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YouTube With Impact: YouTube for local business
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YouTube With Impact: YouTube for local business


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This is an introductory presentation on how to get the most out of having a YouTube presence.

This is an introductory presentation on how to get the most out of having a YouTube presence.

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  • 1.  
  • 2. YouTube With Impact YouTube For Local Business © 2011 Whizbang
  • 3. If Facebook is where the masses meet, YouTube is where people like to watch. © 2011 Whizbang
  • 4. Online Video Global Statistics
    • YouTube is now the 2 nd largest search engine.
    • Localized in 23 countries across 24 different languages.
    • As of June 2011, YouTube was the top U.S. online destination for video with 108,408 unique viewers for the month of June.
    • YouTube exceeds 2 billion views a day – nearly double the prime-time audience of all 3 major U.S. broadcast networks combined.
    • 24 hours of video uploaded every minute.
    • Average person spends 15 minutes a day on YouTube.
    © 2011 Whizbang
  • 5. YouTube Fun Facts © 2011 Whizbang Source:
  • 6. YouTube Local Statistics
    • A local Google search of YouTubers reveals 40,500 subscribers in San Luis Obispo County. (About 15% of the population.)
    © 2011 Whizbang Source: business San Luis Obispo california.
  • 7. So Why Use YouTube For Local Business?
    • Search engine optimization
    • Brand awareness
  • 8. What Else Can YouTube Do?
    • Educate
    • Build a community
    • Promote products, events, etc.
    • Help lead generation and sales
    • Gain thought leadership
  • 9. So Are You Ready For Your YouTube Close-up? © 2011 Whizbang
  • 10. YouTube Basics Playlists Branded Background Profile Pic
  • 11. YouTube Basics Subscribers Channel Comments Profile Friends Subscriptions
  • 12. Building A YouTube Community
    • You can get started without uploading videos of your own.
    • Subscribing to other channels and posting comments on other videos is a way to increase your channel subscriptions. It is also acceptable to ask for a subscription (or “sub”) back, but don’t harass users if they don’t want to “sub” you.
    • When you upload, comment or favorite a video, it will show up in your friends’ and subscribers’ activity feed on their homepage and vice versa.
  • 13. Building A YouTube Community
    • Friend request or subscribe to: anyone who posts content that is relevant to your industry, customers, people in your city or town, colleagues, vendors, competitors and other influential/popular YouTube channels.
    • On YouTube, the more friends and subscribers you have the more your content will be viewed.
    • If you’re lucky enough to have a video of yours go viral, building a community will go quickly and organically.
  • 14. A Word About Viral Videos
    • First of all, you don’t make a viral video…a video GOES viral.
    • There are no guarantees your video will have that perfect viral chemistry. But you can certainly give it a try!
    Charlie Bit My Finger , which was uploaded on May 22, 2007, is a viral video that has received the most views of any user generated YouTube video, with over 300 million views. Source:
  • 15. A Word About Viral Videos
    • Viral Video Elements for Success:
      • Keep it short
      • Focused
      • Hyper-relevant
      • Have an emotional trigger: funny, sexy, surprising, shocking, illuminating
      • It should start a conversation
      • And feature a cat or laughing baby 
    Dead Kitty , which was uploaded on Sept. 12, 2007 by one of our very own Whizbang employees, is an example of a viral video that paid off, too. With a total view count of 1,330,653 and an average of 50,000 new views every month, Google AdSense pays this YouTuber about $125 per month. With that, this kitty pays for her own cat food!
  • 16. A Word About Making Videos
    • You don’t need a video to make a YouTube video.
      • YouTube offers numerous tools
      • Camtasia (PC and Mac) and Screenflow (Mac) software creates videos from screenshots or PowerPoint presentations
  • 17. Getting The Most from Your YouTube Presence
    • Create videos that solve your audience’s needs
      • If you can blog it . You can vlog it.
    • Get your videos found
      • Use keywords in your title
      • Describe your video starting with your URL
      • Tag liberally
      • Put transcript in captions/subtitles
    • Brand your channel
  • 18. Getting The Most from Your YouTube Presence
    • Use annotations
    • Post a bulletin
    • Buy YouTube ads
    • Leverage other social channels
      • Facebook, Twitter, blog
    • Check your YouTube insights
      • Learn what resonates
  • 19. Getting The Most from Your YouTube Presence
  • 20. Don’t Forget Your Whizbang Marketing Fundamentals. © 2011 Whizbang
  • 21. Whizbang 4c’s
    • Clarity
    • Consistency
    • Creativity
    • Commitment
    © 2011 Whizbang
  • 22. Clarity
    • Clear budget
    • Clear marketing goal
    • Clear YouTube objective
    • Clear YouTube strategy
    • Clear target community
    • Clear metrics for success
    © 2011 Whizbang
  • 23. YouTube Metrics
    • Website Traffic
    • Sales Leads
    • Video view count
    • Channel view count
    • # of Subscribers
    • # of Friends
    • Channel and video comments
    • YouTube Insights
  • 24. Consistency
    • Consistent brand image
    • Consistent brand message/voice
    © 2011 Whizbang
  • 25. How Often to Post a Video
    • Popular YouTuber’s such as Ray William Johnson and FreddieW post 1-2 times per week.
    • Posting often increases viewership and your subscriber count.
    • Thought leaders post often and have a large and growing following.
  • 26. Creativity
    • Creativity with your videos.
      • Are your videos relevant, engaging, memorable and actionable?
    © 2011 Whizbang
  • 27. Commitment
    • Commitment to YouTube success
      • Post regularly (give before you get)
      • Engage authentically
      • Measure often
      • Make adjustments
      • Rinse and repeat
    © 2011 Whizbang
  • 28. Thank You!
    • We wish you great YouTube success.
    • Subscribe to our channel
    © 2011 Whizbang