mistakes. Its ok to feel the way that you do. Its okayto be yourself. Stop bullying yourself. I wouldn‟t want to lose you,you‟re all I have.”Jade never said so much before. Tay was speechless & just gave Jadea tight hug. They then decide to go for a skate.Skating aimlessly, they felt freedom for a while. Suddenly, Tay gota phone call from home, which is rare. Its PoPo, asking about herwhereabouts & how she‟s holding on. Listening to her voice, with hercare & concern, it warms Tay‟s heart. PoPo then ended the call withsome wise words, she said “Choices & consequences. Everything is upto you. It is just the matter of how you look at it.”Those little precious words by PoPo are words that helped Taythrough her hard times. Those words she treasures.Never keeping track of the time as they skate, its getting late. Asthe sunsets, they head home. Just when Tay felt at ease after solong, she reached home to a bad news. Her heart sank.
  13. 13. Assignment ONE Umairah Huda Bte Sahri 1203720FACT #3Its PoPo. She‟s gone. She‟s gone to a better place. Tay fell to herknees, so weak, she couldn‟t carry herself. She didn‟t think toomuch about that phone call then, but its starting to all make sense.PoPo knew she was going to take her last breath. She knew. Tay thenrealised how PoPo didn‟t say much when she comes out to her. Sheshould have known.Tay started reminiscing so much as she‟s grieving. She then began tofind guilt in herself, blames herself for PoPo‟s death & startsself-loathing. She‟d continue with her self-mutilation if she hadthe strength to even move. She was so weak in sadness, she just felthelpless & couldn‟t move.Tay‟s elder brother, Jake then handed her a piece of note as heweeps & hugged her, for the first time. It‟s a letter, PoPo wrote itbefore she had her last breath.“ To my loved ones, By the time you read this, I might not be here anymore. I’ve always wanted to say all these things but I never did because I find it hard to say it. Nobody listens, everybody talks. Whenever I’m in this house, I never felt family. No love in the air. So much angst, so much sadness. I’ve always wanted to change the atmosphere but I don’t know how. I love all of you. I know deep inside all of you, theres love you want to share. Share it & if you have something nice to say, say it. I might not be there anymore but a part of me stays, that part of me don’t ask for so much, just happiness, peace & love in the family. I hope all my loved ones reading this will do me that favour. Bring in joy to the family. Learn to love one another, most importantly, learn to love yourself. Accept who you are, who you’re with, who came into your life & who left. Learn the beauty of acceptance. Choices & consequences. Everything is up to you. It is just the matter of how you look at it.
  14. 14. Assignment ONE Umairah Huda Bte Sahri 1203720F Remember, Happiness is a choice. I wish for Happiness, Peace & Love in all of you. Farewell. Love, Me.”That farewell letter brought tears & realisation to the family. Forthe first time, they held on each other, & hugged in grief. The lossof PoPo had put a great impact on everyone in the family, moreoverafter the letter.It takes time to hold themselves up together. Especially to Tay,having a hard time pushing boundaries, one after another but shelearnt. She listened. Tay also realised how PoPo signed off herletter with “Love, Me.”, significant in enhancing her message ofself acceptance.With that, Tay learns to accept herself, with the help of herbestfriend, Jade, she turns to positivity. Jade also made an effortin seeking help about her addictions. Living by the positive, therelationship in the family got better, as well as the relationshipof every individual. It is just a matter of time, & a matter ofperspective. The beauty of acceptance.